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AirSmat to utilize satellite capabilities from GorillaLink

AirSmat, a Nigerian company addressing the needs of sustainable farming, has announced a partnership with the Israel-based company, GorillaLink, to utilize satellite technology capabilities.

In this partnership, AirSmat will deliver Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, a product named FarmSense, using GorillaLink's satellite technology capabilities. FarmSense helps to gather information from farmland, and stores and transmits it to farmers so they can improve their crop productivity.

If the project proceeds as planned, GorillaLink will enable AirSmat sensors to have instant connection to the internet wherever FarmSense is deployed, providing 99.9% uptime. The organizations hope to help secure the supply chain for the future, in Nigeria and across Africa. Find out more here.

Satellite technology has become a very important asset for applications such as smart farming. And while IoT is one important area, satellite imagery also plays a role in bringing more efficiency to agricultural activities.

In such applications, the image resolution is one of the most important factors as it helps generate more accurate insights for the clients. Many companies are looking into this area, for example; Edgybees, an American geospatial solutions provider, recently announced the release of its satellite software to enhance the accuracy of satellite imagery.

Edgybees satellite software aligns electro-optical satellite imagery to ground truth, within two to three meters of accuracy, in less than 15 seconds. Find out more here.

UltiSat signs new distribution agreement with OneWeb

UltiSat has announced a new distribution agreement with OneWeb Technologies to include its Low Earth Orbit (LEO) based satellite communications services as a part of the UltiSat portfolio for government and mobility markets.

The distribution arrangement will reportedly leverage OneWeb’s LEO satellites and certified remote terminals to provide end-to-end connectivity services. Find out more here.

With the integration of OneWeb Technologies service and UltiSat’s Global Interconnect Network (GIN) the companies hope that customers can now benefit from the advanced LEO satellite service and connect remote sites directly to a secure private ground network, a cloud-based service, or the public internet.

Ultisat specializes in providing satellite communication services to stakeholders in government, humanitarian aid, and critical infrastructure sectors. The company recently also signed a value-added reseller agreement with Sub U Systems, to enhance the security of deployable remote communications networks. Find out more here.

Furthermore, to enhance its satellite services for mobility verticals, the company has also signed an agreement with Kymeta. The aim is to integrate UltiSat’s system with Kymeta’s satellite terminal technology in order to expand mobile satellite communications options for a wide range of operating environments where traditional cellular services may be unavailable. Find out more here.

Case studies on propulsion in small satellite missions

On Wednesday the 4th of May we're hosting an in-depth webinar to share stories and insights from real examples of thrusters used on-board satellites.

A number of different thruster manufacturers will take a deep dive into the use cases, engineering considerations, and real-world mission scenarios in which satellite thrusters are used.

The event will include speakers from:
  • Bradford Space
  • SteamJet Space Systems
  • Exotrail

We think this will be a great opportunity to find out the precise technical considerations, real-world use cases, and proven benefits that in-space propulsion systems can bring to today's missions.

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SDT Ingenieria to connect 670 schools in Colombia using satellite service from Hughes

Hughes Network Systems has announced that its satellite internet service and equipment will be deployed by SDT Ingenieria, a Colombian information and communication technology company,  to connect 670 schools in Colombia.

SDT Ingenieria was awarded the project to help bridge the digital divide in the Antioquia Department in the mountainous, rural Medellín region where terrestrial connectivity is lacking.

The project will utilize ka-band capacity on the Hughes JUPITER satellites and JUPITER system terminals at each site to power a high-speed internet service. Find out more here.

Hughes is one of the most prominent satellite service providers in the Latin American region. Over the past few years the company has gained access to a number of connectivity projects in the region and has helped bridge the communications gap in several countries.

Approximately 50,000 schools around the world, including more than 15,000 in Mexico and 9,000 in Brazil, now use Hughes JUPITER System equipment for reliable and cost-efficient internet connectivity. Hughes has also established a presence in Asia, with India being of its most prominent hotspot for expanding business in emerging markets.

The company has also signed multiple agreements in the Asian region. Recently, Indonesia’s PT Pasifik Satelit Nusantara (PSN), selected the Hughes JUPITER System to enable services on the Nusantara Lima very high-throughput satellite. Find out more here.

