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A Message from NYLA on Library Aid

Greetings NYLA Members,
Thanks to the efforts of thousands of library advocates from across New York State, our voices were heard!  The NYS Legislature has released their “one house” budget proposals for this year’s budget – and those bills reject the Governor’s proposed cuts to Library Aid, and the Library Construction Aid programs.


Here are the details on the two “one house” budget bills as they relate to library funding:


  • State Library Aid: +$5M over Governor’s Executive Budget – total of $96.62M, which would restore the Governor’s cut.
  • State Library Construction Aid: +$20M over Governor’s Executive Budget – total of $34M
  • 2020 Census Funding: $40M for 2020 Census Activities, including language including public libraries
  • State Library Aid: +$6M over Governor’s Executive Budget – total of $97.627M, which would restore the Governor’s cut and ADD $1M in funding
  • State Library Construction Aid: +$20M over Governor’s Executive Budget – total of $34M
  • 2020 Census Funding: $40M for 2020 Census Activities

Even though these proposals look very similar, they are simply the basis for three-way negotiations leading up to passage of the NY State Budget.
In order to ensure that these proposals arrive intact in the final NYS Budget, we NEED YOU!
Even if you have already sent in a letter via the NYLA Online Advocacy Center this year, now is the time to DO IT AGAIN! 


A Reminder of Exempt Thresholds in NYS 

Lauren Moore, Executive Director

I'm just writing to remind boards that New York State is continuing to raise the salary threshold for employees to be exempt from "time and a half" compensation requirements.

In 2019, if an employee in New York earns less than $832/week  ($43,264/year) they are entitled to overtime pay (1.5x compensation) for time over 40 hours in a week.  

I know that many directors across the system are earning salaries below this threshold. This is a good time to review salary, policies, and procedures to make sure employees are being compensated appropriately.  

The New York Council of Nonprofits, Inc. provides a helpful resource and can be found by clicking the button below.  

New York Council of Nonprofits

Construction Grant Intent to Apply
Due May 24, 2019

Ron Kirsop, Assistant Director

Keep in mind that in order to apply for a NYS Public Library Construction Grant this year, you will first need to complete an 'Intent to Apply' form by May 24, 2019.

To complete the form you will need the following: 

- A brief description of your project
- The approximate phase of your project
- Contractor estimate(s) and the total cost of the project

 Visit for more information or email me at 

Intent to Apply Form

Digital Inclusion Summit Videos

Andrea Snyder, Outreach & Training Coordinator

Thank you to everyone who attended the Digital Inclusion Summit back in January. If you were unable to make it, you can find the panel recordings by visiting the Finger Lakes Digital Inclusion Coalition website at

Upcoming Coalition Event:
How does digital inclusion affect  K-12 education?  Learn from some experts in the field! 

Keynote: Lauren Moore from Pioneer Library System and Angela Siefer from the National Digital Inclusion Alliance kick-off the Finger Lakes Digital Inclusion Summit on January 28, 2019.
Digital Inclusion Summit Recordings

Bond Benefits Consulting

Cindy Gardner, Bookkeeper & Personnel Manager 

PLS uses Bond Benefits Consulting of Pittsford for a number of services relating to our Employee Benefits program. We first began working with Bond in 2009. While the health insurance marketplace has had numerous changes in the last 10 years, Bond had kept PLS informed of the latest health plan options available and is always ready to talk about the pros and cons associated with them. Bill Carson and Nancy Rader have supported PLS throughout our tenure with Bond; Bill functions as a sales consultant and Nancy manages the account on a day to day basis.

Beyond health insurance, Bond handles PLS's Welfare Benefits Plan to ensure we are compliant with ERISA regulations relating to our employee insurance offerings. Bond also advised us on the implementation of our Employee Assistance Program through ESI, which is now utilized by all of the libraries in our system.

Bond's primary areas of insurance support include Health, Dental, Vision, Life, and Disability. Bond also provides consulting for a variety of HR needs and compliance topics to include the recently passed Sexual Harassment Training law.

There is no cost for most of Bond's services. For example, health insurance commission is already included in your insurance premium; if you are not using a broker that portion of the premium is retained by the insurance company. Please see attached for a little more information about Bond and feel free to contact Bill directly with any questions; he would be happy to talk with you about your current benefits situation.

William J. Carson, Benefits Consultant
Phone: 585.248.5870 ext. 125
Toll-Free: 800.724.3491
Fax: 585.248.9480 
71 Monroe Ave 
Pittsford, NY 14534

General Blueprint Overview
What Sets Bond Apart

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