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July Meeting
Guest Speaker

Guy Webb
Healthy soil healthy climate 

2 PM AEST Saturday 13 July

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We are thrilled that Guy can be CCL Australia’s special guest in July to share the latest updates on this genuinely exciting work.

Guy Webb is the Managing Director of 
SoilCQuest an organisation with a vision to double the world’s soil carbon by 2031. To do this, SoilCQuest are researching a fungus that helps plants to pull carbon out of the air and lock it into the soil.

At scale, this has the potential to draw down gigatons per year of carbon, turning farmers across the world into carbon-capturing superheroes, while improving soil health and resilience. Watch Guy's story here.

Hope to see you there.

13 July, 2 PM - 2.45 PM AEST on the ZOOM app - click here to join the call.

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14 - 17 September 2019 National Conference and Lobby Days - save the date and book your spot 

CCL Australia's annual National Conference and Lobby Days event is set for 14-17 September in Canberra. 
Save the date for one, two, three or even all four days, join in the fun of preparing to meet then meeting a host of newly elected MPs from all over Australia - book your spot here.  These respectful, generous, factual conversations matter - and can play a role in big changes of heart such as recorded in the SA state parliament last week (Hon. John Darley MLC)

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Do you shout at the radio, TV or newspaper? 

The role of the media in misrepresenting global warming, climate solutions and climate policy is a live issue in Australia. Will it ever end? And yet there is something concrete we can all do on a weekly or even a daily basis to counteract it - we can write to the editors and we can call radio talk back.

So, whether or not you already call radio stations or write to the editors, or want to, if you already shout at the news then CCL Australia's hosted monthly 'National Conversation' is for you.  

No need to RSVP,  just come along, all welcome. To be added to the letter writing group send an email to Thank you Jennifer Hole and Paul Meleng and everyone writing in WA - every letter we each write increases the chance of someone being published, even in The West. 

Thursday 18 July 8 PM - 9 PM AEST on the ZOOM app - click here to join the call. 
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A Carbon Tax Appeal lost in Ottowa Canada and Germany looking at a Dividend - who is next? 

Paul Hawken (Project Drawdown) calls carbon taxes the greatest climate solution accelerator. We agree! A growing number of countries now have them, including last month South Africa. Residents in some states in Canada have been receiving their regular 'cash back' carbon dividend and now Ottowa's residents could be getting theirs, as the province's legislator's attempt to repeal the scheme on the grounds of unconstitutionality failed.
Now just last week Germany announced it would be considering a dividend model of carbon tax.

Come on Australia - find out how a dividend approach could help make a better fairer Australian carbon tax a reality. The University of New South Wales' #AusCarbonDividend is one example. Click here to find out more. Already convinced this is a better way? Send a letter to your MP alerting them to the #AusCarbonDividend and lending your support. Then plan to join CCL members in Canberra this September to lobby for it. 
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