“Whoever welcomes you welcomes me, and whoever welcomes me welcomes the one who sent me"
Matthew 10:40

Sunday, June 28th

The time we are living in is full of reminders that there aren't always easy answers or quick fixes. Such was the case in the time of Jeremiah as well. The life of a prophet was never easy or comfortable. They were called on by God to do all kinds of crazy things to get the people's attention, and the messages they delivered were rarely well-received. This is still the case. Sometimes, following Christ means being a prophet. Thankfully, it's not all we're called to do, and we are certainly not called to be one all the time! However, there comes a time when most of us will feel called to speak our truth. It can be a challenging experience and one that must be done with care. Our scripture passages from Jeremiah invites us to think about how we can more faithfully discern God's will during the disorienting times of trial we will all experience. Our gospel reading will help us think about how this type of ministry can be more sustainable. I hope you'll join us for worship online as we think about these things and more on Sunday.

You can look forward to Robin Morrill's rendition of "For Everyone Born" as a prelude, and our Scholarship Singers will sing "Miren que bueno" (Oh, Look and Wonder) by Pablo Sosa. It's also a Hunger Offering Sunday; more information about that below!  
The weekly Sunday Call to Worship email contains information on how to access the service, but you can always navigate to our own website's Online Worship page for the latest service or go to our YouTube Channel. 
The Confession of 1967
One of our responses to the Black Lives Matter movement is reciting small portions of the Confession of 1967 each Sunday in worship. Written as a response to the social movements of the 1950's and 60's, this creedal statement of the Presbyterian Church (USA) teaches us that God's reconciling work in Jesus Christ and the mission of reconciliation to which he has called his church are the heart of the gospel in any age.

If you're interested, you can find a full copy of a more inclusive language version of the creed here

Cards and Thank Yous for Shelli!

Shelli Gregory's last day at Maxwell Street will be Friday, June 26. We will all miss her energy and kind attitude that she has shared with countless numbers of the Lexington community. We wish that we could honor her during a Sunday service, but we all know that is not possible at this time with Covid-19 precautions. Cards and notes of appreciation may be mailed directly to Shelli at 1721 Headley Green, Lexington 40504.

If you would like to donate to a monetary love gift to Shelli, please make checks out to Pam Boldt and mail them to Maxwell Street Presbyterian Church at 180 E. Maxwell Street, Lexington 40508 by July 1 so that we can present the Love Gift to Shelli before she begins her new career in July.

Also, if you would like to participate in this, we will have a car parade in the church parking lot from 4-6 Friday (June 26) TODAY to send Shelli off and say good luck.

We all wish Shelli the best in her new adventure with Picadome Elementary School as their family resource coordinator.


We welcome our new
Interim Emergency Assistance Coordinator Tish Platt!

Tish will be continuing the Emergency Assistance work that Shelli Gregory was doing at MSPC. We’re so glad to have you on staff at Maxwell Street! Tish joined MSPC after becoming acquainted with, and marrying long-time member Matt McMahan.  Tish is an RN and Certified Case Manager (CCM) with a long history of community nursing working side by side with social workers throughout her career. Her most recent employment was in the community as a Geriatric case manager.  She is a native of Louisville and has lived in Lexington for the past 40 years.  She is a graduate of Midway College and the University of Kentucky. In addition to joining MSPC in the interim social worker position, Tish also enjoys volunteering at Mission Health Lexington in both the clinic and in the pharmacy. Welcome Tish! 
Black Lives Matter to God and to us!

At Maxwell Street, we celebrate diversity and work for inclusion. Over the past year, we welcomed Dr. Alton Pollard III, the first African American President of Louisville Seminary to our pulpit, our Social Justice Committee did a three-month focus on the experience of African Americans in our community and nation, Rachel put together an amazing timeline/history of the Presbyterian Church’s historical relationship with slavery, and I taught a class on the Theology of African American Theologian Howard Thurman and his understanding of the Beloved Community. Over the past month, since the brutal killing of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor, Rachel and a number of our congregation members have participated in the protests downtown, I have preached and spoken about these current events, and we both attended a gathering of nearly 100 hundred clergy who are working together to address the disparities experienced by African Americans in our community. All this to say, I believe Black Lives do matter to Maxwell Street.

Several of our congregation members requested we make a more public statement as a congregation that Black lives matter to our congregation in the form of a banner in the front of the church. I did some research and was impressed by the action taken by Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago. I presented this information to our Session on Monday, June 22nd, and they voted unanimously to approve the following banner for the front of Maxwell Street: 


Black Lives Matter
As a community of faith we affirm the inherent dignity and worth of each person, regardless of background, as created and beloved children of God. However, the society in which we live does not accord equal worth to each person. Racism, anti-blackness, and its violent and discriminatory fruit in our society have been well documented.

Throughout its history, the church has been called upon to specifically affirm the dignity of particular persons whose lives are threatened by adversity and societal sin. When systemic racism, implicit bias, and notable incidents of violence put into question whether our society truly values black lives, our congregation believes it is important to affirm the particular dignity, beauty, gifts, and worth of black people. Thus we publicly name that black lives matter.

