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Stories of Healing and a Guide to Remedies

In this pandemic, a virus we’ve never seen sweeps many people under its influence and clears away the myriad complexities of our chronic illnesses to give clearcut, coherent holistic symptoms. They respond beautifully to the individualistic, holistic healing that homeopathic remedies offer. 

Homeopathy helps a man with Covid 19 to stay out of hospital.  On Friday morning, I receive a call from a client I hadn’t seen for five years, desperate for help. His symptoms started on  Tuesday, when he developed a sore throat, nausea and loss of appetite. He was neither able to sleep a wink nor eat a bite throughout the week on account of his nausea. By the time he called on Friday, he was unable to take a deep breath. Right before our consultation, he had gone to the hospital to get tested for Covid. He was extremely nauseous, but could only retch without vomiting. There was a strange taste in his mouth — sometimes sour, sometimes bitter — that made him spit up continuously. He had lost his sense of smell. Everything became worse after midnight. He would get up, check on emails and research his illness online. 
He needs Arsenicum Album. The next day, he called to say that he only had Nux Vomica at home, and had ordered Arsenicum online. He took Nux Vomica, which helped to relieve his nausea, but not entirely.
On Sunday, he became very sick.  His test results came back positive for Covid 19. By the afternoon, he could not take a deep breath, and he felt like his throat was closing up. He felt like he was about to die. He was going to admit himself into the hospital. A very kind friend of his offered to collect the Arsenicum for him, on the way to the hospital.  
After the first dose of Arsenicum Album 1M, he could sleep for the first time in a week. After the second dose, he slept again. His appetite also returned with a vengeance. He ate 3 meals. He could keep his food down, and his nausea had gone. He could breathe again.  The weird taste in the mouth had gone. His own healing power has started to kick in. 
This is a remarkable case of a quick recovery with the help of homeopathy. It is the dynamic medicine that we need when we have “new” viruses that we’ve never encountered, because it is similarly dynamic, matching the individual’s suffering at the level of his whole being. 

A Family Recovers Quickly with Homeopathy
In mid March, as the pandemic was just starting to take hold of NYC, my client’s wife Mrs. M called, her worry palpable.The coronavirus was “rampant” in their community.  The night before, Mr. M had met a man with a confirmed case of Covid in his family and works in the same building. Her husband came home smiling, “excited", and “ready to fight” the virus. That night, he became sick, moaning, very cold, and asked for extra blankets though the house was warm. He didn’t have the strength to get up the next morning, nor even open his eyes. He had no appetite, and little thirst. 
“The strangest thing,” his wife observed, “was that he was anticipating that he would be infected. Me, I try to keep positive.”
Mr. M needs Gelsemium, a well known remedy for people who have the peculiar symptom of being so weak that they unable to keep their eyes open when sick. Moreover, they suffer from anticipatory anxiety. It worked wonders during the flu pandemic of 1918. 
After three doses of the remedy, Mr. M’s strength had returned, and could open his eyes. He could eat and go about his day as usual. 

Three days later, Mr. M called about his wife. Usually a very calm woman who takes everything in her stride, Mrs. M sounded agitated. She felt “a pain in the neck,” pulling and pressing, that no amount of  stretching would help. She was walking around the house with a scarf around her neck. She had to keep clearing her throat, though it was not really sore yet. She was weak and tired, and wanted some fresh air, but felt worse in the cold. She was neither thirsty nor hungry and just wanted to lie down quietly. 
Usually a very capable homeopathic prescriber herself, Mrs. M. had tried Pulsatilla without success. When I worked on her case, I found Pulsatilla to be a really good choice. But she had missed something crucial. 
Mrs. M was exhausted by constant bad news, worry, and having to take care of her large family while everyone around them was sick. She needs Phosphoric Acid. 
After a single dose, her neck was much better. After another dose, Mrs. M’s strength returned. 

A day later, Mrs. M called about her daughter. She had just become sick the night before, with chills and a fever. At the first sign of inflammation, a dose or two of Aconite can knock the disease off its feet before it has a chance to advance further. 

A month later, when I called to check in on them, the whole family continues to do well. Their family may or may not have contracted Covid 19. If they did, they would be among the many in their devastated community. Individualized homeopathic treatment helped them to get back on their feet very gently and effectively. An infinitesimally small dose of a remedy that matches their symptoms stimulates their own healing power to heal themselves. It works amazingly quickly in a true acute disease.
Let's talk.
Covid 19 often begins with a dry cough and flu-like symptoms. When we support the immune system with remedies that match our individual symptoms early, Covid 19 doesn't advance to become the worst illness we've ever had, or the dramatic life-and-death struggles that we see on the news.
Miranda Castro, the well known homeopath and educator, put together a flu chart many years ago, and many of the remedies here have served us brilliantly in the Covid-19 crisis. Print it out and stick it on your fridge. Keep the remedies in your kit — they last indefinitely. In my next newsletter, I'll share other remedies. The trick is to have the remedies on hand. Be well, be gentle with yourself and those around you!
Do not attempt to treat chronic conditions yourself. See a professional for a solution that's right for you.
Acute conditions should respond quickly to homeopathic treatment. If not, seek help. 
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