Happy Monday y'all! I just finished my dinner and I'm about to catch the sunset. Hight today was 82, low 78, humidity 90% pretty much the entire day. Theres been a chance of rain the entire time we've been out here but instead of rain we have gorgeous clouds constantly on the horizon making the sunrises and sunsets extra beautiful. Hope you're catching the sunset tonight wherever you are :)

welcome to my crib

No scientific thoughts today! Heres a lil tour of my room.

I share a stateroom with the other intern Cassie. The room has two bunks, so it could hold four, but thankfully its just us two so we both got the bottom racks. 

** lil tangent: a ship is not a hotel. When you arrive on the ship its on you to make sure your room is clean and everything is functioning properly. Its your responsibility to go to the linen room to grab sheets, pillows, blankets, and towels, and then its your responsibility to make the bed, etc. My flight into Puerto Rico was delayed and I didn’t arrive until 3am. Out of the kindness of her heart Cassie heard about my delay and went to grab all of my linens and made my bed so I wouldn’t have to when I got on the ship at 3am <3 She even put a chocolate on the pillow!! What a peach!! **

We share a bathroom with the other stateroom we border. Theres two doors that you need to remember to lock and unlock when you use it. Showering on a moving ship isn’t too hard, but it can get a little dicey in heavy seas.

I love the racks. They have a little lamp with an outlet that provide the perfect amount of light for reading. Blackout curtains surround the rack. The curtains themselves have pockets where you can store your book, water, etc. I found it helps to have things in the pockets so they don’t slide around when the ship rocks. I generally shove my emergency immersion suit (big red bag thing) in my rack and a lot of pillows so I can wedge myself into the bed and I don’t roll around in the night. Seas thus far have been 4-6 ft with an occasional 8ft wave. That size is enough to make someone who might not have their sea legs a little sick, and its enough to roll me around in my bed if I don’t brace myself enough.

The closet is rad too! Just enough storage space, heavy metal shelves that don’t budge when the ship is moving, lots of hooks and places to hang things. Ships are so nifty!! 

From what I can tell everyone keeps their rooms clean and organized. I imagine everyone adheres to this because it’s the only tiny bit of personal space we have. Why not make your room as calming as possible?

Heres another part of the ship I ADORE- the outdoor gym. We have two spin bikes, a manual treadmill, and a rowing machine. There are plenty of kettle bells and a pull up bar as well. There is also a gym inside on the main deck, but the space has no portholes and it feels pretty tight.

It seems that everyone on shore is fascinated about eating and food, so I’ll include pictures of the mess deck (dining room) and chow (food) sometime soon!

explorers log

Time is an allusion. Anyone who has spent more than a week working at sea will confirm this statement. Yesterday was “Sunday” and it marked one week of this cruise. To be quite frank it feels like its been a lot longer. We’ve settled into the routine well, with no major problems or conflicts, which overall is a great thing. Time, however, is moving slow as a result.
We changed our mapping area to the South of Puerto Rico, and we have been mowing the lawn going east and west, flipping a U every 15-20 hours. Going west were surfing the 4-6 ft swell and it is as smooth as butter. Going east, however, is a different story. 
We’re now in a bit of a pickle with the forecast. Looks like our next area, the Blake Plateau, is due for two back-to-back storms. That in addition to it being the area below the Gulf Stream are setting us up for some pretty rough seas… But no use in worrying about it now.
I’m extra thankful for all the little messages and short convos I’ve had with my friends back onshore (ya’ll know who you are 😊)! It really makes a huge difference knowing that the world of solid earth has not forgotten about you. And not to mention so many of my friends have wonderful news to report (Sophia and Michael I don’t know if you’re following this newsletter but if you are CONGRATS ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT!!).
Overall, I’d give my moral a 8/10, which is only shy of 10/10 due to my poor packing of snacks and inability to jump into this BEAUTIFUL BLUE CARRIBEAN OCEAN that is honestly just mocking me every time I step outside.
XOXO Paige

photo dump

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