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F3 Area51, SOB/IL, UnionCo Weekly Workout Schedule and FNG Signup
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Welcome FNGs!

  • Bookie - The Matrix
  • The Bandit - Area 51
  • DoubleCheck
  • LightBulb
  • Passport
  • Magic Attic - Outland
  • Sling Blade - Outland
  • Fanning - The Rock
  • Roper - The Rock
  • Bullwinkle - Overdrive
  • Catheter - Bagpipe

Kevlar Site Q Changes

This Friday at Kevlar will be the first post under the new site Q's. Last Friday Horsehead and Bulldog officially transferred responsibility to Fault Line and Orange Whip. Orange Whip will be leading this Friday and Fault Line will be leading the following Friday, February 3rd. 

Area 51 Leadership Opportunities

The mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. Do you want to get more involved in your community through service and leadership opportunities?  If so, get in touch with the Area 51 Board: Mermaid (, Horsehead, Alf, Champagne, Hops, Purple Haze, Hairball, Gummy.

Interrupting Hope

Please read for more information about helping kids in need. Open to anyone interested including spouses and 2.0s. Comment on post or contact Chelms for more information.

SOFAWIB Closing!

The doors will be closing at SOFAWIB. Last chance to post will be 1/31.

Church on the Street 2017 Signups

South Charlotte is working with Church on The Street (COTS). We have committed to assist one Sunday a month and will need 5 volunteers each month. Sign up Online

F3 Dads Slack Channel

Are you a dad?  Do you want to want to share the comradery of F3 with your 2.0's while showing them leadership in action? Now there is a Slack channel for organizing impromptu #F3Dads events and for communicating organized events once the summer rolls around. Join the SOB Slack and then the #f3dads channel. The goal is one impromptu F3 Dads event each month and then weekly events during the summer. Join us.

Workout Safety and Local Rules

Lights and/or reflectives that can be seen from 500 feet when hit by headlights are needed by runners in the roads of Charlotte in the dark. As we note repeatedly in our disclaimer, F3, the workout Q, nor the facility are responsible for your personal safety. You, having chosen to follow the suggestions of the workout Q, are solely responsible for your personal safety. That being said, you are also responsible for choosing to comply with municipal codes.  Bottom line is, please do all you can to keep yourself safe. Reflective gear helps reduce the chance of being struck by a car. Sounds like a good idea any way you look at it. Also, please consider buying a RoadID. In an emergency, the men around you need to be able to contact your family.  They are on sale here:  Road ID - World Leaders in Runner ID, Cycling ID & Medical ID Tags

Be safe men

F3 Darby Challenge

Think you can run 565 miles #notanotherBRRx2? What if you had a month #notovernight? What if you could do it on a bike #gears? Want to try help those that have deployed more times in the past 15 years than any other unit #tipofthespear? Then welcome to the F3 Darby Challenge.

Run Ranger Run #R3, launching again in Feb 2017, is GallantFew’s annual fundraiser that allows us to do the work we do with helping veterans transition from active duty to civilian life. F3 Nation has proven time and again the strength that a group of #HIMs pushing in the same direction can have #meanmeanstride. The F3 Darby Challenge is our way of contributing to #R3 to create a little bit of competition between F3 regions. The team that raises the most funds, and completes the 565 miles, will receive a one-of-a-kind coin, never to be made again. Join the F3 Team!

There are 3 ways to participate:
  1. Join the F3 Nation team. Register at There are currently 8spots left on the team. Don’t make Darby and Coop Dog do all 565 miles by themselves #Icantfeelmyquads
  2. Form your own Team: Think you can do more than the F3 Nation team? Form your own team in your region or sub-region. Use your BRR or Palmetto 200 team #yourealreadyrunning. Team with the most money donated will be recognized by a one-of-a-kind F3/Ranger challenge coin!
  3. Donate to a team. Whether it’s the Nation team or one of the regional teams that you support the funds all go to the same great cause. If you are interested in donating go here RunRangerRun2017 and make sure to select your team.

F3 Area51, SOB/IL, UnionCo Weekly Workout Schedule and FNG Signup
View Schedule | Sign-up to Q | Register FNG

Still Fresh

Ghost Runner - Tweet and Meet

There is continued appetite for a Thursday night run (drinks after optional, but you should do them). This will be a Q-less workout and operate as a Tweet and Meet similar to Sunday Rum Runner. So if your interested, tweet your intentions and get after it.

1st F - Fitness

Weekly workout Schedule

#CSAUP Event Schedule

Know of an event that you think should be included here? Send it to Icky Shuffle at

View 2017 CSAUP Schedule

2nd F - Fellowship

  • Wednesday: HDHH, The Lodge (Colony Place), ~1600-1930
  • Wednesday Happy Hour: Brazwells, Ballantyne, 730p
    • follow @F3Sob for updates for dates. Every other Wednesday.
  • Saturday Coffeeterias at:
    • Einstein Bagels, Ballantyne, 0700-0800
    • Dunkin' Donuts, Weddington & McKee, 0800-0900
    • Panera, Arboretum, 0800-0900
    • Starbucks Coffee, Rea & Bevington, 0800-0900
    • McDonald’s, Sun Valley Commons, Indian Trail, 0800-0830
    • Chick-fli-A, Blakeney, 0730-0830

3rd F - Faith

Area 51 Prayer Requests - A Prayer Team has been established to lift up the needs of the Area 51 Pax. Email Trust that all the requests will be kept confidential. The Area51 prayer e-mail is monitored by Purple Haze. Emails that are received are forwarded to the prayer team which consists of the following Pax: Stone Cold, Semi-Gloss, Skywalker, Champagne, Bulldog, Pele, Hairball, Busch, Tiger Rag, Simba, High Tide, Hops, Spackler, Gummy and Iron Horse. None of the prayer concerns are discussed or shared outside of this group
  • Monday: Sanctuary, 1930, Wesley Chapel Brooklyn Pizza
  • Tuesday: Timekeeper, 0630, Einstein Bagels, Ballantyne
  • Tuesday: 1st/3rd of each month, 1930 at Rusty Onion - Carmel Commons
  • Wednesday: Aftermath, 0630, Chick-fil-A Arboretum
  • Friday: Compass, 0630, Chick-fil-A Arboretum
  • Friday: The Stand, 0630, Panera Carmel Village
  • Saturday: The Grindstone, McDonald’s, Sun Valley Commons, Indian Trail, 0830-0900
  • Area 51 Service Opportunity - Area 51 is working with Church on The Street (COTS). We have committed to assist one Sunday a month and will need 5 volunteers each month.

IT/Comz Concerns

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