To God
We proclaim with this banner the theological truth that black lives matter to God. Through it we also prayerfully point to the work that we must do as a church, as individuals, and as a society so that, according to God’s vision, a day will come when every life—already valued and beloved by God—will be equally valued by all of God’s children.

And to Us
This all-embracing love of God is what we seek to proclaim in our world. At Maxwell Street, we celebrate diversity and work for inclusion. 
We want those who see us but do not know our community—who have never set foot in our building, joined us in worship, or participated in our programing—to know who we are and what we believe and value. We want them to know without a doubt that black lives matter to us.

Our banner signals solidarity with victims of racism, particularly African Americans. It signals that we recognize the systemic race prejudice and institutionalized white supremacy still afflicting our body politic. It acknowledges the validity of the pain and anger that have been expressed in the demonstrations resulting from yet another killing of an unarmed African American by a police officer.

Naming that black lives matter to us is also our public commitment to intensify our congregational work of anti-racism, to recommit ourselves to—as our mission statement says—“ministries of healing, reconciliation, and justice” so that all of God’s children might flourish.

*** Want a yard sign for yourself? You can email Kate and let her know. They are $5 each.***

Resources on Racism

For kids and families (and everyone): 
The Sesame Street Town Hall is great to watch as a family (even with older teens) tostart conversation. The discussion is more simplistic and most of us adults could benefit from hearing the discussion at this level. 
And, the silliness of the characters will help break the ice!

Other resources:
We will continue to recommend a resource each week, but even more can be found at our website under the Social Justice, Dismantling Racism tab.
This Week At Maxwell Street: 

June 29 - July 4

9:00am Youth Mission Day (see below)
2:00pm Youth Mission Day pick-up

9:00am Youth Mission Day (see below)
2:00pm Youth Mission Day pick-up

9:00am Youth Mission Day (see below)
10:30am - Kerygma Class - Online, Zoom Link (Meeting ID: 892 345 794, Password: 803525)
2:00pm Youth Mission Day pick-up

9:00am Youth Mission Day (see below)
2:00pm Youth Mission Day pick-up
6:00pm - Neighborhood Meal - Bagged Take-Out Meal

9:00am Youth Mission Day (see below)
2:00pm Youth Mission Day pick-up


KERYGMA - Jesus practiced materiality when he healed the bodies of the sick, proclaimed Jubilee to the poor, and fed the five thousand. He practiced materiality over materialism. In Materiality as Resistance, Walter Brueggemann defines materiality as the use of the material aspects of the Christian faith, as opposed to materialism, which places possessions and physical comfort over spiritual values. We're going to watch some short interviews of Brueggemann and talk about his book. No need to read, just watch with us over Zoom and join the conversation. Classes meet Wednesdays at 10:30am. Zoom meeting information is above.

MSPC SMALL TALK - Being quarantined away, we have missed chatting with one another. Some of us are isolated without extra family members. Some of you have already connected by phone, but we are reaching out to see who might be interested in connecting by phone with one another.  All you have to do is email 
Kate, and she will send a list of names and phone numbers of those who would like to participate. 

YOUR DEACONS ARE HERE FOR YOU - Do you need help with errands, groceries  or yard work? The MSPC Deacons are here to support you. Contact
Rachel if you have a need.

OUR CHURCH OFFICE IS CLOSED, but our staff is working from home. Matt will be away on vacation from July 6th through the 19th. You can leave a voicemail at the office for any of our staff, and they will return your call. You can also contact us by email.

MSPC CHALK TAG started last weekend and hopefully will continue this weekend (wow, the rain!)! Three boxes of chalk with instructions are headed out from Maxwell Street into Lexington. Each set of instructions has a different list of MSPC families and members, some who will be the chalk drawers, the ones who can be “it” next, and some who could use bright message of joy in their driveway the most! We hope this is a great way to have fun and spread joy to your MSPC  neighbor. Be on the lookout for a box of chalk at your doorstep and pictures of drawings on the Facebook page! Email Rachel ( with any questions. 

UPDATE ADDRESS AND PHONE - If you move or change phone numbers, please contact Kate in the church office so the information may be updated. (
Kate or 255-1074).

N.A.D.Y.A. BOOK GROUP - will meet virtually June 28 from 6-7:30 to finish The Ten Thousand Doors of January -- our first foray into fantasy lit!  Contact
Jason if you would like to join in on the book group fun. Join in the fun.

WE CONTINUE TO SERVE A MEAL ON THURSDAYS - We are continuing to provide a nutritious meal for our community on Thursday nights and have fed approximately 45 people at each meal. (Our numbers grew! One week, we served 55! The next we had 50. So it's pretty steady.) We limit the preparation of the meal to one to two people and the meals are packaged to go. Those who distribute the meals are maintaining appropriate distances, and wearing gloves and masks. Thank you for continuing to support our hunger ministries!

