Paige's CO2 Adventure

A day in the life

A play by play of my day on the TGT.

6:45 ALARM I wake up in my pitch-black state room. There’s no port holes, no windows, no indication of what time it could be outside of the ship except my phone and my watch. Instead of scrolling through Instagram for 20 min like I would in my normal life, I roll straight out of bed.

7:00 GYM I’ve signed up to have the gym from 7-8:15 every morning. If the boat is seriously rocking I’ll stick to rowing or spinning and working with resistance bands. If were steady, I’ll rock the treadmill and some weights.

8:30 SHOWER. A good balancing act to start the day. Considering were on a ship, I find the shower to be a nice size. And we have hot water!

9:00 BREAKFAST/ COFFEE. I always miss breakfast (7-8), but there’s always leftovers out when I mosey up to the galley. I usually pop in a podcast or an audiobook and enjoy the time to myself.

10:00 WORK/ NAP. Once I’ve had my coffee and doddled around I can decide if I need to sleep more or if I can work on some research/ papers/ school business. If it’s a nice morning, I’ll go out on deck and take pictures.

11:00 SHOWTIME. I make sure my room is clean and my backpack is packed for my shift. I try to make sure I have everything I could possibly need before leaving. My other bunk make, Francesca, is on the opposite shift, and I don’t want to chance waking her up to grab something during the day.

11:30 SWAP SHIFTS. I go into the computer room to say hello to the morning crew and see whats happened in the last 12 hours. We want to know about any major changes to the schedule, sampling procedures, errors, etc. Although we try to take detailed noted, I’m quickly learning its WAY better to just talk to everyone directly.

11:40 GRAB LUNCH FROM THE GALLEY. I usually make myself a fat bowl of salad and bring it down to the computer room where I’ll spend the next 12 hours.


12:00-23:45 WORK. Hopefully everyone is caffeinated and the weather is good. For the next 12 hours myself and my watch partner Cass are in charge of the CTD. (see previous newsletter for what that entails) We relieve each other a couple of times a day to go to the bathroom, grab snacks, get meals, etc.

00:00 OFF. The morning shift comes to relieve us! Usually some chit chat informing them of what has happened, what changes were made, etc.

00:15 BED. Wash face, brush teeth, crawl into bed with one of many books, sleep like a freaking baby curled up next to your immersion suit like a body pillow.

Captians Log

Thursday 3-25-21
Today was my first taste of how quickly morale can change on a ship. We are still behind schedule, about 20 hours to a day behind. This doesn’t seem like much, but the constant crush of time is getting stressful. Were also running away from another storm system that could be moving in this weekend. If caught, our timeline is certainly out the window.

Just as we crossed the jet stream we were SMACKED with humidity, and the average temperature of the water dramatically increased. And finally, the ship received some rather unfortunate news this morning. After two weeks of quarantine, three COVID tests, and a week and a half of wearing our masks at all times except in our state rooms, the UNOLS/ Coast Guard determined that we have to wear our masks the WHOLE time, only making exceptions when we are six feet away from others. This is a big boat, but maintaining six feet of distance at all times is impossible. I think the combination of the time stress, the humidity, and the masks has put a tension into the air on the TGT, and the strange vibe aboard the ship today is a result.

But boats are places where people learn to press on. So today, we press on!


Where is the Thomas Thompson right now?

Lets find out!


Clockwise from left: Cassandra on the starbord side, BGC Argo floats, porthole in the gym, humid sunset from the back deck
XOXO Paige Hoel

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