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Antaris and Digital Penang sign MoU to develop space technology supply chain

Antaris, a US Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform provider for the space industry, and Digital Penang, a Malaysian government-linked company, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop an electrical and electronics supply chain for the space sector.

The key objectives of the MoU are to:

  • Facilitate satellite operators/mission owners to readily access the Antaris SaaS platform for designing, building, and managing their satellites
  • Provide Antaris marketplace listing for Penang-based qualified suppliers to access local and global demand
  • Broaden the ecosystem through open-source-led partnerships and training
Find out more here.

The design, development, and management of satellites is complex and a well-developed platform can help simplify associated processes. Startups like Antaris are taking advantage of software to make these processes more efficient and help companies reduce overall complexities involved in the management of the lifecycle of a satellite project.

Antaris is also launching a 6U CubeSat demonstrator satellite to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) with multiple customer demonstrator payloads in the third quarter of 2022, on an Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) launch vehicle.

HISPASAT and AOTEC collaborate to boost the digital economy of rural areas via satellite connectivity

The Spanish satellite operator, HISPASAT and the National Association of Telecommunications and Internet Services Operators (AOTEC) have signed a collaboration agreement to promote satellite connectivity services in rural areas and boost the digital economy of small- and medium-sized towns.

Through this collaboration, AOTEC will have access to up to 100 Mbps at any point in HISPASAT's coverage of national territory, as well as backup communications services for corporate environments and Internet of Things (IoT) applications via satellite. Read more here.

Rural connectivity projects are crucial to bridging the digital divide and enhancing the information and communication infrastructure for high-speed connectivity. The satellite industry has played an important role in connecting rural communities. A recent example of a satellite connectivity initiative is the China-Africa Cooperation, a project that was initiated to enable 10,000 African villages to receive access to satellite TV. Several African countries have benefited from this project. Find out more here.

HISPASAT is one of a number of satellite operators that has contributed to rural development projects globally. The operator recently collaborated with the government of Panama on a satellite-based, pilot tele-education project for remote areas. Through this collaboration, HISPASAT has donated satellite internet service to a school with a tele-education system that allows educational content, provided by the Ministry of Education, to be disseminated and stored locally. Read more about this here.

Thaicom, Spacebridge, and WTD partner to provide high-speed satellite connectivity in Indonesia

Thaicom, in partnership with Spacebridge and WTD, has announced the commissioning and delivery of a High-Throughput Satellite (HTS), multiple spot beam, Ku-band broadband, VSAT network across Indonesia.

In this partnership, Thaicom will deliver service by utilizing its IPSTAR satellites, enabling communities, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), enterprises, consumers, hospitals, first responders, government, and defense entities to transmit true, real-time internet application data over satellite. Read more about this partnership here.

Thaicom is one of the leading satellite operators in Asia. The company has prominently managed broadcasting services in the region and is gradually expanding its footprint in emerging markets. Thaicom also signed an agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to develop its first cloud-based satellite TV broadcast platform for Asia-Pacific and other regional markets. The platform will reportedly consist of cloud services providing software-defined encoding, transcoding, and statistical multiplexing capabilities, leveraging AWS Elemental media services. Learn more here.

Over the past three decades, Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) satellite operators have gained a strong foothold in the media and broadcasting markets. As LEO satellite business models are emerging, with companies like SpaceX targeting consumer markets through Starlink, GEO satellite operators need to revise their business models by integrating new hybrid technologies into their existing infrastructure.

Thaicom has signed multiple agreements after revising its business direction and targeting lucrative markets by utilizing new satellite technologies; a move deemed necessary to scout for new opportunities and help the company establish a presence in emerging markets. The company has also partnered with Globalstar to establish and operate its LEO satellite ground facilities in Thailand. More about this initiative here.

Omnispace and Microsoft collaborate to deliver hybrid 5G Non-Terrestrial Network services

Omnispace has announced a collaboration with Microsoft to architect, develop, and demonstrate an Azure-enabled, 5G Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN), to enhance the performance and reach of mobile wireless networks.

The hybrid network will leverage Azure Orbital, Microsoft’s Ground-Station-as-a-Service offering, along with Microsoft’s Azure Operator 5G Core, to route voice and data traffic direct from mobile devices via an Omnispace proliferated LEO constellation. Read more about this collaboration here.

Simultaneously, the Omnispace global LEO satellite network will utilize the company’s 2 GHz mobile satellite spectrum allocation and operate in the 3GPP band n256.

With the incoming wave of 5G in the telecommunications sector, the use of satellites is becoming more crucial to complement 5G applications in an extended manner for rural areas and as a back-up system. Through integration with the Omnispace network, MNOs will be able to cost effectively enhance and expand their service areas, while improving resiliency, enabled by Azure services.

