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July 2019

Welcome FNGs!

37 FNGs since last newsletter. Welcome!
You guys can find a ton of info in the section Helpful Links at bottom of newsletter.
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July 4th Convergences

Little by Little - Gypsy

August 3rd 2017...Little did I know that was the last day of my life as the sad clown I did not realize I had happily become.  It was not all at once, but little by little the Jester snuck up on me and I had become “that guy”:

…Smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day
…Alcohol every night
...Going through the motions at my job, only looking for the next promotion
... “Friends” were ones from work who would help advance my agendas
...Taking my M and 2.0’s for granted because “I’m the man of the house - right?!”

Volunteer; help others; finish behind someone on purpose; go back for the 6… are you serious?!?  Why would anyone do that for people who can’t help you?? 

Yup, I was a perfect sad clown with every justification, excuse, and example of why it was the perfect lifestyle.  Yet I had no idea, as I sat in a bar on a Thursday night, drinking my beer and smoking my cigarettes, that in less than 12 hours I was going to be coming to a juncture in life.  If I took the DRP, there was no turning back. 

Even the strongest of walls will eventually come down.  I thought mine were impenetrable.  I was wrong.

At 5:00 AM on 8/4/2017, as my neighbor Kent (known in the gloom as Christmas) drove us out to Kevlar, I figured we were headed out to “just another workout”. I had been to countless other pay-to-play programs and even had the gym membership card(s) that were used once a month to prove to my sad clown I was motivated. So, no big deal right?  

At least I thought that until 10 minutes in and the PAX were not even breaking a sweat yet as I was doubled over, gasping for air from my tar coated lungs.  By the time 6:10 AM came around, my stubborn Irish mind was refusing to stop; but the motivation, breathing, and any other mundane items, like placing one foot in front of the other, was gone.  I was physically and mentally spent; ready to toss in the towel and just stop.  It took two random strangers (Fault Line and Horse Head) circling back for me to keep me going, as I was seriously contemplating if I was going to fall out after 40 minutes of the 1st steps in a Sad Clown exorcism.

As we circled up, I was immediately grateful to learn the workout was over.  Unable to breathe, much less talk, the men of Kevlar began peppering me and another FNG (GodSmack) with all kinds of questions.  Seriously not able to talk as I thought I might pass out in front of everyone, they finally asked a question I could answer with one word: “Where are you from?“
Response: “Everywhere”. And thus, I was called Gypsy. COT finished up and I was thanking God that Christmas drove us; otherwise I was calling for an ambulance.

In the 15 minutes from Kevlar to my house, I had just enough time to debate my Sad Clown if we were ever going to do something that awful again.  The next action caught me by complete surprise.

I was at the preverbal crossroad in life. By 6:45 AM that morning, I was back home and found myself throwing out a half of carton of cigarettes. I was going to do this cold turkey.  I had tried to quit dozens of times in the past using patches, pills, hypnosis, self-help coaches, etc., and not one lasted more than a few weeks. But for some reason, getting my Sad Clown’s ass royally kicked was a game changer.  The support of complete strangers pushing me to stay strong was stronger than any other gimmick tried before. 

Five months later on January 6th, 2018: with the constant pressure (encouragement by F3 standards) of my brothers in F3 Nation to get better, YHC went from not being able to run 100 yards due to my addiction to cigarettes, to finishing my 1st 5K with my son at the Joe Davis Run.  Running one race would be the goal of some; akin to a bucket list item. But not for the men of F3.
Today, closing in on 600 days without a single cigarette, you can find me on any given week out training and helping to spread the word of Speed For Need. We race weekly to help foster inclusion of those with a special need through participation in fitness events. We push Track Commanders (riders with a special need) in customized racing wheelchairs to help them participate in and complete fitness events such as 5K’s, 10K’s, or marathons – experiences they would not be able to have on their own.

It could have been any one of several events that took place over the next year that took me into my next phase of pushing my sad clown further out of my life.  

...CSAUPs like the Brolympics, Crane Relay, BRR & Palmetto 200
...Helping fellow Pax finish second behind a Track Commander
...Helping kick-off a new region
...Paying respect to a fellow Pax who passed away

Over 2018, there were so many positive changes in my life that it would be impossible to put my finger on just one event that caused the walls of my self-centered clown to come crashing down.   But what I do know is the fellowship of F3 was the driving force to keep me accelerating in a positive direction.  The requests spoken in COT every morning to be a better person, leader, husband, and father, forced me to reevaluate my measures of success.

