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Listen: FLESH, Miguel
This song couldn't be more aptly named. It kind of stirs you up inside with its perfect, sensual chord changes and plodding percussion. The falsetto culminates in a little screamy bit, which is every bit as thrilling as it sounds. If you're into this one, try NWA and the valley, both on the same new album that FLESH came from.
Hemp: Good for Everything
Apparently hemp is an excellent building material. Read the whole Times article (linked) cause there's so much info, but basically you can mix super low-THC hemp with lime to make hempcrete, which becomes this great, toxin-free insulation that's mold & pest-proof and impossible to burn. Loads of buildings in Europe use it but America is afraid you'll get high off your house so you can't harvest it here. Whatever, who needs hemp when you can have guns?
Here is a new company that you really want to succeed. Spinlister is an AirBnb-style bike-sharing platform where you list your bike and people pay you to use it occasionally (Spinlister insures it up to $10,000-- sweet). OR you pay a little bit to borrow someone's wheels. It's a nice way to ease into the idea of biking in the city, and a great vestige of our little sharing economy era.
Sweet Bike
What if you were rewarded for being responsible? If we're gonna have a bike sharing culture, we need bikes to share.
List your bike on Spinlister by tomorrow at 11pm EST and we'll draw one of you to win this sweet set of wheels. You even get to pick the color cause I know you're fickle like that. Make sure you use the 
code LOREM in the promo section so everybody knows to put your name in the bike drawing. And really do it-- these are probably your best odds ever for this kind of thing.
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