Microsoft, SES, and Nokia demonstrate satellite and 5G integration for Australian Defense

Microsoft, SES, and Nokia have successfully demonstrated secure access to the Azure cloud platform over private 5G and satellite communication networks.

In this demonstration, Nokia established a secure, private 5G network using the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud solution, and SES showcased the potential for high-volume data transfers by accessing its O3b satellite constellation via transportable terminal antennas. The Microsoft Azure Stack Edge Mini R, an ultra-portable, rugged edge computing device, was used for computing and analysis onsite, enabling advanced cloud analytics and visualization in both connected and disconnected environments. Find out more here.

With the integration of high-quality hybrid technologies like satellite communication, 5G and cloud computing, Defense organizations can remain connected in remote locations, share data quickly and securely to enhance strategic awareness, as well as perform deep analysis of data to improve decision-making.

The Defense sector is gradually growing investments in space assets; the Asian continent has recently recorded growth in military space investments with countries like India and South Korea at the forefront of developing space assets for national security purposes. South Korea successfully tested its first solid-fuel space rocket and aims to develop multiple military and civilian microsatellite missions by 2025. On the other hand, India has recently decided to design and develop GSAT 7B, a multiband, military-grade satellite for the Indian Army. Learn more here.

Member news

Stories from organizations participating in the satsearch membership program.

Brief updates from our valued members

EnduroSat is offering 10% off on all solar panels currently. The company has a wide range of solar panels for satellites ranging from 1U to 6U. For more information about EnduroSat's solar panels, click here.

AIKO SRL and Thales Alenia Space have signed an MoU to jointly develop advanced software for space systems. In this MoU, the companies will explore the use of artificial intelligence to support the development of next-generation software-defined space systems. Find out more here.

Alén Space has been selected as the supplier of a new ground station by the Spanish National Institute of Aerospace Technology (INTA). More information here.

The SATLANTIS team will be attending the NewSpace Africa Conference 2022 from 25 to 26 April in Nairobi, Kenya. For more information, click here.

WARPSPACE is planning to establish a presence in the US market. For more information on the company’s latest activities, click here.

Accord Software & Systems joins the satsearch membership program
We are happy to announce that the Indian company Accord Software & Systems, providing space global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receivers to the Indian and International market, has joined the satsearch membership program.

Accord provides standard and customized GNSS receivers for satellites and launch vehicles. Its products have been used in space programs since 1999.

Find out more about Accord Software & Systems on their satsearch supplier hub.

Job opportunities in the space industry

A list of job vacancies from companies participating in the satsearch membership program:

Our news

A few updates from satsearch:

Episode 35 of the Space Industry podcast is now live!
An in-depth discussion with Kshitij Khandelwal, Founder and CTO of Pixxel on procurement in today’s space industry.

We discuss:
- What upstream manufacturers look for in new potential suppliers
- How to work with prospective clients to ensure your proposals are effectively assessed
- Lead times and logistics considerations in the modern industry
- What’s on the horizon for Pixxel’s constellation and business

Find it now on all major streaming platforms and on the satsearch blog.

Optical communications systems for small satellites
To help engineers stay updated with the latest developments in today's marketplace, we've just published a major update to our global roundup of commercially available optical communication systems.

Space-space and space-ground communications are the primary use cases for optical laser communications (lasercom), and in this article we take a look at how the technology works and share some of the products available on the market today.

The article now features 19 different products from 11 global suppliers.

Click here to view the piece.

Satsearch at the Geospatial World Forum 2022
The Geospatial World Forum (GWF) will be held from 10th to 12th May 2022 in Amsterdam, preceded by the GeoBuiz Europe Summit on 9th May.

GWF is a geospatial industry platform that connects professionals and leaders representing the entire geospatial ecosystem. GWF 2022 aims to showcase "Geography and Humanity", tracing the historical relevance of the geospatial profession, illustrating its current value, and setting the tone for the future direction of the sector.

GeoBuiz Europe Summit is a one-day exclusive event that offers a B2B platform for the European Geospatial Community to exchange, engage, and collaborate.

Satsearch COO Narayan Prasad will be speaking at and attending both of these events, where a wide range of topics will be discussed, including geospatial startups, commercialization, and knowledge utilization.

Click here for more details and to register for these events.

Share your thoughts on the space industry
As the landscape for space procurement is changing rapidly, satsearch is undertaking a study to canvas the status quo and provide insights into the general experiences of space engineers to the global community.

We would like to invite you to share your thoughts and experiences on procurement in today's commercial space industry in this short survey (should take no more than 5 minutes to complete). Click here to access.


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