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Here's a sneak peek at this month's newsletter... Last year, Rabbit Advocates rescued 11 lop rabbits from an apartment of 50+ pets after their owner passed away. We checked in with the lops and their new families to see how they are doing now. The photos and stories will make your day. 

Also in this issue... RHDV2 has been confirmed in the Greater Portland Area. Educate your friends and family about why they should NOT gift bunnies for Easter. Read about adoptable pair, Juni & Goji, who are #couplegoals! RA merch will be back for a limited time with new styles.

⚠️ Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus 2 (RHDV2) Confirmed near Portland ⚠️

The Rabbit Advocates Rescue Team found the first documented case of Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus 2 (RHDV2) in Oregon in Milwaukie, near Portland, Oregon. The State Veterinarian confirmed on 3/26/21 that a deceased rabbit from a known colony of "feral" domesticated rabbits tested positive for RHDV2 on 3/23/21. We do not yet know to what extent the virus has spread beyond the Milwaukie colony and we are following all developments in this fast-breaking story. 

If you see a dead wild or domestic rabbit, do not touch it. Suspected cases can be reported by calling 1-800-347-7028 or visiting

Does this affect Bunny's Best Bites hay?
All of the Bunny's Best Bites hay sold by Rabbit Advocates has been harvested and stored in a warehouse for at least 105 days as recommended. Therefore, it is considered safe for consumption. RHDV has not been detected on hay beyond the 105-day point. 

Can humans and other pets get RHDV2?
Humans and other non-lagomorph pets cannot get RHDV2, but wild and domesticated rabbits can transmit it to each other. Note that none of our Rabbit Advocates foster rabbits originated from this colony or anywhere near this colony.

How can I learn more?
Check out our RHDV Resource Page (which is updated as soon as new information is available) and keep an eye out for our email and social media updates! We will be in touch soon with updated information and guidelines. Rabbit Advocates will be part of the RDHV2 education and vaccine effort.
Useful RHDV-2 Resources:
RHDV2 FAQ by the State of Oregon
USDA Cleaning Guidance for RHDV2
Easter PSA to share with your friends and family:
Lop Family Update: All are now adopted into loving homes!

We are happy to share that all 11 lops rescued in October of 2020 have been adopted into terrific forever homes! The rescue of a family of lops was documented in of our “Rabbit Advocates Rescue Dispatch” videos. The bunnies were left in a one-bedroom apartment with more than 50 total animals when their original owner passed away. 

Elvis Parsley is best friends with his family's kitty, Emma. Elvis has his own "Rabbit Realm" (commonly known as the living room) where he is truly the King! Other than snuggling with Emma, his favorite pastime is "holding court" in front of the fireplace and then leap off the hearth to complete his next round of the Bunny 500.

Bagel is now named Čari, which means "magic" in Croatian where her family is from. Giving her a name from their own culture was important because it signified that she would be a part of the family from Day 1. Čari has her very own bedroom that she free roams in night and day and she uses every inch of it! When her family rewatched the rescue video, seeing her in a tiny cage broke their hearts. She has a huge personality that needs her own space, just like a human. Humbled by the trust they have been able to build with Čari in just a few months, her family adores watching her explore their home, and nap with her stuffed animals. 

Cookie, now named Frankie, always tries to sneak a bite of her parents' baby carrots! Thankfully Frankie is also a big fan of Bunny's Bites Hay and insists on "bunstructing" the hay boxes to make her own architectural creations.

Cocoa (black rabbit), now named Cherri, has a devoted husbun named Momo and they are indoor free-roamers who rule the house! Cherri is a champion flopper and loves to hop in her parents' lap to relax after a big session of binkies with Momo. Both Cherri and Momo love to jump in their salad bowl to get all the yummy veggies, and then flop next to the empty dish when they're done.

Gilderoy "Gil" Lopheart is enjoying the "suite life" with a giant "home base" full of toys, castles, and lots of love from his adoptive family. With his cinnamon good looks and endless charm, it's no wonder they adore him. 
We are thrilled that all 11 bunnies are doing so well! If you've adopted from Rabbit Advocates, share your photos and updates with us! Feel free to reach out on Instagram @rabbitadvocates, on Facebook, and to!

❤️ Adoptable Bunnies Spotlight: Goji & Juni ❤️

Adopt a bonded pair today! There is no love like bunny love. Bonded rabbits are emotionally connected and help each other navigate the world together. After both have been spayed/neutered, a bonded pair should never be separated from one another. They are usually committed for life. 

Juniper and Goji Berry, the parents of the adorable and mischievous Berry Babies, are among the many adoptable pairs of bunnies at Rabbit Advocates. Their rescue and love story is documented on our YouTube channel and in the February 2021 newsletter.

If you’re thinking, “Let’s start with adopting one rabbit, then find them a friend later,” then we suggest adopting an already bonded pair! When you adopt a pair from Rabbit Advocates, the hard work of bonding is already done. Plus, by adopting a bonded pair, you are maintaining the special connection between two bunnies, and also saving two lives. And yes, they can share one big litter box and one set of water/food bowls.

Save two lives today by adopting a pair. Be their happily ever after! To see all of our adoptable rabbits, please visit

👕 Rabbit Advocates Limited Edition Merch Will Launch Friday, April 2! 👕

The Rabbit Advocates Merch Sale received tremendous support from our community in the Fall of 2020. We decided to bring it back to celebrate the launch of our new website. This sale will feature new items, colors and styles! Mark your calendars: Merch Sale will go live on April 2, for a limited time only! Follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to be notified.
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Many thanks to Lori B, Victoria M, Marie B and the families who adopted the lops and sent us updates for contributing to the March 2021 newsletter. 
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