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Issue 186 - Month November 15 - 18, 2016
Newsletter on ecosystems-based risk reduction and climate change adaptation
PEDRR Shoutout: The Nature Conservancy brings natural solutions to protect Florida's cities

Florida faces the reoccurring danger of hurricanes more than any other US state. In this article, The Nature Conservancy explores how to reduce disaster risks and increase nature-based development opportunities in Florida's urban settings. Starting in Miami, this initiative will help: 
  • Connect people with nature
  • Improve water quality and mitigate flooding
  • Protect coastal communities and slow erosion
  • Alleviate poor air quality and urban heat islands
  • Safeguard the diversity of urban wildlife
 Click here for more.
                                      ©  Nature Conservancy  2016
Mangrove forests protect sea dykes in the Philippines
In Quang Tri, Vietnam, 40 hectares of mangroves were grown around 5 km of sea dykes to create a solid belt for encroaching flood tides. The mangroves have helped to reduce coastal erosion and flood risk, protect water resources, as well as  increase biological diversity in the region. Although mangroves form a small part of Vietnam's forests, they play an important role in protecting coastal and estuarine regions. follow the link for more.

 © Jamies Burgees 2016
Project Insight 
Natural coastal zone protection in Mauritius 
As a small island developing state, Mauritius is particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change and disaster risk from tropical cyclones. To combat these threats, the NGO Adaptation Fund has instigated a project to combat beach erosion and reduce flood risk by utilizing natural solutions, for instance through shoreline vegetation and introducing slope rock mounds to deflect waves. For more information and to view the full project report click here.

 © Adaptation Fund 2016
Free Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbH) webinar session. 
The German Federal Ministry for the Environment, The Nature Conservation, and Nuclear Safety are holding their third webinar session within their mainstreaming Ecosystem-based Adaptation series. The main thematic output of the session is to examine various EbA approaches and review practitioners' experiences in applying these approaches. For more information on how to access the webinar series, please follow the link.
Video for the week
The Mangrove Action Project: Mangrove forest restoration and conservation  
Developed by the Mangrove Action Project, this video demonstrates the benefits of  mangroves for mitigating the effects of climate change and protecting communities from disasters. The Mangrove Project reduces disaster risk through restoring natural hydrology with afforestation seeding, educational training to build community resilience and workshops to increase key stakeholder awareness. Watch video here.

Job Vacancies
Associate Scientist Crisis Protection Coordinator 
Organisation : FHI 360
Location:  Nigeria, Various locations.
Closing date:  14 December 

Associate Scientist
Organisation: Conservation International  
Location: Washington, USA
Closing date: N/A.

For more information please see PEDRR's LinkedIn.
Intern Resilience and Disaster Risk Management 
Organisation: UN Human Settlement Program
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Closing date: 24 November

Sustainable Energy Project Assistant  
Organisation: Climate Alliance
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Closing date: 30 November   
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