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In February this year, I enrolled my family in the Free and Healthy Children International's 3-month research project to test the safety and efficacy of a new remedy for the pandemic. We took the remedy to stimulate our immune systems to develop mild symptoms of the disease. 
Since June, I have been part of the research team analyzing the results. It's a big project involving 1170 participants of all ages from children to the elderly in North America working with supervisors. Among them, 746 followed through. We're still working on it, and we're beginning to see the pattern. Many more people throughout the world have taken the remedy without participating in the research.
I'm excited to share the big takeaway with you. 

It's safe, it's effective, and it can be used both before and after exposure to resolve symptoms. 
Let's talk!

The Results in a Nutshell

People who entered the research with symptoms saw an improvement or resolution of their symptoms. 
Of the 28 participants who knew they were exposed, 6 reported brief, benign symptoms and full recovery from the (suspected) disease. To put it in context,  0.05% of the total number of participants suspected (but did not confirm) they developed symptoms of the disease. The resilient included nurses working daily with patients who had the disease and people in "hotspots" who stayed healthy while their colleagues tested positive. No one was hospitalized with the disease. 
The most common short-lived immunological responses are
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Mild fever (less than 100 degrees)
  • Dry cough, body aches, sinus issues, shortness of breath, congestion, flu-like symptoms
  • A brief return of old symptoms 
Some very interesting, positive results include:
  • No longer coughing when exposed to 5G.
  • Long term sinus issues cleared up, breathing improved.
  • Lingering coughs cleared up.
  • Depression lifted.
  • Intense fear and anxiety gave way to optimism, empowerment and clarity.
  • Feeling a sense of love and connection.
  • An epiphany of their life purpose; realizing how their addiction was affecting them and how the remedy helped them to start kicking it; greater clarity about their problems and how to move forward. 
  • Vivid dreams of a better world. 

What's homeoprophylaxis? Here's my take on it.

The Four Little Pigs
Once upon a time, there were Three Little Pigs who escaped the Big Bad Wolf by the hair on their chinny chin chins. All over the world, mamas and papas told their little children the story of the Three Little Pigs. They hoped their babies would know that they must build strong houses, brick by brick, before disaster strikes. 

Unknown to everyone, the three little pigs had a sister that could only build castles in the air. She looked at clouds, read strange books and thought strange thoughts. It was embarrassing. Baby sister didn’t know how to be a real pig, but they loved her anyway. 

Long after they had chased the Big Bad Wolf away, along came a Mighty Dragon whose Dragon-breath set people on fire! The little pigs were very scared. The little pigs now live in a mansion made of brick with a double fence made of iron. Can brick and iron stand up to fire? They thought and they thought, and the three little pigs started to build a bubble that kept out fire.

But how will we breathe?”  the fourth little pig squeaked.

The hair on their chinny chin chins began to stand on end.The Fourth Little Pig had a point.

The Fourth Little Pig said, “Why don’t we take a little something — almost nothing — that will make us feel really hot, just like fire? When the Mighty Dragon comes sweeping through town, he will pass us by, as we are already on fire."

The Three Little Pigs started to shake their heads at their silly little sister. And then they stopped and thought. Maybe they could trust this head-in-the-cloud sister to figure this out, just once. They primed their inner houses to tackle the Dragon with a little something that was almost nothing. 

Sure enough, when Dragon came to town, he passed them by. With a flick of his Dragon tail, and a wink of his eye, he waved to the Fourth Litttle Pig who saved her pig-headed brothers from his Mighty Cleansing Breath.

After the Big Fire of 2020, the little pigs moved out of their mansion and became Dragon Ninjas. 

Instead of playing League of Legends, they played Spot the Patterns. They started to see the Writing on the Wall in the forests that were left. They gazed at the clouds that changed from black, to grey, to white to clear blue skies. They read the signs their littlest friends left everywhere. They listened to the whisperings of the Wind. They became tourists in their own little village.

Pigs will be pigs. Rebuilding was hard work, and it made their backs ache. So they made friends with the fish in the stream, and the birds in the sky, and together they taught all the little animals on the earth how to help one another so that they could help themselves. Just enough, just in time, was their mantra. Houses of sticks and straws seemed just right again.

Best of all, no one was scared of the Big Bad Wolf and the Mighty Dragon because they all lived and worked together happily ever after. 

Jiuan Heng, 
inspired by The Remedy
Do not attempt to treat chronic conditions yourself. See a professional for a solution that's right for you.
Acute conditions should respond quickly to homeopathic treatment. If not, seek help. 
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