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ICEYE to provide high-resolution satellite data to Neptune Flood

The Finnish synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite operator, ICEYE, has entered a strategic collaboration with Neptune Flood, an American AI-driven flood insurance company, to provide high-resolution flood hazard data.

ICEYE’s satellite data will enable monitoring of Neptune’s insured geolocations for micro-changes in water depths around properties. The agreement also allows for the exploration of future initiatives between the two companies. Find out more here.

SAR satellite imagery has proven to be crucial in several civil and security-related areas. ICEYE being one of the prominent SAR satellite operators has expanded its footprint beyond security verticals such as tracking, monitoring, and surveillance in the maritime sector. Prior to entering the collaboration with Neptune Flood, ICEYE signed an agreement with EigenRisk to provide unique flood insights for large-scale flood events. For more information on ICEYE’s business footprint click here.

NewSpace companies such as ICEYE are paving the way for more exploration of new opportunities in the Earth Observation (EO) segment. With the growth of NewSpace companies, the industry can expect a commercial boost in the coming years. Our next story also provides a brief outlook for NewSpace in the Pacific region.

Gilmour Space wins contract to build and launch prototype defense satellite

The Australian space technology start-up Gilmour Space Technologies has been selected to develop and launch a prototype surveillance satellite for the Australian Department of Defence.

Under this contract, Gilmour Space is to develop a prototype G-class satellite for defense and launch it on the Eris rocket from an Australian launch site in 2023. This project is a part of the government’s AUD7 billion investment in NewSpace capabilities. Find out more here.

Australia’s NewSpace landscape is gradually evolving and the defense sector is, as always, one of the key driving forces encouraging the development of new commercial technologies. Traditionally, Australia has been dependent on its allied nations to access critical space technologies for defense and security purposes. But the growth in NewSpace technologies has inspired the nation to develop independent capabilities in space.

Gilmour Space has also extended its business in the commercial EO sector. The company has recently collaborated with LatConnect60 to develop hyperspectral microsatellites. Under the agreement, Gilmour Space will develop the first 100 kg HyperSight 60 satellite, which will be launched on Gilmour’s Eris rocket from the Bowen Orbital Spaceport in Queensland. For more information on this contract click here.

The Pacific region is certainly consuming more satellite services compared to the last two decades. One of the reasons for this growth is the availability of high-quality and low-cost solutions provided by prominent Asian companies such as Kacific.

On the other hand, European companies such as Eutelsat are also extending their services in this region; and our next story provides an update on Eutelsat’s presence in the Pacific.


In June, satsearch member Texas Instruments is holding a one-day business pitching contest and networking session, where innovative space startups can meet industry representatives and discuss their offers.

This is a great opportunity for young companies to present their unique value to some important industry stakeholders and we are very pleased to have been invited to help judge the entries, alongside Airbus Defence and Space, ESA BIC Bavaria, and ESA BIC Northern Germany.

Tuvalu Telecommunications has selected Eutelsat to deliver satellite connectivity in the Tuvalu Islands

The Tuvalu Telecommunications Corporation (TTC) has signed a contract with Eutelsat to lease capacity from the EUTELSAT 172B satellite in order to support corporate networks for government offices and major enterprises of Tuvalu.

The TTC has signed a multi-year agreement with Eutelsat to leverage the satellite capacity and further enhance the connectivity in the islands. Find out more here.

Satellite connectivity is bridging the communication gap, especially in island nations where communication technology is limited by geography. Companies such as Eutelsat, which has a prominent presence in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America, are now extending their business in the Pacific.

Kacific Broadband Satellites has also contributed to bridging the communication gap in the Pacific island nations using satellite communication technology. The company also received recognition for its satellite connectivity work during the pandemic.

While Kacific’s technology and services have improved connectivity for civil markets in the Pacific, the company is now also expanding its new technologies in various commercial verticals. Kacific recently launched an enterprise backup service in the Asia Pacific region designed to provide a high data transfer rate. For more information on Kacific’s enterprise back up services click here.

Considering the growing demand for satellite communications for remote connectivity and the enterprise market, the mobility sector is also emerging as one of the highest consumers of satellite resources. Our next stories provide an extended outlook of satellite connectivity in the aviation and maritime sector.

Southwest Airlines to provide connectivity for new aircraft using Viasat’s in-flight connectivity service 

Southwest Airlines has selected Viasat's next-generation Ka-band satellite in-flight connectivity (IFC) system to be installed on new aircraft.

The IFC system will be installed later in 2022 on the new aircraft. Utilizing this service, Southwest Airlines aims to provide internet connection onboard, including the ability to stream content and entertainment, watch live television, and access social media platforms, for its customers. Find out more here.

Viasat is a prominent satellite operator specializing in the mobility market; both for commercial and defense verticals. The company’s signature Ka-band connectivity service is currently utilized by multiple commercial airlines across the world.