HISPASAT to connect more than 60 communities located in remote parts of Mexico using satellite backhaul solution

The Spanish satellite operator HISPASAT has been selected by the Mexican communications agency CFE TEIT (CFE Telecomunicaciones e Internet para Todos - Telecommunications and Internet for Everyone) to jointly promote information and communications technologies in rural Mexican towns where connectivity is currently not sufficient.

HISPASAT will provide a satellite backhaul solution for a network of LTE radio stations in more than 60 communities located in remote areas in Mexico. The turnkey service aims to enable free mobile phone and internet service in public squares, healthcare centers, hospitals, schools, and other community spaces as well as to reinforce the quality of education, healthcare, and governance in Mexico. Find out more here.

Rural connectivity projects have been one of the key sources of opportunities for satellite operators to showcase their community-building satellite solutions as well as help nations bridge the communications gap. HISPASAT has been at the forefront of the rural connectivity projects in Latin America, alongside other satellite operators such as SES.

Recently, SES and ComClark Network and Technology Corporation have partnered to provide high-speed satellite connectivity to deliver content to over 2,000 remote schools across the Philippines. 

Under this partnership, ComClark will access ku-band capacity from the SES-9 satellite via its own teleport and connectivity technologies for voice, video, and data applications to connect the data center, and simultaneously datacast education materials and curriculum to all participating public schools country-wide. Find out more here.



A guide to mission control for small satellites

On Wednesday the 11th of May we're hosting a live demo on KP Labs' flight software reliability and the Oryx OBCS.

Today's small satellites are becoming increasingly powerful, versatile, and high-performing systems capable of carrying out a wide variety of functions and mission applications. 

This increase in complexity is placing a greater burden on flight software validation and verification activities. According to different researches, around 20% of CubeSats experience the death on arrival (failure from the very first day of the mission) and 33% of failures have unknown source. This highlights the importance of V&V and extended integration testing before launch.

To address these issues, Poland-based KP Labs has developed a modular on-board computer software SDK (software development kit) called Oryx, which is designed to easily test the flight software from the very early stage of mission development when there are no physical components present.

In this webinar, Oryx Software Lead Engineer, Marcin Drobik, will discuss the importance of effective flight software for satellites and share advice on how to implement modern protocols and tools into your mission.

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NTT and SKY Perfect JSAT to establish a new joint venture to develop an integrated space computing network

NTT Corporation and SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation have reached an agreement to establish a joint venture company, Space Compass Corporation, that will launch an integrated space computing network to aid the realization of a more sustainable society.

The joint venture will primarily focus on developing new and critical infrastructure for emerging markets, including optical communication in space and the mobile network in the stratosphere. Find out more here.

Space Compass plans to launch an optical data relay service for high-speed data transmission to the ground via a geosynchronous equatorial orbit (GEO) satellite. This will carry data collected in space by observation satellites.

In addition, Space Compass plans to use high altitude platform stations (HAPSs) to provide low-latency communication services in Japan by fiscal year 2025, in order to provide communication for disasters, ships and aircraft, as well as distant islands and other remote areas. Find out more here.

The company will be headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, and will have approximately 18 billion yen in capital. NTT and SKY Perfect JSAT will be 50% shareholders each in the joint venture.

Other recent updates in the satellite market include

  • Luokung Technology Corp. has announced the launch of its remote sensing holographic spatial-temporal portfolio of products and services offered by its affiliate, Luokung Remote Sensing, for natural resource monitoring and carbon sink accounting. The system is designed to integrate spatial-temporal big data AI services such as satellite remote sensing, lidar, and global navigation satellite system (GNSS). Find out more here.
  • is partnering with Esri to create synthetic data using industry-standard geospatial services and content. Find out more here.
  • Satellogic has entered into an agreement with Geollect with ambitions to offer unrivaled maritime domain awareness capabilities. Satellogic will contribute its maritime imagery collection and processing capabilities to Geollect, which will lead the sensor and geolocation monitoring process for analysis. Find out more here.
  • Argentina's bases in Antarctica are now ultilizing ARSAT satellites for communication purposes, with the aim of reducing reliance on foreign satellite service providers. Find out more here.
  • Cosmic Shielding Corporation has entered into an agreement with Space Forge to test its radiation-shielding technology aboard Space Forge's new small class vehicle, which will be launching on Virgin Orbit's LauncherOne this Summer from Spaceport Cornwall. Find out more here.
  • ARABSAT and Thales Alenia Space have signed a contract to build ARABSAT-7A, a fully flexible software-defined satellite (SDS) based on the Space Inspire (INstant SPace In-orbit REconfiguration) platform by Thales Alenia Space. Find out more here.
  • Azercosmos and Signalhorn have entered into a partnership agreement to provide satellite services throughout Africa using C band capacity on the Azerspace-1 satellite. Find out more here.
  • AST SpaceMobile and Globe Telecom have signed an MoU to explore opportunities to extend AST SpaceMobile's planned coverage to Globe Telecom customers. Find out more here.
  • After identifying technical faults related to the hardware that stores operation and control data at the end of 2021, Vietnamese experts successfully restore VNREDSat-1 operations. Find out more here.


