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Dear Friends and Generous Donors, 

If you are looking for a story about how destructive not working together can be, all you need do is look south of the boarder at the chaos and upset in the United States. For example, you will see large numbers of people unnecessarily getting sick and dying from COVID19 or the California fires, caused by climate change, or the unsubstantiated contesting of the election, which has further divided the American people.  

If you however are looking for a story about diversity, collaboration and working together, have a look at HIP (Honouring Indigenous Peoples). HIP is a partnership between Indigenous Peoples and Rotary and other groups. Our Canada wide board is 50% Indigenous, 50% Rotary and 50% female. While continuing to share, learn and improve, HIP has had great success in bringing Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Peoples together by working on a common mandate of EDUCATION, AWARENESS and DEVELOPING RELATIONSHIPS.  

As Indigenous and Non-Indigenous partners, HIP has been successful in many things including stimulating and facilitating student-to-student engagements, providing wellness supplies to communities, procuring computers for equitable student education, delivering playground equipment, providing books for literacy and language restoration, providing bursaries, connecting Indigenous and Non-Indigenous peoples and groups including business and government organizations. HIP hosts cultural learning events, provides subject-matter speakers and sponsors workshops and talk circles to improve understanding and bring people and communities together. HIP’s website,, is a resource for connecting people and eliminating myths and stereotypes. 

Most of HIP’s work is done by hundreds of volunteers spread across the country. As a result HIP’s  expenses are low however, we do require funds for administration, communication, salaries and delivering events and programs.. 

Our small, but outstanding staff create and facilitate the implementation of ideas and deliver the majority of the training. They coordinate webinars, speak at events, provide guidance to our volunteers and help connect people. This includes connecting an estimated 300 plus Rotary Clubs, and countless individuals and organizations, involved in carrying out HIPs mandate, with Indigenous communities. Our friends in Australia, and some in the United States, are currently adopting HIP’s model. 

We all know society works better when we collaborate and share our time and money. On behalf of all of our 1000s of beneficiaries, I ask you to please include HIP in your Giving on GIVING TUES and beyond. 

The net result of your support will create a better Canada and enable HIP to continue to raise awareness about Indigenous Peoples to build stronger relationships and provide equitable education opportunities for Indigenous youth. 
I hope you can get involved by joining in the movement. Giving some money be it $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, or more would help enormously. By donating $20 or more online through Canada Helps, HIP will receive an additional $2 from Canada Helps! 

With anticipation and thanks/miigwetch
Chris Snyder
Chair HIP (Honouring Indigenous Peoples)


Your gift can make a difference this GivingTuesday. Your donation of $20 or more will be topped up with an extra $2 from CanadaHelps! 

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