The upcoming satellite, ViaSat-3, will help the company to expand its commercial activities across the mobility market sectors. The ViaSat-3 constellation will reportedly cover North and South America, Europe, Africa, and the Asia Pacific. And each of the satellites is expected to deliver at least 1Tbps. With this extended coverage, Viasat plans to cast a wide net over the mobility market for the future. Find out more here.

Singtel unveils new maritime satellite-based connectivity platform

Singapore Telecommunications (Singtel) has launched iSHIP, a maritime smart value-added service providing satellite-enabled connectivity and digital services for the maritime industry.

The iSHIP will reportedly provide ship managers and owners with greater visibility of their resources and operations, enabling better crew wellbeing, vessel safety, and operational efficiency. Find out more here.

Under theae plans, with iSHIP customers will be able to select the combination of digital services they need with the assurance of Singtel’s end-to-end support, from initial provisioning and onboarding, scaling resources to resolving any technical or service issues encountered. As per the applications in maritime, iSHIP is designed by considering five important elements - Connect, Care, Operations, Crew, and Security. For more information on iSHIP click here.

Satellite demand in maritime significantly decreased due to the global lockdown. But as industries have gradually returned to more normal operations, the demand for satellite connectivity in the maritime market has returned.

As another example, an Israeli satellite operator, Spacecom, has announced that it has received its first maritime satellite contract. Spacecom has an established presence in the media, broadcasting, and other commercial markets.

With its latest contract, the operator has now successfully extended its satellite services to the maritime market. According to the company, this maritime satellite connectivity contract is a multi-million-dollar project. For information on the contract click here.

Other updates in the space and satellite market include:

  • Microsoft has selected Solstar Space as a Startups Partner. In this program, Solstar plans to leverage Azure’s IoT Hub to enable customers to interact with assets in space via API or web interface. Find out more here.
  • Global Plastic Watch, a new tool developed by Minderoo Foundation has identified thousands of waste sites across 25 countries for the first time using advanced satellite data technology and machine learning (ML) to measure piles of plastic waste from space. For more information on Global Plastic Watch click here.
  • Rivada Space Networks is to contribute towards creating an Open Access Platform for the ITU Partner2Connect Digital Coalition to help bridge the digital divide. Find out more here.
  • Indonesia’s Maritime Ministry is preparing an integrated satellite-based system for fishing operations surveillance. For more information on this programme click here.
  • OneWeb and Telefónica Global Solutions (TGS) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to improve connectivity services across Europe and Latin America. For more information on this MoU click here.
  • Mynaric and Airbus U.S. Space & Defense have signed a contract to host Mynaric’s CONDOR Mk2 terminal for space-based laser communication on the International Space Station’s (ISS) functional testbed, Bartolomeo. Find out more here.
  • Uganda’s PearlAfricaSat-1 satellite is set to launch in August 2022. For more information on this satellite click here.
  • ASTERRA, one of the largest purchasers of data from Argentina’s SAOCOM 1A and SAOCOM 1B satellites, is now expanding in the Latin America and Caribbean regions. Find out more here.
Our member NPC Spacemind is currently offering cost-effective in-orbit demonstration (IOD) availability on two upcoming CubeSat launches.

The company is to fly the CubeSats in October 2022 and is offering payload capacity to third parties - an ideal opportunity for growing teams and companies to test new innovations and achieve that all-important flight heritage.

Capacity can be purchased in its entirety (2U per satellite) or as fractions of a unit (e.g. 0.25U, 0.5U, 1U etc.) and the payload should be compliant with the CubeSat Design Specification (CDS) standard.


Member news

Stories from organizations participating in the satsearch membership program.

The Defence Innovation Agency (AID) signs contract with Exotrail for the delivery of bespoke simulation and mission analysis software for the French Space Command (CDE). For more information on the contract click here.

Exotrail has joined the “Net Zero Space” initiative, launched by global space and satellite associated entities. For more information on this initiative click here.

KP Labs will be attending Living Planet Symposium in Bonn, Germany from May 23 to May 27 and Space Tech Expo USA from May 23 to May 25. Find out more here.

SatRevolution S.A. announced partnership with Polska Strefa Inwestycji and Legnicka Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna S.A. to build the first nanosatellite factory in Poland. For more information click here.

Unibap AB’s SpaceCloud software is now recognized by Kungl. Ingenjörsvetenskapsakademien, IVA (the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences). Find out more here.

SkyLabs d.o.o. Along with other consortium participants INAF (ISTITUTO NAZIONALE DI ASTROFISICA), POLIMI (Politecnico Milano), TU Delft, University of Maribor, and University of Trento have won the European Space Agency’s tender on "Space Weather Monitor Nanosatellites." For more information click here.

Bulgaria’s President visits EnduroSat Space HQ. Find out more here.


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