This month, shots on Hourly Rate Checklist, Deep Work, Reframes of Desired Outcomes, Kid Kicking Hard, Bookstores.
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Shots of Strategy

Hi there wily fox, glad to see you at this edition of the Shots of Strategy newsletter! Quick shots of inspirational tips to improve the strategy for your creative business

Shots of Strategy! This month, shots on Hourly Rate Checklist, Deep Work, Reframes of Desired Outcomes, Kid Kicking Hard, Bookstores.

 3 Shots of Strategy 


Ash Ambridge - Twenty big, fat reasons why you aren't charging enough

I love this approach to determining your hourly rate: For every one of these 20 questions you answer yes to, add $20 to your hourly rate.

Like: "My work involves a high cognitive load / mental cost and is intellectual in nature."

Or: "It’s difficult to find somebody who does what I do, the way I do it."

What's also great about this list is that half of the questions aren't even about your skill level and the value to the client. They're about your brand or project circumstances.

Apply a 20% "this feels too American and here in NL, our rates are simply lower"-discount if you wish. But I promise you, your rate needs to be higher than you expect!

Let me know how high your rate ends up using this method!

Cal Newport - Deep Work

Deep Work = Professional activities performed in a state of distraction-free concentration that push your cognitive capabilities to their limit.

Paradoxically, deep work is at the same time more valuable than ever, and scarcer+less encouraged than ever (open offices, instant messaging, internet on). I also notice it's harder for me to not jump to a distraction when I'm trying to do something that's hard.

Go against the grain and retrain your focus muscle. Because, that's the good news (while hard to hear): You can train yourself to be good at focusing.

(The book isn't new. I was already quite familiar with its message. But, it's funny how reading the book is convincing me way more to block interruptions and to schedule more time for deep work. If you still want shallow ;), here's Derek Sivers' summary)

Reboot Podcast #103 - What Kind of Company Do You Want to Work For?

Jerry Colonna, VC turned startup whisperer, has a podcast with his company Reboot. In this episode, he and his guests get to talk about the purpose of a company. They give 3 powerful reframes to what makes a company meaningful:

  1. Am I doing something kind, that's helping someone? (Rather than, am I making a profit?)
  2. Am I enjoying doing the work? (Rather than, am I making a big impact or can I sell it?)
  3. Would I be happy/proud on the company if my son/daughter would end up working here? (Rather than, am I getting the most out of my people?)

"I have invented another myth for myself: that I’m irresponsible. I’m actively irresponsible."

Richard Feynman, on making sure he's not asked for things that take up his time and would make his work worse.

 3 Shots of Inspiration 

  1. Max Joseph - BOOKSTORES: How to Read More Books in the Golden Age of Content "If I keep reading books at my rate, I'll only read 50 more books in my life. If I adopt the habit of reading 30 minutes a day, I'll read 1000!"
  2. Kara Swisher - Can anyone tame the internet? She (and Walt Mossberg) predicted the current Web phase of mobile, cloud and centralisation 10 years ago. This is a dire message about what's next for tech and society.
  3. Kid kicking it hard. Goosebumps. We all need this kind of support!

 Shots on the House 


Next Dine With Wilson coming up, again with a pre-walk. Join now for a magical evening with conversations, connections and insights. Register now. June 12, 17:00.

Last Walk With Wilson of the season! Start of the summer. The moment for all walkers to come together once again. June 21, 15:00! Join, take pause and a breath of fresh air with fellow entrepreneurs. 

Interested in something we're launching in September? We're forming peer groups of entrepreneurs who want to grow through their phase of business together. 'Intervisie', guidance, support. Reply if your interested!

See you next time! Big hug, Tijmen

Hope you enjoyed this edition. Let me know what you want to learn more about. I’d love to know to serve you better!

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