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As a CCL community newsletter, all of CCL Australia's hundreds of coordinators, members and groups are welcome to contribute. Whether it is a piece of local climate news, a new community climate resource, or a CCL event or blog post which you would like to share, all are welcome.

Many CCL members share this newsletter as a courtesy to their local NGOs, Rotary groups, local government councillors and state and federal members of parliament.

If you don't yet share your newsletter with your local government councillor or state and federal MPs and would like to as part of your CCL volunteering, please let us know at -  it's useful for us to share the information with other CCL members in your constituency, and we can let you know if your elected representative is already a recipient before you send it.  

On behalf of the whole team thank you to Paula and Rosey, our recently retired newsletter editors, and from the September 2018 Federal Parliament Lobby team goes a big thank you to one of CCLs younger friends, 12yo Sydney Pan, whose beautiful drawing of a Butcher Bird (pictured) graced the official CCL Australia thank you cards sent to MPs this September. Thanks also to Hogan Print for donating printing.  


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Thank you for all that you do, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

ACT Coordinator, National Coordinator, Intern Program

PS did you miss CCLs chat with Fiona Armstrong from the Climate and Health Alliance last month? Watch it here. Write to your MP to support a Climate, Health and Wellbeing approach here. Read about her collaboration with the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) here.

If you are wondering what the NSW Rural Fire Service (pictured) has to do with faith-led and citizen-led climate advocacy, then read on.

 Australia's Parliament House is hosting a very special non-partisan climate briefing event and the Tathra emergency services crew is on the program.

This event is especially for parliamentarians, advisors and Australia's COP delegates to attend ahead of this December's climate talks in Poland. Details in place so far for: "The Human Face of Climate Change - the real costs of inaction"  include

  • IPCC 1.5 Report overview - Pep Canadell;
  • Regional Call for Urgent Action on Climate - Tathra CEFE ;
  • Dr Matthew Nott - Clean Energy for Eternity
  • Jo Dodds - Local Government Councillor; 
  • Farmers for Climate Action - Charlie Prell (TBC);
  • Doctors for the Environment - Climate Impacts on Children (following the Nov 27 event 'No Time For Games');
  • Film & talk by Pacific Island Council of Queensland;
  • Global faith-led call for Living the Change

CCL members are invited to call, write or visit your local Federal MP and Senator, requesting they or their advisor(s) attend all or part of the Parliament House event, which is on November 29th 12 noon - 3 pm, Mural Hall B. For more information and to book tickets contact: Philippa Rowland
M: 0429 828412, President, Multifaith Association of South Australia

Canadian Fee and Dividend - could Australia be next? 
The Guardian's Dana Nuccitelli has written an informative summary of last month's good news from Canada on Justin Trudeau's new 'federal backstop' price on pollution, a scheme that will see a dividend go to Canadian households as soon as early 2019. 

As the latest in innovative, effective and potentially popular pricing mechanisms, it will without a doubt be a hot topic at the next climate talks, the Conference of Parties (COP), in Katowice Poland this December. Noting also that by then Washington State may also have voted on a carbon pricing instrument similar in some ways to CCL's Carbon Fee and Dividend.

We will be mentioning this to the Australian COP delegation at this weeks COP briefing in Canberra, but the news from Canada is already generating more interest in Australia:
  • Last weekend the Australian Greens announced they are throwing down a carbon pricing gauntlet of their own, reviving Australia's shelved scheme; 
  • The Queensland Labor government announced in October that it is now investigating a tobacco-like tax on climate pollution on health grounds;
  • BP, well known for its own internal carbon price, made a point of calling for a federal carbon price the day following the recent Wentworth byelection; and
  • At least one group of Australian researchers are modelling a scheme like Canada's and the one that CCL advocates for in Australia - stay tuned!
  • With more and more members of the community successfully working with local councils to adopt a Climate Emergency approach, climate solutions acceleration is becoming top of mind for everyone...
Read more about CCL Australia's carbon dividend based scheme for a price on pollution here. Paul Hawken (Drawdown) calls carbon pricing the great 'solutions accelerator', so why not write to your MPs, businesses and local leaders and ask them to support it! Include this short video about CFD in your letter or email - it says it all! 


Green indicates that the province’s own carbon pricing system meets the federal standards.

Purple and orange indicate a province’s planned or proposed carbon pricing will meet the federal standards, respectively.

Red indicates that the federal carbon pricing will apply to the province.

