Our Plan:Our Future - A Neighbourhood Plan for Boughton Aluph, Eastwell and Goat Lees
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Our Plan: Our Future

A Neighbourhood Plan for Boughton Aluph, Eastwell & Goat Lees

Issue 10, October 2016


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We are a small group of volunteers working with the Parish Council on a Neighbourhood Plan for Boughton Aluph, Eastwell and Goat Lees. Neighbourhood Plans are a new way for local people to influence the planning and development of the area in which they live or work. Together, we will shape the future of our community.

Our parish and Ashford Borough Local Plan 2030

Since our last newsletter Ashford Borough Council has published its draft Local Plan for the Borough to 2030 and held a 8 week public consultation. The draft Plan includes provision for 12,200 new homes across the Borough. The Council is currently considering the consultation responses.
Of the 7 sites in our parish submitted by local landowners for inclusion in the Council's Local Plan only the Eureka Park site was included in the draft Plan. The site, which falls partially within our parish, is earmarked as a strategic site for Ashford Borough. Plans include 300 new homes to be accessed from Trinity Road.
Six other sites in our parish were not included in the draft Local Plan. Of these, 5 are on the Council's list of "housing sites remaining for land supply" (Appendix 5 to the Local Plan). As such, we are required in our Neighbourhood Plan to consider their suitability for development to meet any local needs identified by residents. 

The 5 sites are listed below. Click on the site name to find out more. You have already given us your views on each of these sites in the Neighbourhood Plan Survey. If you have any further comments, please post a comment on the site page on our website or send us an email. Please note that the site adjacent to Gardener's House in Boughton Lees was originally put forward for leisure/tourism use. The landowner is now proposing to build c.4 new large homes. We would welcome your views.

The landowners of Braehead, the Former Sandpit, Rook Toll and Lenacre Hall Farm have challenged the Council's decision not to include their sites in the Local Plan.

The Ashford Golf Course site, which falls partially within our parish, will not be assessed for the Neighbourhood Plan as the availability of the site is subject to the relocation of the golf club.

Two new development sites put forward

Two new potential development sites have been put forward by local landowners. We will assessing these sites alongside the 5 listed above. The new sites are: Click on the site name to find out more about the site and the landowner's proposals. As these sites were not known at the time of the Neighbourhood Plan Survey, we would welcome your views. Please post a comment on the site page on our website or send us an email
Left: Wye Road, Kempes Corner    
Right: Pilgrims Way, Boughton Aluph
Find out more about how we will assess the sites including the sustainability criteria we will use here. A Neighbourhood Plan can allocate a site for development if residents have identified a local housing need.

Faster broadband on its way

55% of respondents to our Neighbourhood Plan Survey told us that they experienced a problem with the performance of their broadband connection.

Last week Parish Councillors met representatives of BT Openreach and Kent County Council to agree the site of a new BT cabinet in our parish. To be located in Boughton Lees, the new cabinet should bring "superfast" broadband speeds of at least 25Mbps to the village. It will also free up the cabinet at Eastwell Towers which has been full for some time causing problems for residents of Sandyhurst Lane.

The work is scheduled for January-March 2017. Our congratulations to the Chair of Boughton Aluph & Eastwell Residents' Association for his tireless campaigning which has helped to bring this about.

Improving road safety

In total, you flagged 9,030 specific concerns on different roads in our parish in the Neighbourhood Plan Survey. The Parish Council is considering what traffic management solutions will resolve the issues. To start, we are working with the Residents' Committee on a community event in Boughton Lees later this year. Look out for a leaflet coming through your door. We will need your participation to bring about change.

Keep up to date

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What happens next?

By the end of the year we expect to have a draft Neighbourhood Plan ready and we will ask you for your views. Our Plan will be scrutinised by Ashford Borough Council and by an Independent Examiner, before being put to a Parish Referendum. 

If approved by majority public vote, the Plan will become part of the Council’s statutory Local Plan 2030 to be used in making decisions on planning applications in our area. As a legal document it will carry real weight in planning decisions. Developers and Local Authority Planners will have to take notice of it.

Get involved

You can submit your views on the Neighbourhood Plan at any time on our website,
This project relies on volunteers. If you would like to get involved, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch today

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