Share YOUR Story!
We love seeing photos of the great things each and every one of you are doing to stay healthy at home! Have you been making art, sewing masks, writing letters to friends, homeschooling, playing music, working on a project, taking walks, enjoying nature, writing and journaling, exercising or trying a new recipe?  If you have an image or two and a short description that you wouldn't mind sharing we'd love to share them in Maxwell in Motion. Thank you for being such a great community even during this time of social distancing! We are Maxwell Street together! Submit photos to
Marrianne Russell.

Youth News
In-town Mission Week

June 29 - July 2

Please reply if your youth will participate in mission week.

Day/ Topic/ Drop-off and Pickup:
Monday/ Racial Justice/ 9:00 Woodland Park, 2:00 Woodland Park
(reflective walking and discussion through Lexington's historical markers)

Tuesday/ Environmentalism/ 9:00 Woodland Park, 2:00 Woodland Park
(discussion and volunteering with Greensource)

Wednesday/ Immigration/ 9:00 Woodland Park, 2:00 Woodland Park
(discussion with Marilyn and other immigration experts and volunteering)

Thursday/ Hunger and Housing Insecurity/ 2:00 MSPC, 7:00 MSPC
(discussion, making and serving Thursday Meal, sandwiches, blessing bags)

Each day youth needs:

  • mask
  • tennis shoes
  • comfortable outdoor clothes (except Thursday)
  • a bagged lunch (Mon-Wed)
  • water bottle
  • $30 (week's cost)


We will provide:

  • dinner Thursday
  • snacks
  • masks if youth forgets
  • extra water
  • week's devotional/journal
  • Every effort will be taken to help our youth be successful at social distancing. 

Hosting the majority of the week outdoors, with masks as much as possible, and with distancing will greatly reduce risk, but there is always some risk.

Transportation is one of our biggest puzzles.

Please let Rachel know your response to these questions:

- Will drop-off and pick-up be hard for you each day of the week?
- Are you willing to pickup other youth?
- Are you willing to let your youth ride with another family or one of two others in a car or van?
- Could you help us transport youth for activities one or more days.

Parents who volunteered to transport will receive an email soon.

Please reply with any other questions!

More details to come early next week.
Email: Rachel ( with any questions. 



For the month of June, Maxwell Street is supporting Room in the Inn and the Hope Center's Underwear Drive!

Just as the shut-down for coronavirus began, Room in the Inn was still in session, and with all of the restrictions for different places, the organization decided to continue their shelter in place to one location. Every other night the 7 guys are preparing their own meals, and the other nights, volunteers prepare meals and drop them off at the location. This is a letter from one of the organizers. Here is the sign up:

Call Renee Gibson, Room in the Inn Chairperson, for details on delivery instructions. 859-619-5502

Update! The Hope Center is requesting help with all sizes of NEW men's and women's underwear and bras. You can drop off a donation or shop on our Amazon Wishlist: Anything helps, whether it's 5 pairs or 50! Thank you for helping our clients stay comfortable and healthy.

Joys and Concerns  

Barbara Mabry is currently in UK Samaritan Hospital and is awaiting a transfer to a rehabilitation center following a recent surgery. Prayer requested for Barbara and her family.

Shelli Gregory's Uncle Joe is better.

Wesley Mathews' grandfather is recuperating from open heart surgery.

Karen Hubbard is recuperating from a broken pelvis at her daughter's house.

Kenny Leatherman is undergoing treatment for a recurrence of cancer.

Joy Malone had her last cancer treatment this week.

Please pray for the people in our community and around the country who are working for justice in the face of systemic racism. May we all have the courage and strength to work to address economic disparities, the silencing of vulnerable voices, and the lack of representation of minorities in positions of power.

We also keep all those who are experiencing the Covid-19 coronavirus, their families, and our caregiving community in our prayers, especially those who have lost loved ones to the virus. We also remember those who have lost jobs, been isolated from family, or are experiencing mental duress due to the ongoing crisis.
News from our Stewardship Committee:

We will be spending approximately $60,000 to replace 3 major sections of our roofing. The good news is that we have funds set aside for major building maintenance. Unfortunately, this expense will nearly exhaust those funds. We know this is an economically challenging time, but if you are in a position to help offset these costs, we would appreciate your support. You can contribute to the roof replacement project by contacting
Michelle Gardner. 

Hunger Offering:

You can now make a contribution with text!
1. Simply send a text message to 
859-740-1407 with the amount you would like to contribute (example: 25). 
2, Within a few minutes, you’ll be sent a text with a link to register. Click on the link and enter your cardholder name and debit or card information. 
3. Once your registration is complete, you will receive a text verification and a receipt of your donation via email. 
4. For future giving, send a text with the amount you wish to give, and it will process automatically! You can even text “repeat” to make it a recurring donation. 

Text giving is one of the fastest, easiest ways to give. We hope you enjoy this new way to share your generosity, and we thank you for supporting the church.

Gracious God, I awake this day in expectation and thanks and ask to receive the opportunity to share your hospitality with all whom I meet. May I welcome you in serving others, receive welcome in serving you, and grow ever deeper in my faith. This is my prayer; this is my hope. 

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