This month, Shots on landing dream clients, principles, getting rid of time and sound design.
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Shots of Strategy

Hi there wily fox, glad to see you at this edition of the Shots of Strategy newsletter! Quick shots of inspirational tips to improve the strategy for your creative business

This month, shots on landing dream clients, principles, getting rid of time and sound design.

 3 Shots of Strategy 


Josh Spector - How to Land a Dream Client With a Blog Post, Facebook Ad, and $100

Any client will have to trust you more than they fear disappointment. To use a blog post to build that trust is not a new idea. Even thought the title might turn you off, this post is great! It outlines an actionable approach with 3 steps to do it the right way to land new clients! (Using a blog post, facebook ads, and an email auto-responder.)

Try it! And try different blogs to learn about your potential clients. What appeals to them, and what builds trust with them.

(Works best if your expertise can be captured in ideas.)

Tim Ferriss Show - Interview with Chip Conley

The whole conversation is great. It dives into elderhood, focusing the strategy of your company (based on his experience with Airbnb), equations for life, and coming back from the dead. But it is already worth it based on this small snippet about the two modes of Attainment and Attunement.

Nothing wrong with attaining, but many of the more important things are not about attaining. Sometimes you need to attune, or you'll have to atone.

Besides the linguistical gymnastics used, I love the mirror image of these two modes. Balancing the need and power of both. There is nothing wrong with attaining in itself. It gets things done. But, don't do it in the wrong areas like yoga, surfing or relationships.

Brianna Wiest - You need better Principles

A principle is a basic outlook, perspective or truth about the world that you use as a guideline for decisions. "Because I value X and believe Y, I do Z." "Live beneath your means" would be a money principle. "Write a sentence a day."

These rules allow you to not have to decide everything time or rely on inspiration or will power. Good principles - those based on nourishing believes - allow you to prioritize the long term over the short term. Doing small things daily that pay large dividends in the long run.

What principles do you follow?

 3 Shots of Inspiration 

  1. There Are Two Kinds of AI (specific and general), and the Difference is Important. We're not at the moment where we're actually about to be dumped by machines. Yet.
  2. Can we abolish time? Great thought experiment, and an idea that's actually being tried to implement on a small Norwegian Island.
  3. Now you see it - Sound Design: Lying To Your Ears.

 Shots on the House 


Some fun new With Wilson events online! Register now to join and connect with fellow entrepreneurs about your entrepreneurial journey.

We'll Walk With Wilson Summer Edition on August 14th in the morning.

A first: We'll Ride With Wilson on August 21st, 50km under the tutelage of Olympic bike-racer Levi Heimans!

Next Dine With Wilson is on September 25th.

And, the movie night to watch In Search of Greatness that I shared in the last edition is October 9th! Far away still, I'll share sign up details later.

Oh, and the move to our new house went splendid! We got an overwhelming amount of help, mental support and celebratory energy. So thankful for that!

See you next time! Big hug, Tijmen

Hope you enjoyed this edition. Let me know what you want to learn more about. I’d love to know to serve you better!

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