Illustration: Dana Nuccitelli 
Read more about the Canadian Carbon Price (The Guardian)

Congratulations and thank you to our La Trobe Uni 2018 CCL Australia interns and members Millie Black and Makira Vann, for not only being inspiring interns but on top of all that recently organizing and hosting a CCL information evening in Watsonia, Melbourne.
As CCL Australia interns, Makira and Millie wanted to organise a meeting to inform both the local and wider community about CCL and its purpose and to discuss the CCL lobbying and internship process and experience in depth with fellow interested students. As enthusiastic and skilled new CCL members they also wanted to be part of making it easier and more enjoyable for all of CCLs members across Victoria to collaborate on and support climate conversations with community leaders and elected representatives.  

Thank you, Millie and Makira! And thank you to everybody who travelled from near and far to meet and lend support to our newest group leaders and coordinators. Special thanks also to Glenn who travelled from Ballarat, and father and daughter team Howard and Anusha Witt for travelling from Sydney to help out. 

Looking for a CCL group, event or lobbying team near you? Jump to Contacts, Meetings Parliament Updates
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CCL Australia Internships

Thanks to generous ongoing and one-off donations from members and supporters, we are now able to expand the CCL Australia Intern Program to run throughout the year and in each Australian state and territory.

The program will continue over the summer break and is already planning for 2019.

So, if you know a student who would like to connect with global advocacy, make a difference and influence how all politicians talk about climate change, and at the same time obtain course credits, why not suggest they find out more and send a CV to 

Intern role description here
Please Donate to CCL Australia's Intern Program

November's monthly meeting special guest speaker
: Anusha Witt
"Long-Term Climate Laws"
Saturday, November 10 at 2 pm AEDT 

This month we are congratulating longstanding CCL Australia member Anusha Witt who has recently completed her Masters in Environmental Law.

Her dissertation research is titled 'Long-Term Climate Laws: A Comparative Analysis of The UK 'Climate Change Act' and the European Union Regulation 'Governance of the Energy Union and Climate Action Regulation''.

Join the meeting online via ZOOM or at a local CCL group to hear all about her findings and to participate in Q&A about her conclusions.  Members and friends all welcome.
The UK Climate Change Act  enacted in 2008  was said to be a forerunner in long term climate law and was hailed by many as 'groundbreaking'.

Now, the 'Governance of the Energy Union and Climate Action Regulation'  has just been politically agreed to by the European Union law making bodies and is set to become law this December.

Anusha's research compared the two legislative instruments to analyse how long term climate law is developing and to examine the similarities and differences in the two legislative instruments.

Her presentation to CCL will share some of the key features of these legislative instruments.
About Anusha Witt: After completing a bachelor in International studies, Anusha worked for the International not-for-profit ActionAid, a women's and youth rights charity, in Sydney, Kenya, and in Bangladesh. Through ActionAid she has campaigned and advocated for youth and small holder women farmers rights, and has been a trainer in campaigning, advocacy, feminist leadership, accountable governance and tax justice. 
*All are invited to join at the following times:  2:00 pm AEDT ie 2 pm NSW, ACT, Vic, Tas; 1 pm QLD; 1:30 pm SA; 12:30 pm NT, 11:00 am in WA. Shareable via Facebook Events.

Join our Monthly Guest Speakers on Zoom from computer, tablet or smartphone: PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: Enter

Or Telephone: Dial 02 8015 2088 then enter the Meeting ID: 3920795005 into your phone keypad. 
International numbers:
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December's monthly meeting special guest speaker: Dani  Austin
The 'Climate-Ready Communities' Program
Saturday, December 8 at 2 pm AEDT 

Dani Austin is the Community Adaptation Project Officer at Australian Red Cross, based in South Australia.

We first heard about Dani's teams work through Jim Allen (CCL Boothby and SA Regional Coordinator) talking about a wonderful climate impact scenario-testing forum Dani organised for the southern suburbs of Adelaide.

She will talk about the Red Cross program she is part of, the 
Climate Ready Communities Program

Join the meeting online via ZOOM or at a local CCL group and to participate in Q&A about this impactful Red Cross program. Members and friends all welcome.
CCL Australia Blog: new research on intervening in partisan politics

Have you caught up with Rod Mitchell's latest blog post yet? Rod is one part of the Western Australian Regional Coordinator team, with Joyce Erceg (CCL Canning), and does triple duty with CCL, first as a committee member of CCL Aus Inc, and now also as group leader of CCLs new and still to be named Denmark area group. Rod also initiated CCL Australia and is a very kind and wise soul.  

Rod writes: "Social Psychologists David Sharman and Leaf Van Boven were guest speakers at CCL’s September International Monthly Call and gave a powerful exploration of the psychology of partisan politics. They concluded that “the CCL way” is an important part of the solution..."

As Rod says this research is very useful for using our everyday climate conversations for growing bipartisanship on effective climate solutions - it gives climate advocates a powerful tool for ‘bringing down walls’ and making climate a 'bridge issue' instead of a 'wedge issue'.

