October 2015 
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The air is getting crisp and we're finally switching out summer clothes for winter gear. My husband has built a cage of leaves around the fig tree. (It works!) Now's the time for us to fine-tune our bodies for the winter.
Bioplasma Cell Salts contain the 12 essential mineral cell salts that support cellular function. Because these supplements are microdoses, they supplements are easily assimilated by the body. Take the 3-4 tablets (half that for children) under the tongue daily for a month - it helps to fill the gaps in your diet. Then stop for a week before resuming, as needed.
Ferrum Phos Cell Salt is a little miracle worker. You know how moms just have a sixth sense about when her kid is about to get sick? If she gives her child Ferrum phos in warm water, she may stop the inflammation in its track. It will also bring down fevers that don't have clear indications. 
If you have dark blue-black circles under the eye, you have a chronic ferrum phos deficiency.
Eat with the seasons - eat your root vegetables, and better still, make them into soups. For the non-vegetarians among us, hot bone broths deliver incredible micro-nutrients that heal the gut and prevent inflammation. Let it cook with onions, carrots and leeks overnight in a crock pot. Read more here. 
Confession - my mom made a different soup everyday, simmering it for hours. We could skip the meal but not the soup!
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Get more sun exposure. Scientists have known for a long time that Vitamin D deficiency is related to an increase in upper respiratory tract infections. Yet study after study has shown that supplementation with Vit D is not totally conclusive. 
Bottom line: Our bodies need sunlight to synthesize Vitamin D3
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STUDY: Homeopathy as effective as antibiotics in respiratory infections

In an observational study to investigate whether adding antibiotics to homeopathic treatment could improve the outcome of coughs in children, 46 children received homeopathic syrup for 10 days, while 39 children received homeopathic syrup and oral antibiotics. While there was no difference in the cough (severity and resolution), 2 children reported adverse effects in the group treated with homeopathic syrup exclusively, vs. 9 children in the group treated with homeopathic syrup and antibiotics. This study confirms that homeopathy is just as effective as antibiotics, and is far safer. 
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Do not attempt to treat chronic conditions yourself. See a professional for a custom solution.
Acute conditions should respond fast to homeopathic treatment. If not, there is a more optimal remedy. Seek help. 
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