A Space to Heal, to Grow, to Be | Mar 31 2020
A pandemic is a rare global event that shakes us out of our individuality and forces us to respond as a single body to an external disturbance. It affects us all, whether or not we develop "symptoms of the coronavirus virus."
Homeopathy helps. 

If you just want to get to the punchline, scroll to the end. If you're interested in finding out how a homeopath views the pattern of disease and sees a remedy that mirrors it, please indulge me:

Grains of Rice
Two weeks ago we went 
To celebrate The Boy’s coming
Of age in Flushing.
He will be leaving 
for college come fall.

We enjoyed everything
On the table, especially
The rice — it was amazing.
Every grain, every bite 
Made us so, so happy.
Da Xiang in 100-pound bags,”
The Manager confided.

It was our last meal out
Before NY entered Lock Down.

Today we returned to Flushing
To empty streets and empty stores
People in masks snaking
Around the blocks to enter grocery stores.

The waiters who welcomed us
Huanying Guangling!” 
Must be hearing their rice pots hollowing.
Social Distancing is draining 
The life blood from Flushing
The living pulse of NYC new immigrants.

They must stretch their rice into gruel
With one sweet potato, diced into pieces.
When it is gone, some pickled radish
To trick the mouth and soothe the belly
Thinking of home
In a little room they share,
Thinking When Can I Go to Work?
Dreaming of the 100-lb 
Bags of rice somewhere.

I, too, have wandered from home.
I feel the oppression of isolation
As it becomes desolation
And the tears in my heart
Flow into my lungs
It hurts.
One root,
Many fruits.
When the sun is out 
We all shrivel. 
Bryonia, lift the load on our chests
Bryonia, lighten the lead in our legs
Bryonia, lead us home,
Lead us home.
Jiuan Heng, 
drawing from Dinesh
Mar 29, 2020
New York

Bryonia Alba is a homeopathic remedy best known for its ability to resolve a dry cough that hurts. Every movement hurts. The person who needs it may have a very hot and dry fever – indeed, dryness everywhere, from the mouth, to the mucous membranes, to the stool. There is a strange mental symptom: this person thinks she is away from home and needs to go home when she is at home! She is also afraid of starving and wants to accumulate material wealth/possessions. A real hero in the flu pandemic of 1918!

My teacher Dinesh Chauhan recently concluded that the key to understanding the gourd family (which includes our beloved summer fruits like cucumbers, melons, pumpkins, squashes, as well as others like Bryonia and bitter gourds)  is that every fruit and every vine of the plant is connected to a single root. The vines wander far, in search of places to grow and each tribe adapts to its habitat differently. All fruits of the gourd family shrivel together when there's drought. From a homeopathic perspective, Bryonia's adaptation to being away from home is to accumulate material goods / preoccupy himself with business in order to feel "grounded." 

We are all children of the Diaspora. We have all wandered from our Motherland. We are all searching our way home, to our ultimate home, Mother Earth. 

A pandemic brings much pain and an opportunity to heal deeply. When our collective human disturbance meets its mirror image in a remedy that has a similar disturbance, profound healing can unfold. 
Homeopathy meets our suffering quickly and effectively without breaking the bank or worse.
Our brains may not get it, but our bodies will. A little goes a long way. 

In early March, Dr. Bhatia, editor of the international open access (aka free) homeopathic journal Hpathy did a thorough analysis of the Covid-19 symptoms and concluded that Bryonia is the best indicated remedy for this pandemic. This was before the world went into Lock Down and Social Distancing became a thing. Read it here. He updates it regularly with input from the entire homeopathic community.

Take care. Be well. Keep your heart open.
Let's talk.
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Do not attempt to treat chronic conditions yourself. See a professional for a solution that's right for you.
Acute conditions should respond quickly to homeopathic treatment. If not, seek help. 
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