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March 2019

Welcome FNGs!

7 FNGs since last newsletter. Welcome!
You guys can find a ton of info in the section Helpful Links at bottom of newsletter.
Hoot, Ohno, Ocean Spray, Plasma, Mr Jenkins, Pythagorous, Moped

New Guy/Welcome Back Day

Saturday March 30th – THIS SATURDAY - 6:30 AM – 7:30 AM
Chick-fil-A Blakeney - 10001 Rea Rd, Charlotte, North Carolina 28277

Spread the word, talk to your neighbors…(don’t be too pushy, remember how long it took you to show up?), grab that guy you’ve mentioned F3 to in the past, tell your cousin Jimmy and get him moving, talk to the guy that needs to a change of pace from waiting on a machine at the Y, how about your lazy BIL you know he needs a push, bring your son or nephew (not sure the rule here but make sure they can keep up).

Now go find the guy you brought to the workouts last Summer or last Fall that might be ready to come back since Winter has technically past (it was 38 this morning). See someone at the bar or restaurant that you haven’t seen in a while, grab that dude and get him out Saturday.


Need a Sales Pitch - Join us for a (always) FREE 1-hour work-out. Expect some running and boot camp style bodyweight exercises along the way. F3 is the best way to make friends, get in shape and get inspired to do great things.

And a FB page link for those that…well don’t like to EH a guy. Share at your leisure.

Regional News/Highlights

Mission Trip to Chimbote, Peru – This is a must read. Here are a few highlights from Chelms:

Having PAX from 5 different regions was special and some deep new bonds were formed between men immediately.  The trip was a Melting Pot of F3 men.  It takes a lot to do a mission trip like this under any circumstance but jumping in with a group of Metro guys that are likely already tight with one another means the “outsiders” are motivated, passionate, fearless, etc. (pick your adjective). The connection with these guys from the outset in the Miami airport and Lima was instantaneous. You could tell right away it was just an awesome group of guys, and it was going to be a special addition having them there.
  • Tolkien starting up his drone and then flying it into the fence while we were all working out (he claimed technical difficulty and “insurance coverage” procured by GOP)
  • Awestruck by the children who latched on and soaked up my hugs and kisses
  • Humbled by the determination and dignity with which the poverty-stricken exhibited while in living conditions and circumstances
  • Left the trip more physically, emotionally, and spiritually exhausted than ever, but also never was I more fulfilled
  • I was surprised at how much seeing the joy in the families and the other PAX affected me. Tears of joy, lots of tear of joy
Don’t just read the abbreviated version – Tons of work went into this trip by your fellow F3 brothers. There’s more to read and several cool videos and a photo album.

Chimbote Week 2: The Melting Pot
Videos: Week 1 | Week 2

Top 5 Back Blasts / Must Reads

Most Tclaps Most Commented

The two key principles of running at night are – to see and be seen.

Although it's no guarantee of safety, wearing reflective gear is the top priority. Dozens of options: vests, flashlights, blinking shoes, reflective strips, arm bands, etc. These are available at most running apparel stories and through mail-order catalogs.
Wearing reflective gear on your arms and legs, rather than on your trunk, is also important since drivers are more likely to see the reflective or glowing light when it's in motion. Runners training at night should also adhere to other common sense guidelines:
  • Run against traffic. It's easier to avoid traffic if you can see it.
  • Don't wear dark colors at night. White running attire is the easiest to see at night, but orange and yellow are also appropriate. Black, brown, dark blue or green are not recommended. If you insist on wearing your Badass Black Mudgear shirts, wear light colored shorts, socks, shoes, armbands or hat/scarf.
  • Get lit. Use headlamps or LED armbands, belts and blinkies.
  • Run behind vehicles at intersections. Even if a car or truck has stopped at a stop sign, there's no guarantee the driver has seen you.
  • Don't wear headphones. Wearing headphones diminishes a runner's ability to hear a car horn, a voice or a potential attacker.
  • Try to make eye contact and acknowledge a driver. The interaction, however brief, could save your life.
  • Wear a Road ID. Always carry identification in case of emergency.
  • Always Run with a partner or group when you can. If you are running outside a workout, you can likely find a partner on the Slack #run Channel.
  • No man left behind. Q and site Qs should count the pax during COP and ensure everyone is present before each round of activities. Designate a site Q or veteran pax to always watch the six.
  • Cell phone Ensure the site Q or designated pax is carrying a phone and enable the “medical ID” function or, if not available, make sure the passcode is off.
  • Tell your M/family where you run and the route you’ll take. If you go missing, they’ll know where to look.

Upcoming Events

  • Christina Latini Memorial 8K - March 30th - Supports Operation Sweet Tooth: Assisting children in our community who are less fortunate. For more information, please visit
  • Charlotte LUNGe Forward 5K, Run, Walk & Rally, Saturday, March 30, 2019 – SpeedforNeed participant race - The Charlotte LUNGe Forward will be a day of celebration and remembrance, as well as a day to take action and provide hope to those impacted by lung cancer.
  • Come-See-Me Festival has served as Rock Hill, April 4-13, 2019 – Race day is April 6, 2019 - This year’s Come-See-Me Festival has almost 80 events and activities. There’s plenty to do for all ages, from live music and children’s activities to a road race and a fireworks extravaganza.
  • F3 Dads Camping - April 26-28th - Cane Creek Park. Your 2.0(s) wants to enjoy a weekend with dad camping - no matter their age. Stay 1 or 2 nights. #f3dads channel on slack to HC.
  • Richard Sheltra Memorial 10k, 5k & Fun Run - April 27th - This Event honors our local fallen firefighter, Mr. Richard Sheltra of the Pineville Volunteer Fire Department.  All proceeds will benefit the "Richard Sheltra Memorial Foundation."
  • 8th annual Sarcoma Stomp 5K Run and 3K Walk April 30, 2019 - This family-friendly road race and walk event is one of the best in town, known for its great vibe and uplifting spirit! Adults and kids love our scenic, safe neighborhood course and our extensive event site festivities.
  • Check out the SPEEDforNEED Calendar for all upcoming events – And reach out to participate in any of these races.  If you haven’t yet, you should at least once. (About Us at the top of the page.)


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