Shots of Strategy! Hourly Rate Report, Decision making, Big Breaks, and With Wilson!
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Shots of Strategy

Hi there good-looking, glad to see you at this edition of the Shots of Strategy newsletter! Quick shots of inspirational tips to improve the strategy for your creative business

This month: Shots on an Hourly Rate Report, Decision making, Big Breaks, and With Wilson!

 3 Shots of Strategy 


Hourly Rate Report 2018

In October, I got a bit cheeky. I started asking everyone what their hourly rate was. I made a questionnaire and emailed it to my freelance friends. I shared it online. I got people crazy enough to share! 62 of them! 

That's a small treasure of data. I analysed it and made a insightful and fancy-looking report. With graphs and everything nice.

I won't keep you in suspense. On average, they charge €91 per hour!

But, that varies greatly between industry and client type. Want to know how much? Download the whole report here.

Download the Report
My next goals is to make the analysis more sturdy and get to 200 people to be so generous to help. I could use your help! Add your rates, share it, and be the first to receive the next version! 
Fill in the Questionnaire

Matt Tanner - Make decisions before you have to

Making decisions is taxing. It's like a muscle. At a point, you get tired and will make bad decisions. Hence, the value of morning routines, or Steve Jobs' famous everyday jeans and black turtle neck outfit. Set it and forget it.

Make hard decision when you're fresh, before the actual stressful moment. And hold yourself to that decision. It's been made. Don't get tempted in the moment. Making the over and over again only compounds the difficulty.

Don't decide on your max price during the bid for a house. Decide that you'll do a cold shower before you get in it and turn the knob while on auto-pilot. Think and set a process for handling client requests and proposals. Doing everything on the fly is an ineffective use of your attention.

And, pick a strategy to pursue for a set number of months and don't get swayed during that period. The doubt is a waste of time and energy and will sabotage your execution!

Jeff Goins - Your big break isn't coming

When we don't understand something, we call it magic. When you know how the magician does his trick, it suddenly looses its appeal.

When an athlete, singer or musician do their "trick", we call it talent. Something innate. They have something we don't. How much they actually trained is unfathomable. So, that can't possibly be it. Or is it that it's simply hard to believe.

Similarly for entrepreneurship, creative skills or success. They didn't develop it in a snap. Their succes didn't happen overnight. It's an endless cycles of practice, improvement and adding value. Starting small, clumsy and with experiments.

Doing so will teach you two vital things. A) You'll realise through experience, that you can learn something when you put your mind to it. B) That you can follow through on a commitment when it's slightly too hard.

My latest blog

The opportunity for freelancers to be tribe leaders

 2 Shots of Inspiration 

  1. Screen Free Sunday. Pretty blissful way to spend a day. Join the movement and take a day off from screens every last Sunday of the month!
  2. Why Can’t the World’s Greatest Minds Solve the Mystery of Consciousness?
  3. Only 2? Yeah, I'd been caught by the flu. Haven't read much. Have watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy again though. It still holds up!

Hope you enjoyed this edition. Let me know what you want to learn more about. I’d love to know to serve you better!

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 2 Shots on the House 


With Wilson

Entrepreneurship can be a hard, taxing and lonely endeavour. No matter how many other freelancers work with you, or how many people work for you, you still have to make decisions alone. Enter With Wilson.

With Wilson is named after Chuck Noland's volleyball buddy Wilson (Cast Away). I've teased this in the last editions of my newsletter. And I'm happy to say that Steven van den Tol and I have started to work together. Steven is awesome, brings so much experience to the table, and is simply a great human being!

We are creating something to create that buddy-ship for entrepreneurs. To build a community of entrepreneurs and services to connect, grow and learn how to run a better business.

My activities (including this newsletter) might all integrate in it in the near future. I'll send a separate email if and when that happens. Can't wait to sign up? Leave your email address on our 'minimalist website'.


Walks With Wilson

Now, a first way we connect entrepreneurs is through our Walks With Wilson. 2 hours, in the forest in Lage Vuursche, slow conversations, with about 5-15 fellow entrepreneurs. Sign up with the links below.

11 February - 10:00 to 12:00

2 March - 07:00 to 9:00 (Rise and Shine edition)

See you next time! Big hug, Tijmen
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