Promotions, bonuses, and awards have given way to a new job with reasonable hours so I can spend more time with my friends and family.  Weekend work reports are a thing of the past as we plan family weekend trips to places like Birmingham, AL; Virginia Beach, VA; Lexington, KY; Richmond, VA; Atlanta, GA.  Driving in on Friday night, posting with a new F3 region on Saturday morning, and exploring a new city with my family as we try new foods, go to museums, and seeing new cultures. Have you ever seen the Vulcan Park statue at sundown with your M? Witness your 2.0’s smile seeing Whale Sharks in real life?  Joined your friends in trying a real Kentucky Hot Brown?  These are my new measures of success and no promotion was ever going to help me answer yes to any of those.

I cannot say what tomorrow will hold for me. But what I can say is, just like the Jester sneaking up on you little by little, the ability to shake him happens just as slow and continues to be a daily challenge.  However, with the ongoing support of my Concentrica (including the men of F3), YHC is determined to strive to be a better person than that sad clown version of me I left behind on August 3rd of 2017.  I look forward to seeing each of you in the Gloom, at the Race, launching a new AO, helping a fellow Pax, at an F2, or simply grabbing a lunch together.

Upcoming Events

  • Western Union is launching their first F3 Dads this Saturday July 6th. Dogwood Park in Wesley Chapel.  9:00 AM. Led by @Gerber
  • SITE Q School - Saturday, July 13
    Why? So you know the full measure of your responsibilities as Site Q.
    • OPTIONAL workout 0530 - 0615
      Cuthbertson Middle School
      1520 Cuthbertson Rd
      Waxhaw, NC 28173
    • Site Q School 0620 - 0730
      2532 Cuthbertson Rd
      Waxhaw, NC 28173
    • Ideal for the Pax who:
      1) Is a Site Q.
      2) Is being asked to be a Site Q
      3) Is interested in becoming a Site Q
    • Required sign up:
  • F3 Dads July Camping Trip
    F3 Dads is heading to the mountains. We are camping at Julian Price Park on the Blue Ridge Parkway in the heart of BRR country. We are going July 19-21.  You can come one or two nights. We will hike, swim, cookout and generally have an awesome time. Right how we have fifteen dads signed up but if you are interested head over to the #f3july-camping-trip channel on slack or talk to Frasier to get more information. There are a few spots left. All dads and 2.0s are welcome.  No Ms on this trip.
  • Q School - Saturday, July 20
    Get tips, tricks, and experience as a Q in a safe space.
    • Ideal for the Pax who has:
      1) Q'ed 0 - 3 workouts.
      2) Just need access to write BackBlasts on your own
      3) Who never went to Q School, but want to see how you've needlessly screwed up previous Q's by not attending Q School
    • Hands on Workout 0630 - 0730
      Cuthbertson Middle School
      1520 Cuthbertson Rd
      Waxhaw, NC 28173
    • Documentation 0730 - 0830
      6390 Weddington Rd,
      Matthews, NC 28104
    • Required sign up:
  • SOB Summer Picnic
    All Southern Charlotte (A51/SOB/WUC) PAX and their families are invited to the SOB Summer Picnic and Pool Party on Saturday, July 27th from 4:30-7:30 PM. $10 per person includes tons of food, pool access and more. Limited to 80 spots and they are going quick. Sign up now.
  • Sandbox Volunteer Event
    F3 will once again be volunteering at the Sandbox Prom on the evening of August, 30. This is an incredible event that Sandbox families look forward to every year. We will push kids down the red carpet in Speed-for-Need chariots and serve as “bouncers” for the event. 12-14 Pax needed. 2.0s over age 12 are welcome.
    • Date: August 30th
    • Loctaion: TBD - Concord Area
    • Time: TBD
    • Contact Transporter to volunteer.
    Check out the SPEEDforNEED Calendar for all upcoming events – And reach out to participate in any of these races.  If you haven’t yet, you should at least once. (About Us at the top of the page.)


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