Rod and Joyce can be reached at and Read more at the CCL Australia blog here.
See Rod Mitchell's latest blog post here
Catch up with the latest CCL International podcasts too
Businesses unite to drive uptake of renewables in Australia

Last month saw the very first Australian meeting of RE100 – the global corporate leadership initiative on renewable electricity led by The Climate Group in partnership with CDP. It followed Arup's earlier World Energy Mix Forum at Australian Parliament House in Canberra when Sam Kimmins of The Climate Group presented RE100 to MPs and interested companies.

The event noted that globally 154 RE100 companies have made a commitment to go 100% renewable - generating the equivalent of enough demand for renewables to power all of New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria combined. 

Interestingly, 2016-17 data taken from a sample of 3,500 companies, shows RE100 businesses, ie businesses committed to 100% renewable electricity, consistently perform better than non-members on two key financial indicators: net profit margin and EBIT margin (Earnings Before Interests and Taxes).

No wonder last week New South Wales announced it is planning a 15-year transition out of coal-fired power and into renewables! Read more here.
Read more about RE 100 (The Climate Group)
Electric cars in Australia a step closer
Local start-up Chargefox has announced it will build the very first nationwide charging network after successfully raising $15 million from investors.

Each 'rapid' charge station will be open to all vehicles and can deliver a range of 400 kilometres in just 15 minutes. 

According to one article, a survey conducted by Roy Morgan of more than 37,000 Australian motorists found half would seriously consider buying a hybrid or fully electric vehicle.

Hear more about the current Senate Select Committee Inquiry into electric vehicles here
Read more here (Courier Mail)
Connecting members online
CCL Australia has three main kinds of ongoing online meetings to which all CCL members and supporters are invited and welcome.

1. Monthly Meeting with a Guest Speaker: Second Saturday of each month. 
These are a 20-30 minute presentation by special guest of CCL Australia, followed by Q&A and a national update. Edited presentations are available at CCL Australia's youtube channel.
2:00 pm AEDT -  2:00 pm NSW, ACT, Vic, Tas; 1pm Qld; 1:30 pm SA; 12:30 pm NT; 11:00 am WA.

2. National Conversation:  60 minutes on the Thursday following the second Saturday of each month.
This is a casual 1-hour discussion forum on all aspects of Citizens' Climate Lobby Australia's group development, training, outreach and lobbying, and regularly features one or more guest speakers for a deep dive into a selected topic or something in the news.
8:00 pm AEDT -  8:00 pm NSW, ACT, Vic, Tas; 7pm QLD; 7:30 pm SA; 6:30 pm NT; 5:00 pm WA.

3. Group Connect Call: 3hr dial-in second Tuesday of every month -  This is a 3 hour monthly timeslot booked on ZOOM especially for new CCL supporters and volunteers to try out the ZOOM connection, ask questions and connect and meet some of CCL Australia's national and / or regional coordinators. We sometimes use this call to develop online training - stay tuned for more details.
6-9pm AEDT 6-9 pm NSW, ACT, Vic, Tas; 5-8pm QLD; 5:30-8.30 pm SA; 4:30-7:30 pm NT; 3-6 pm WA.

Reach us at

You can join CCLs ZOOM on your computer, tablet or smartphone via the ZOOM app or via your web browser, or with any phone.

For computer, tablet or smartphone: PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android -  
Click here or enter 
To join by telephone - Dial 02 8015 2088 then enter the Meeting ID: 3920795005 into your phone keypad. 
To join via international telephone:  Look up the number to dial here:

It is a good idea to ZOOM in 2-5 minutes earlier than the listed start time. 
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Click here for the CC Australia Google Calendar, dates, times and venue details

Coordinators Peter Todd and Jodie Green
ACT Area: *Now Includes Monaro* Contact Jodie Green (MeetUp!)
Berowra Area Groups: First Monday 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm Hornsby Heights or Cherrybrook Contact Dennys Angove 
Illawarra Area Groups: Contact Peter Todd 0414 383 350 or Tom Hunt 0438 254 679 First Wednesday 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm Master Builders Club (downstairs) Wollongong
Inner Sydney Area Groups: Fourth Tuesday 7:00 pm - 8:45 pm Sydney Mechanics School of Arts (SMSA, 280 Pitt St) Contact (MeetUp!)
North Sydney + Hills District Area Groups: Second Saturday. 1 - 4 pm Lane Cove or Baulkham Hills. Contact Darshini 0404 848 058
Northern Beaches Area: Contact Nigel (Northern Beaches Climate Action Network) 
Southern Sydney Area Groups: Contact Second Sunday 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm Oatley RSL & Community Club Ltd, 23 Letitia St, Oatley NSW 2223, Australia (Map) (MeetUp!) (Lunch from 1:15)
Southern NSW Area: Moruya and surrounds Contact

