May 2016
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Do you suffer from hay fever every year? Have you wondered why some people embrace spring without a sniffle while you have to lock yourself indoors to keep out pollen?
The secret lies in your individual body chemistry. In homeopathy we call it susceptibility, your unique patterns of sensitivity. We are born with it. Susceptibility is activated when something in the environment - external or internal - tips the balance. If your immune system is overwhelmed and goes into overdrive. You sneeze, you wheeze, your eyes are red and swollen. 
The long term solution is to address susceptibility and re-balance the immune system. Constitutional homeopathic treatment does this beautifully by tracing the patterns of sensitivity and reaction to its source. It does not coerce the immune system into submission. Think of it as a broad spectrum wellness tonic. 
The next best thing is acute treatment, and I am happy to share some of my best strategies with you.

Acute remedies for Hay Fever

Combination H Cell Salt of Mag Phos, Nat Mur and Silica (6X potency)   Dissolve 4 tablets of each in a glass of water and take 1 tablespoon hourly in an acute. Taper off the dosage as symptoms improve. For maintenance, take 1 tablet 3 times daily.  These nutritional supplements help to clear up the nasal discharge without side effects and are perfectly safe for children. Order from Amazon.
Gemmotherapy tinctures are made from embryonic plant tissues. It is a very potent form of herbal therapy that detoxifies and nourishes the body at the same time. I have used the following combination with superb results:
Blackcurrant as a general anti-inflammatory. 
Dog rose to support the mucous membranes and helps increase resistance to infections and allergies affecting the Ear, Nose and Throat. Very good for children.
European Alder acts on  acute inflammations originating in the mucous membranes. Again, very good for ENT troubles.
Adults can start with  25 drops of each tincture per day in water - to be taken 3 times a day, increasing to 40 drops of each over 3 weeks. Children can start with 10 drops and increase to 35 of each over 3 weeks.
Buy the three Boiron tinctures at or contact me to get the combination. 
Allium Cepa 30C - yes, that's an onion, and yes, I introduced it in a previous issue on colds - is helpful  when the nasal discharge is very irritating (as in burning), clear and watery. It's as if both a faucet in your eyes and nose have been turned on, but only the nasal discharge is irritating, The eyes may be red, but the tears are not irritating. Dry painful cough.
Sabadilla 30C is the main remedy to reach for when hay fever produces violent fits of sneezing. There is a lot of nasal discharge. The nose feels itchy and tingling. This person feels like there is something in the throat. He may crave warm drinks.
Euphrasia 30C aka Eye Bright has the opposite symptoms of Allium Cepa. The copious tears that accompany this kind of hay fever are irritating, burning the eyes and gluing the eyelids together. There may even be pus. Light is very irritating - you may see constant blinking. The nasal discharge, on the other hand, is bland and copious. Get it here.

STUDY: RCT of homeopathy vs. placebo in perennial allergic rhinitis

David Reilly and his colleagues found that patients with perennial allergic rhinitis  experienced a significant improvement in nasal airflow when given the homeopathic preparation of the substance they are allergic to, compared with the placebo group. Full text here

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