September 2015 #2
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Remember your very first day of school? That moment when your parent let go of your hand, nudged you into a sea of new faces and you took that first step into independence?
We learn to cope, and then to forget. But some kids need a little help and homeopathy can lift their anxieties gently and quickly. The key is to find a remedy that fits their particular situation.
These anxieties may haunt even adults now and then - and if the remedy fits the person, they will work!
Pulsatilla 30C is for the mild, shy, weepy child who is terrified that out of sight may mean out of mind. She finds all sorts of ways to ask, "Do you love me?" and wants you to comfort  her with cuddles and assurances. She becomes more anxious when she is in a warm, stuffy room. She loves fresh air and gentle exercise. You may notice her sleeping with her hands above her head. She may suffer from frequent colds, ear infections, and conjunctivitis.
Thuja 30C helps the child who dreads new experiences. She is very shy, and would much rather play alone at home. She feels she has to "be very nice" in order to be liked. At home, she may pick fights with her parents. She may have a laser-like focus on one thing that shuts off everything else.
Her teachers may report that she daydreams a lot. She is very sensitive, and easily hurt. She suffers during cold damp weather. Her headaches feel like a nail is driven inward, and she may have warts and fever blisters around the lips.

Calc Phos 30C  will help the child who is afraid that others will think that she can't make friends, or that she can't learn well at school. In fact, she may be very hard at work studying, getting new experiences and making friends. The fear of being judged stupid spurs them on, but it may exhaust them when they feel they can't live up to expectations. They then develop headaches or stomachaches. Calc phos helps these children develop internal strength.
Calc Phos will also help ease growing pains during growth spurts.
Gelsemium 30C should be at the top of every parent's mind when a child is paralysed by anticipatory anxiety. She starts trembling, becomes giddy and weak and can barely open her eyes. She may urinate a lot more than usual. This is the big remedy for stage fright, exams, first day of school jitters and interviews. One dose the night before, and one the morning of the big event will save the day.
STUDY: Homeopathy effective in treatment of ADHD 
In a randomised, double blind placebo controlled crossover trial, the Swiss paediatrician and homeopath Dr. Heiner Frei proves that there is a statistically significant effect from using highly diluted homeopathic remedies to treat ADHD. Read the award winning study here.

CLIENT STORY: a case of separation anxiety

Little Em came for her first homeopathy consultation in a beautiful navy corduroy dress with an all-over flower print, wearing matching floral stockings. She was particularly striking for her grace and delicacy, her sweetness and her eagerness to please. She’s Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice - the kind of girl who inspires dreams of parenthood.

Her mom had brought her to see me because her separation anxiety was getting out of hand... More

About me: Jiuan Heng is a classical homeopath who practises in Great Neck and New York City. She is passionate about helping people build long term health.
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