December 2015 
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Cell Salts of Ferrum Phos, Kali Muriaticum and Kali Sulphuricum (6X potency) work excellently in combination for acute colds, mild coughs and fevers.  Dissolve 4 tablets of each in a glass of water and take 1 tablespoon hourly when you see the first signs of a cold. Taper off the dosage as symptoms improve. These nutritional supplements (Kali Mur and Kali Sulph) help to clear up the nasal discharge without side effects and are perfectly safe for children. Ferrum Phos addresses the inflammation and fever. Families with young children really benefit by keeping these cell salts in their medicine chest.
Arsenicum album 30C/200C is the remedy to reach for when you have violent sneezing that does not offer relief.  Lots of watery nasal discharge. You suffer from a throbbing headache, feel very chilly, weak and you're a terribly anxious. The post nasal drip feels like it is burning. Everything gets worse after midnight, and you may need to get up and pace the room, sipping from a cup of warm tea. If you need everything to be in its place, and your stomach often doesn't feel right, there's a very good chance that you will find deep relief with this remedy.
Allium Cepa 30C/200C - yes, that's an onion - is helpful for the first stages of cold when the nasal discharge is very irritating (as in burning), clear and watery. It's as if both a faucet in your eyes and nose have been turned on, but only the nasal discharge is irritating, The eyes may be red, but the tears are not irritating. Dry painful cough.
No time to run to the store for the remedy? Try cutting up an onion, spread honey on the cut surface and put it face down on a saucer to draw out the juice. Sip it neat or add to water! 
Nux Vomica 30C comes into its own during the holiday season! Perhaps you've celebrated a  little too hard and have trouble getting going the next morning? Try a couple of doses of Nux Vomica. 
Also try nux vomica at the first sign of a cold, when there's very little discharge, only a dry tickling sensation in the nose and frontal sinuses and sneezing, accompanied by a frontal headache. The nose is obstructed at night. Sensitive to drafts. Chilly and irritable. Dilute in a glass of water and take a tablespoon every couple of hours, stirring vigorously each time.

STUDY: Homeopathy as Clinical Alternatives for Care of Ear Infections and Upper Respiratory Tract Infections in Children

Iris Bell and Nancy Boyer weigh in on the pragmatic benefits of using homeopathy over conventional drugs in managing uncomplicated cases of otiits media and upper respiratory tract infections in children. They also touch on how homeopathic remedies interact with the body, conceived as a complex adaptive system.

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