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    These are difficult times for all of us: times that have made this year's Lent especially strange, and even more of a wilderness experience than it customarily is.  Our Lenten focus this year has - for many of us - been directed towards both ourselves (and our families) and to those on the front line of the movement to save lives.

    The Lenten narrative is all about movement: God moving both towards us and through us to save the entire cosmos.  In Lent, the Church takes us back to the beginnings of God's movement towards us (back to the Old Testament) in order that we might understand his ways of working in our world.  God has always had his key workers: not only has the Holy Trinity worked both to create and redeem the world, but also certain men and women have answered the call to be his fellow workers.  

   Archpriest Edwin Hunt (of our Sheffield & Chesterfield Parish) would like to share with you an online resource (a series of videos that have been produced by him) that presents the stories of some of these key workers: although they are aimed at children of ten years or older, I think that many parents - and other adults - will also find them interesting.

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Annual Deanery Conference & Festival

Posted on 13/04/20

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