September 2015
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BACK TO SCHOOL - Not just for kids
September's a great month to start working natural remedies into your family's first aid kit. It's gentle, it's safe and it works fast! 
Homeopathic remedies work when the remedy matches a person's symptoms, regardless of the cause. It's easy to integrate it into your tool kit when you understand the themes of the remedy.
In a first aid situation, you don't have time to do a lot of research. If there's unconsciousness, sudden confusion, severe pain or severe bleeding, go to the Emergency Room.
ARNICA MONTANA 30C is the best first aid for any kind of  blunt trauma that results in bruising and feeling sore. She is sensitive to all impressions, and feels as if she has been beaten up. She can't bear to move, and may say she's OK, but really isn't. Professional athletes routinely use it for instant relief on the field. Remember The Princess and the Pea? She needs Arnica! Jet lag, post-surgical bruising and overexertion call for this rock star of injury.
RUTA GRAVEOLENS 30C is the remedy of choice for injury to tendons, ligaments and the periosteum (covering of the bone). Think of shin splints, tennis elbows, carpal tunnel syndrome, joint pains that are worse for moving and pressure. Skin that's close to the bone. Cold damp weather makes everything worse. 
Don't overlook this remedy for long periods of study resulting in eye strain and headaches.
HYPERICUM PERFORATUM 30C - Nerve injury in any part of the body calls for Hypericum - the finger tips, toes, nails, lips and the coccyx. The pain shoots up along the nerves. The trauma may result from surgery, dentistry, a fall, or even an insect bite on nerve-rich parts. 
CALENDULA OFFICINALIS 30C and tincture - When your little one falls and scrapes his skin, with no other noteworthy symptoms, calendula applied topically will help the skin heal beautifully.  Always think of calendula when there is an open wound or a cut.
Homeopathic Remedies are not the same as Herbal remedies! More.
How do I use these remedies? In first aid situations, just pop 3 pellets into the mouth. Repeat as needed. More.
Where do I get them? Consider getting a kit (Hahnemann LabsWashington Homeopathic,Helios (UK)) or single remedies from your natural foods grocery/pharmacist.

Homeopathy at least as effective as conventional medications in primary care setting
Recent meta-analyses of randomised controlled trials in homeopathy have suggested that homeopathy is more than a placebo response.

Four hundred and fifty-six (456) patient visits were compared: 281 received homeopathy, 175 received conventional medicine.

Response to treatment: for patients receiving homeopathy, 82.6%, for conventional medicine it was 68%. 
Recovery time within 3 days: 67.3% of the group receiving homeopathy,
 56.6% for conventional medication.
Patient Satisfaction: 79% for group receiving homeopathy were  very satisfied, 65.1% receiving conventional medicine were very satisfied.



Vicki came to me after trying everything – self-help, acupuncture, medication, meditation, the works. She has trouble focusing.


When I see her 4 weeks later, her homeopathic remedy has kicked in.... But she feels like she doesn’t know where her time goes. She feels “distracted.”  More

About me: Jiuan Heng is a classical homeopath practising in Great Neck and New York City. She is passionate about helping people build long term health.
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Do not attempt to treat chronic conditions yourself. See a professional for a custom solution.
Acute conditions should respond fast to homeopathic treatment. If not, you've chosen the wrong remedy. Seek help. 
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