Spring 2017
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Need to detox and recharge? 

Spring brings new beginnings. A little spring cleaning goes a long way to get you ready to shift into higher gear. If you wake up feeling unrefreshed, or have trouble settling down to rest after a long day, it's a sign that your body needs a little support to cleanse and rejuvenate itself.
Getting to the root of the problem
The path to chronic illness starts off innocently, often with a rash, or a little sniffle. Our bodies can heal themselves. However, when it is overwhelmed by toxins, by stress, or by abuse, it needs help.
Many chronic illnesses result from chronic inflammation. Inflammation is the nature's way of applying band aid to an injury, so that things don't escalate. Inflammation on the skin? That's eczema. What about psoriasis? That's when the skin inflammation goes deeper into the body and settles in the joints. It's autoimmune disease. And then it becomes a moving target. When we try to target the disease in one area, it sets up home in another part of the body. 
Resolve inflammation, don't suppress it! 
Gemmotherapy for rebuilding cellular health
Would you like to reverse the damage of chronic inflammation and get your energy back? 
Gemmotherapy uses the diluted buds of plants when they first emerge to both clean and restore cells. Healthy cells create new healthy cells to regenerate tissues and organs.
In the past 20 months, I have been studying with Lauren Hubele, a master gemmotherapist and homeopath, to incorporate this modality holistically into my practice.
Clients sleep better, enjoy more highs and feel empowered as they rebuild health.
Case: man who retired frequent urination
This client was reluctant to start. But once he got going, he totally got it. And now he owns the tools for building health — for good.
Resolve inflammation by cleansing the body Step 1. Optimize Elimination with gemmos
Silver birch SAP is a great starting point for many people who are either constipated or have loose stools. Expect to see better consistency of stool, better skin and hair as your kidney function improves. It's routinely used in spring detox protocol in the far Northern regions where silver birch trees grow. Start with 3-6 drops in water 3 times daily, and slowly build up to 75 drops daily.
Lime Tree is a very gentle-acting remedy that calms the nerves and soothes anxiety. This is the one to reach for if you have insomnia, and need help to settle back into bed in the middle of the night. 
It cleanses the body very gently on every level and gets along well with many gemmos and homeopathic remedies. 
European Blueberry is an excellent support for anyone with hormonal disturbances and constipation. It supports the kidney at a deeper level to restore health to skin, menstruation and ear issues. Expect 2 daily bowel movements after a few days. It's all good!

Blackcurrant  is one of the most versatile gemmos that everyone should have. It resolves acute inflammation fast, whether that's a fever, an itch that is resistant to over the counter medications, or allergies from yard work. We keep a bottle on our kitchen counter in my family.
Step 2: Break your fast with fruit 
Starting the day with an all-fruit meal helps your body get the energy it needs to get started without weighing it down. You will feel way more energetic. If you can't do fruit, have juicy green vegetables. If you don't think your body can take it, try the fruit first, and take your regular breakfast half an hour later. 
Work with me
I offer a systematic approach to building vibrant health. I have been very successful with autism and hormonal health issues.

My 5 step program:
  1. Cleanse and rejuvenate on the cellular level with embryonic plant tissues.  
  2. Support weak links. This can be your diet, something in your environment, or it can be a body system that acts up whenever you are under stress.
  3. Recharge with a homeopathic remedy that is customized for you, not just your symptoms.  It stimulates self-healing on every level. This is the heart of our work together. 
  4. Detox as appropriate.
  5. Support your growth and maintain progress as our work together opens new pathways for you. Yes, it will! 
Let's talk!

Did you know?

"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."
World Health Organization
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I've been talking to colleagues to find out their whys, their hows, and about staying inspired. Here.

About me: Jiuan Heng is a certified classical homeopath who practices in Great Neck and New York City. Relishes the unexpected. Loves to help clients create the health they need in order to build the lives they dream of. 
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Do not attempt to treat chronic conditions yourself. See a professional for a custom solution.
Acute conditions should respond fast to homeopathic treatment. If not, you've chosen the wrong remedy. Seek help. 
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