A Space to Heal, to Grow, to Be | Mar 2020
It takes an alignment of stars for a pandemic to spread across the globe. We step out of our individuality and react as if we're a single body to the external force that affects everyone. We're in this together.

Homeopathy helps.
Here's what we need now:
Arsenicum Album. 
We get the chills as every system that was supposed to create order and stability wobbles at once. Our finances, health care, jobs, transportation, governments are under threat. We stock up on the things that make us feel safe and clean — toilet paper, masks, alcohol. We share posts on how to press elevator buttons, how to do the shoe bump and the elbow cough to avoid infection and contagion. There may be fever, thirst, sore throat while we feel chilly and get diarrhea. Arsenicum will relieve the restlessness and high anxiety. The Indian government recommended it as a prophylaxis back in January. India has very few cases for a country that's chock-a-block with people in close contact. 

When we are far from home — whatever home is to us — and feel displaced, Bryonia can help. Coughing feels painful. Any movement is painful. We just want to lie down, far from the noise and light and think about business. It was a real hero in the last pandemic, the Spanish flu of 1918. 

For the first stages of inflammation, especially after a fright that sends us into a panic attack. Catching a chill doesn't help either. Aconite calms frayed nerves and soothes the erratic heart.

It is a good idea to keep these two in your kit and hope you never have to use them. They help when hospitals are overwhelmed and you can't get attention promptly.
Antimonium Tartaricum
It's difficult to take a breath. You feel like you're drowning in water. Maybe you even have pneumonia and your lungs are filling with water. You need medical support, and Antimonium Tartaricum can provide relief while you wait for help. With Covid 19, cold-like symptoms can become pneumonia-like symptoms suddenly. 

Carbo Veg
aka the "Corpse Reviver" — the person is exhausted, weak and their vitality is sinking. Maybe they've never really recovered from an exhausting bout of illness. Opening the windows or turning on a fan helps, even though they're chilly. 

Of course, there's a longer list of remedies. Dr. Bhatia has looked into it in detail. 30C is a good all-round potency.
How to take remedies; Pour 3 pellets directly from the cap into the mouth. Do not exceed 3 doses a day. Do not keep taking the remedy. 3 consecutive days is all you need to prime your immune system. If you are exposed and develop symptoms, get in touch with your homeopath. It's not easy to DIY homeopathic healing. 
A basic homeopathic remedy kit is a great idea. It's an investment that lasts forever. No kidding. I recommend Helios 36 Basic Home Kit. Sorry folks, it's now sold out at Amazon. I have a few left, for my clients. A flu remedy kit works well too. 

I continue to Videoconference with clients during this crisis.

Above all, do not suppress a fever with Ibuprofen. It drives the disease deeper. Maybe stick this image on your medicine cabinet. 

Please bear in mind that the Covid-19 symptoms can be intermittent. Just as you think you're done with it, symptoms can return with a Bam! Be vigilant, and be gentle with yourself and people around you. Be with your loved ones, even when they are far away. 

May I speak to you in another tone now.

This is a time to slow down. A time to ask, what is this global disturbed pattern asking of me, of my family, of my community, of my nation, my planet, my Universe? How can I meet the challenge of this epidemic and restore balance to the disturbed pattern without entering a life and death struggle with it? How can I embody the wisdom that it is imparting? How can we all rise again, like phoenixes, from the fire that is raging in our bodies, in the body politic, in the body of Gaia?
It’s time to return to basics.
A time to connect deeply with Mother Earth.
To embody her ability to receive, to integrate, to transform all that falls in her lap.
A giant compost heap that turns kitchen scraps into black gold
A massive breeding ground for little creatures that break things down, and renews life
As long as the mix is more or less right.
Mother of all Mothers
Our deepest Core
Our Ancient Ancestor
Our Invisible Compass, ever steady
While seasons change
Events turn
And people come and people go.
Her Infinite Compassion, her Awesome Power
Gathering, guiding, grounding
Let us go, then, you and I
And Eat well
Sing and Dance
Make love
And let us co-exist, co-evolve, co-create as
We enter a new cycle and
All Creatures Great and Small
Take their places in the Universe.

Take care. Be safe, be well. This is an opportunity for profound healing. 
Let's talk.
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Do not attempt to treat chronic conditions yourself. See a professional for a solution that's right for you.
Acute conditions should respond quickly to homeopathic treatment. If not, seek help. 
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