NSW and ACT Federal Parliament Update
CCL ACT area teams have met the members of the house of representatives (MHRs) and/or the advisor(s) for federal seats of Canberra, Fenner and Monaro plus Senator Seselja and will soon request a meeting with Senator Smith. 
CCL NSW teams have met with the members of the house of representatives (MHRs) or the advisor(s) for the federal seats of New England, Hunter, Berowra, Dobell, Newcastle, Shortland, Mackellar, North Sydney, Parramatta, Mitchell, Wentworth, Kingsford Smith, Grayndler, Watson, Fowler, Cook, Hughes, Macarthur, Cunningham, Whitlam, Eden-Monaro, Gilmore plus Senators &/or the advisor(s) of NSW Senators Payne, Rhiannon, McAllister and Fierravanti-Wells.

Western Australia 
Coordinators Joyce Erceg and Rod Mitchell
Canning Area: Contact
Perth Area: Contact
Tangney Area Groups: Last Monday of the month, contact
Denmark Area: NEW!! TBA, contact or

WA Federal Parliament Update
CCL WA has met with members of the house of representatives (MHRs) or the advisor(s) for federal seats of Durack, Pearce, Moore, Curtin, Tangney, Swan, Burt, Fremantle, Hasluck and Canning; advisor(s) for and/or Senators Cash, Cormann, Siewert and Steele-John; and is currently requesting a meeting with Senator Dean Smith.   

Coordinators Nell Azuri and Heidi Edmonds
Brisbane Area Groups: Fourth Saturday Contact  Nov 17 Fb Special Event NB RSVP please as there is a maximum of 15 people for this special C4C CCL event.
Sunshine Coast Area: Contact 

Queensland Federal Parliament Update
CCL Qld has met with Qld members of the house of representatives (MHRs) and/or the advisor(s) for the federal seats of Maranoa, Herbert, Flynn, Fisher, Lilley, Griffith, Bonner, Moreton, Rankin, Groom and Forde; advisors of or Senators the Hon Canavan, Ketter, Moore, Chisholm; and will soon meet with LNP MHR for Brisbane, Mr Trevor Evans.  

South Australia
Coordinator Jim Allen 
Adelaide Area Groups: Boothby, Hindmarsh, Sturt and more. Second Saturday 12:30 pm Contact Jim Allen
Mt Barker Area: Mayo Contact Jim Allen

SA Federal Parliament Update
In 2018 the CCL SA team has met with members of the house of representatives (MHRs) or the advisor(s) for federal seats of Grey, Mayo, Boothby and Port Adelaide; with advisors or SA Senators the Hon Birmingham, Patrick, Storer and Senator the Hon Wong; and is about to request a meeting with MP for Kingston, Ms Amanda Rishworth.

Coordinators Millie Black and Makira Vann 
Melbourne Area Groups: Contact Millie  Makira
Bendigo Area: Contact Warwick
Ballarat Area: Contact Glenn 

Victoria Parliamentary Liaisons Update
CCL Vic has met with the members of the house of representatives (MHRs) or the advisor(s) for the seats of Mallee, Murray, Scullin, Melbourne, Gellibrand, Melbourne, Wills, Batman, Kooyong, Menzies, Bruce, Indi, and McMillan; with advisors / Senators Rice, Carr, Di Natale, Hinch and Kitching; and is currently requesting a further meeting with Senator Hinch. 

Do you live in Tasmania and want help out in 2019? Please contact Jodie or Howard at
Tasmanian Federal Parliament Update
CCL has met with the MHR or their advisor for the federal seats of Bass, Braddon, Denison; Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, Senator Lisa Singh and Senator Catryna Bilyk; and is booked to meet with ALP Senator for Tasmania Lisa Singh again in Canberra on Nov 26.
Northern Territory 
Do you live in the Northern Territory and want help out or meet your MPs on climate in 2019? Please contact Jodie or Howard at
Northern Territory Parliament Update
CCL has met with the member of the house of representatives (MHR) for Lingiari, the Hon Warren Snowdon, and is requesting a meeting with ALP Senator Malarndirri McCarthy.

There are currently a number of unfilled CCL 'Parliament Liaison' roles available across Australia. If you'd like to know what this involves, or are ready to join the team in 2019, then please let us know ASAP at There has never been a better time to start an ongoing conversation about climate and the carbon fee and dividend model for pricing pollution with all our MPs.  

New CCL Volunteers and Group Contacts - If you would like your new group or area meeting listed in this newsletter please email

Click here for the CC Australia Google Calendar, dates, times and venue details
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