This is an especially challenging time for pregnant moms and for you, a key player of their birth support team. 

Many moms are now thinking of inducing their babies, in anticipation of worse to come. We suggest the following homeopathic remedies to facilitate a natural birthing process. At around 40 weeks, or in the middle of a labor, they can only help. Totally compatible with any meds, non-toxic and non habit forming, homeopathy uses ultra-diluted substances with a very, very light touch, like an invisible cloak to empower the birthing mom. Subtle, yet powerful!

Arsenicum: Mom is convinced she will die during birth, and busies herself with little matters to manage her fears. She is really, really afraid the hospital will make her and her baby sick. Many of us are in this state now, not just moms! “I’m in charge!"

Belladonna: When mom’s cervix stops dilating at 3cm, Belladonna opens the gate. Especially useful for more mature moms. It also brings down a fever. “Beautiful Babe"

Caulophyllum: When baby is due or overdue, Caulophyllum can jump start the natural labor. Take Caulophyllum 30C dry, 2 pills up to 3 times a day, 2 days in a row.  If labor is stalled the same remedy can increase contractions when given every 15 minutes for an hour.
This remedy works fast and should not be used weeks in advance. “Womb Warrior"

Pulsatilla: Mom is very emotional, baby is breech and labor is delayed. Mom doesn’t want to go into labor without her support team! “Love you so much!"

Gelsemium: Mom is so weak and exhausted from anticipatory anxiety that her legs can’t support her and she can’t keep her eyes open. Her contractions weaken and cease. “Calm down!"

In general 200C works well in the intensity of the labor process. Outside it, 30C is a good choice. You can suggest that moms prepare a sippy water bottle with the 3 pellets of the remedy in water for their hospital bag, labeled with the "helpful messages" suggested above and a reminder that a little goes a long way.

These are very stressful times. Homeopathy can help create a soft landing for babies and extend a steady hand to moms. Minimum dose recommended - not more than 4 doses a day and not more than 2 days in a row! A little stimulus helps to start a process that women have known for eons.
Please reach out if you need support. We are here to help.

Amazon sells a Helios Childbirth Kit but it doesn't have Arsenicum and Belladonna. You can also order from Washington Homeopathic Works or ask us to put together a kit and drop ship it to you.

Sending love and strong mama vibes,
Jiuan Heng, CCH & Marina Braun, CCH
Certified Classical Homeopaths
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