Member news

Stories from organizations participating in the satsearch membership program.

AIKO has signed a new contract with the European Space Agency in the ARTES program to work with Tyvak International and IngeniArs S.r.l. on an onboard Health Monitoring System for SATCOM, named Health-AI. Find out more here.

NanoAvionics has been contracted to build the first nanosatellite for Prométhée’s planned constellation of Earth Observation nanosatellites and image analysis platform. Find out more here.

Bradford Space, one of the sponsors of SPACE PROPULSION CONFERENCE 2022, will also have its team of experts providing the outlook on various propulsion technologies at the conference from 9 to 13 May in Estoril, Portugal. Find out more here.


Job opportunities in the space industry

A list of job vacancies from companies participating in the satsearch membership program:


Our news

A few updates from satsearch:

NewSpace, spacecraft architectures, and software-defined satellites – with ReOrbit
Episode 36 of the Space Industry podcast is now live. In the episode we speak with Ignacio Chechile - CTO of satsearch member ReOrbit - on NewSpace and software-defined satellites. In the show we cover:

- What the NewSpace sector is and how it is characterized
- What makes spacecraft architectures different in today's missions
- The importance of software at all levels of a mission
- The concept of a software-defined satellite and what opportunities this is bringing to the industry

Find it now on all good streaming platforms, or on our blog at this link.

Join us for the Texas Instruments TechMatch Live Space business pitch event
Space startups across Europe today have access to a variety of opportunities to pitch their unique offers to major industry stakeholders.

In June, Texas Instruments is holding just such an event, and we are delighted to have been invited to help judge the entries, alongside Airbus Defence and Space, ESA BIC Bavaria, and ESA BIC Northern Germany.

The Texas Instruments TechMatch Live Space event is a one-day business pitching contest and networking session, where innovative space startups can meet industry representatives and discuss their offers.

To find out more, and sign up for the event, please view this page.

IQ spacecom joins the satsearch membership program
We are very pleased to announce that German small satellite radio manufacturer and service provider IQ spacecom has joined the satsearch membership program. IQ spacecom is an arm of IQ Technologies for Earth and Space GmbH, which manufactures and provides satellite radio communication solutions. 

The company carries out complete in-house research, testing, development, and manufacturing processes in Berlin. With IQ Technologies for Earth and Space’s vast footprint in the market, the company also has several international partnerships with institutes and research facilities, including German Aerospace Center (DLR).

Find out more about IQ spacecom here on their satsearch supplier hub.

Satsearch at the Geospatial World Forum 2022
The Geospatial World Forum (GWF) will be held from 10th to 12th May 2022 in Amsterdam, preceded by the GeoBuiz Europe Summit on 9th May.

GWF is a geospatial industry platform that connects professionals and leaders representing the entire geospatial ecosystem. GWF 2022 aims to showcase "Geography and Humanity", tracing the historical relevance of the geospatial profession, illustrating its current value, and setting the tone for the future direction of the sector.

GeoBuiz Europe Summit is a one-day exclusive event that offers a B2B platform for the European Geospatial Community to exchange, engage, and collaborate.

Satsearch COO Narayan Prasad will be speaking at and attending both of these events, where a wide range of topics will be discussed, including geospatial startups, commercialization, and knowledge utilization.

Click here for more details and to register for these events.

Share your thoughts on the space industry
As the landscape for space procurement is changing rapidly, satsearch is undertaking a study to canvas the status quo and provide insights into the general experiences of space engineers to the global community.

We would like to invite you to share your thoughts and experiences on procurement in today's commercial space industry in this short survey (should take no more than 5 minutes to complete). Click here to access.


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