October 12, 2016
Couldn't have said this better myself, and also didn't know any of this, so I give you words on yesterday's Anik Khan song from Samantha: "interesting sample choice for Cleopatra--it's Jiya Jale from Dil Se, which is one of the biggest (and heaviest) romantic Bollywood movies ever--between a male journalist and a female suicide terrorist. Ends as you might think." Video is fully worth a watch, as is this one from another part of the movie. Nothing like a good Bollywood fix. 
Don't know if you noticed this on your last trip to Prada (LOL) but you can only buy their tee shirts in threes. The packs cost $270, which works out to $90 a shirt. What's ridiculous is not that an undershirt costs $90, but that the Pradas (and Balmains, Margielas, and Hanros) of the world sell them in packs expressly to avoid offering items at an accessible price point. Like, a $90 item is a thing a regular person could hypothetically buy, so you bundle it to throw the $ number up and keep it exclusive. Delightful.
They just sent out this email (in the name of #transparency) about how cashmere prices are down right now so they're charging less for their sweaters. Which just makes you trust them, right? Cause they're passing their savings on to you? Also we just learned so much about the cashmere industry! So much, in fact, that we can also anticipate an eventual price increase because that's how things work. But it's so much more fun to publicize a drop.
Just learned there is an Everlane competitor named Grana that basically does the same thing-- source high-end materials and cut middlemen to sell at a lower markup-- but their stuff is cheaper and the brand interaction is way less fancy (just look at the website). So I'm thinking in the wake of 'will it blend' we make a youtube series called 'is it different' and decide if copycat brands are at all distinct from their competitors. Coming on episode 2: Blue Apron v Plated.
This issue brought to you by Blue Apron.*

*Again, not really, but wouldn't that be sneaky.

PS Cheers to Chris, who sent me this in light of yesterday's issue. Hero status, not only for the dope shirt (DOES IT COME IN THREES?) but also because he runs KLĒN+SŌBR, a mix of media about normalizing addiction recovery from within the mainstream. Dope, dope, dope, dope.

PPS don't forget the Palm Springs drawing is still open. Vacation for youuu.
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