This month, Shots on sitting on the floor, Herbies, Greatness, Book Binding and the Spotify Sound.
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Shots of Strategy

Hi there wily fox, glad to see you at this edition of the Shots of Strategy newsletter! Quick shots of inspirational tips to improve the strategy for your creative business

This month, Shots on sitting on the floor, Herbies, Greatness, Book Binding and the Spotify Sound.

 3 Shots of Strategy 


David Sherry - Great Leaders Sit on the Floor

In environments with competition (like work, education, sports), people often seek or look to increase status. Armor goes up. Things that are said are impure because of the ulterior motives. That's stressful, a little sad, and simply unproductive.

As a leader (and you could be, in any gathering of people), you have an opportunity to do something about it. Go first. Letting down your armor is an inspiring way to get people to let go of their status-seeking behavior.

I love this story David Sherry shared about an improv class teacher who sat on the floor while his students walked in the room and put the burden of getting his students to succeed on his own shoulders.

Eliyahu Goldratt - Where is Your "Herbie"?

In "The Goal", author Eliyahu Goldratt introduced a character Herbie. Herbie was a member of a scout troop who had difficulty keeping up with the rest of his troop during their weekly hikes. Sorry Herbie, but he was the bottleneck or constraint in the hiking process.

Companies have "Herbies" too. Ineffective aspects of the processes, machines, plans. Wayne Chanesky of Smart Manufacturing Solutions identifies 6 Herbies in manufacturing. Like the “material delivery Herbie", the “I cannot run the job until I get approval Herbie” or the “Machine keeps breaking down Herbie”

You might not have machines running. But (respectively), how often are you waiting for data/the project briefing/your colleague's notes; or your employees have to wait on your approval; or you don't schedule relaxation in pro-actively and get tired/burned out?

Meta-love. Giving the principle a character with such a memorable name makes it so effective in remembering, recognizing and changing your behavior!

Austin Kleon - It’s not inside you trying to get out, it’s outside you trying to get in

What if you would shift your mindset about your art, your designs, your work, from something that needs to get out of you to something you need to capture.

From creating to capturing.

From squeezing out to catching.

From yours to the world's.

From in to around.

From status to honoring.

From working hard to showing up.

 3 Shots of Inspiration 

  1. In Search of Greatness. I'm excited to see this doc. Who'd like to join?
  2. Impressive to see all those steps of making an old-fashioned book by hand!
  3. What's the Spotify Sound?. How the music changes to the medium.

 Shots on the House 


Literally this time. We're getting the keys to our new house today. A big step. Although, even if it's the official moment. The real big steps were when we decided to buy, made an offer, when the offer got accepted and when we will actually move.

With Wilson. New Walk on August 14th morning, and Dinner on September 25th! Join. Take a pause and a breath of fresh air with fellow entrepreneurs.

Interested in something we're launching in September? We're forming peer groups of entrepreneurs who want to grow through their phase of business together. 'Intervisie', guidance, support. Reply if you're interested!

See you next time! Big hug, Tijmen

Hope you enjoyed this edition. Let me know what you want to learn more about. I’d love to know to serve you better!

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