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Embedding Project Newsletter - July 2021

Every month, we curate the best in corporate sustainability and bring you useful new tools and resources, upcoming events, and leading practice to inspire you. This month, the internet was abuzz with the growing environmental, social, and governance expectations for companies, including through sustainability disclosure regulations for EU investors and anticipated corporate biodiversity disclosure requirements. Our new resources help your company meaningfully embed sustainability to respond to evolving ESG requirements. We hope you’ll enjoy this issue!

New Resources From Us

Getting Started on Your ESG Journey in 7 Steps

The ESG space is evolving rapidly and it’s hard to know where to start. We've detailed some common steps to help your company confidently start down the sustainability path.

Five Steps to a Corporate Strategy That Delivers on Sustainability

To achieve the societal transformation that we need, companies must do their part to embed sustainability into their core strategy. We've created a straight-forward five-step process to help companies develop a truly embedded strategy.

A Highlight From Our Community

This month, we share some highlights from our corner: Our founder, Steph Bertels, was featured in an excellent Wired UK article on discerning good corporate climate goals and shared her thoughts on integrating EESG into executive compensation for the Salzburg Global Corporate Governance Forum.

Leading Practice

New Goals

We've added 44 new goals this past month. HP commits to accelerate digital equity for 150 million people by 2030, and Burberry has set a goal to become climate positive by 2040. Visit our Goals Database to see these and other leading goals.

New Position Statements

We've added new position statement content from Uber and HP on equality and inclusiveness and from Patagonia and Pfizer on climate change. Visit our Positions Database to see these and other leading position statements.

Resources We Like

From win-win to net zero: would the real sustainability please stand up?

We’ve been sharing this article that explains how net zero commitments are an imperative for stopping and reversing climate change, and that "win-win" solutions cannot deliver the change we need in time. Executives respond well to it.  It helps them to understand how - and why - it is necessary for us to reimagine prosperity and to conceive of and create an economy based on no growth or even shrinking growth.

The Evolution of Corporate Climate Commitments: The Role of Carbon Credits in Achieving Net Zero, Carbon Neutrality, and SBTi Targets

This resource from 3Degrees will help you to understand the difference between three increasingly commonly climate-related targets: carbon neutrality, science-based targets, and net zero emissions. The guide also highlights solutions for addressing unabated or residual emissions.

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