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There IS an Alternative
A few months ago, I shared with you the preliminary results of the huge research project that the Free and Healthy Children International conducted to test the safety and effectiveness of a new homeopathic remedy to prevent and to resolve the crisis of Covid-19 from February to June 2020. This is a remedy that stimulates and trains the immune system to develop mild immunological symptoms in order to adapt to the challenge of the disease. After 9 months of analysis, synthesis and many rounds of checking and thousands of hours, we have the final numbers. I want to share the good news with you. 
  • 1169 people of all ages (including pregnant women and people in their 80s) registered in the study. 846 responded to followup at 2 weeks and 3 months. Most people took this remedy just before the spring surge in cases in the U.S.
  • Of the 62 participants who were symptomatic upon registration, 96.77% had resolved symptoms after dosing.
  • Of the 135 participants with known exposure to individuals with previous or active disease, 56 developed short-lived mild symptoms, and 98.7% had resolved symptoms by the end of the dosing period. 
  • No one developed Covid19-like disease.
  • Of the 434 three-month respondents, NONE developed Covid 19-like disease during the followup period, indicating that HP dosing was 100% effective in preventing disease.
  • After dosing, 0.02% of individuals experienced aggravation of chronic conditions, indicating that there are minimal negative effects.
  • NO adverse event was reported. 
  • Of the 68 people who reported single or multiple PCR or antibody tests during the 3-month followup, ALL had negative results.
We conclude that the remedy can be used before, during or after Covid-19 symptom expression to prevent, to mitigate active disease and to resolve the lingering effects of past disease. By now, thousands of people throughout the world have taken this remedy outside the scope of the research project.  

The symptoms ranged from short-lived mild fevers, cough, vomiting and diarrhea and general malaise to feelings of well being. The fever liberates discharges, and afterwards, most people report improved health and vitality.

Two research papers based on this work will be published in three to six months. 

Meanwhile, Kate Birch, the research leader, has presented the research here:
Remedy Responses:

How do you get the remedy? 
Schedule a homeoprophylaxis consultation with me.
I ask for your understanding. Please do not ask me the name of the remedy. It is only available to practitioner-members of the Free and Healthy Children International and the families they supervise. This is to protect continued access to the remedy. 
Membership to the organisation is $35 per family. I charge a flat rate fee of $95 per family that enrols at the same time. Remedies are extra. 

It is time for us to renew / repair our relationship with Mother Nature. Time for us to unfold in community, with one another and with the rest of creation. This remedy addresses the heart of that call. Spring for it! 

Do not attempt to treat chronic conditions yourself. See a professional for a solution that's right for you.
Acute conditions should respond quickly to homeopathic treatment. If not, seek help. 
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