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Hello again!

Sean here.  Now that I've been in the "real world" for an entire year, I wanted to give you a nice big update on my progress.  I have been continuing to surprise myself with a busy schedule and an optimistic view of the future... Keeping my fingers crossed that neither of those fall through.  I am also taking this chance to say that if you really loved me, you would check out more on (which is also celebrating one year of archiving my spinning, jumping, and rolling online) or follow my "official page" on Facebook.  And please go ahead and send me an e-mail at I probably want to talk to you!

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To start off, I have left the Land of Cornfields for the City of Brotherly Love!  Philadelphia is absolutely beautiful, and I'm so glad the extensive research behind my blind relocation worked in my favor!  I moved here with few connections and no where to live or work, and I've since slept on couches and worked in a hostel before finally settling down in a downtown (literally under a hipster coffee shop) studio apartment and starting a new life for myself!
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Although I originally planned to stick to my own schtick, I've broken down and started dancing for several great companies this year! I'm working with The Naked Stark, a release-based modern company, on a new work involving leadership and heroism in today's social structures as well as dancing for a very eclectic and offbeat troupe, Anne-Marie Mulgrew & Dancers Co. I have also been working on various projects with the intellectual Nora Gibson Contemporary Ballet, the contemporary Antonia & Artists, and the experimental Vervet Dance. It's gettin' busy up in here.

In terms of administrative work, I've been doing the intern thing with Baker & Tarpaga Dance Project and The Performance Garage.  Philadelphia has been good to me thus far, and I try to make it to a couple shows a weekend: watching and discussing performances has also become an integral part of my process.  So many new, memorable, and mostly unintended experiences... But why stop there?
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stb x at

Dr. Andy Thierauf and I have been continuing our collaborations, too!  Last fall (before I headed out to Philadelphia), we toured a program of duets and solo work all over Iowa and Illinois for seven great performances.  Over the past few months, we've also danced and drummed together at the ETC. Performance Series and OCGOPF in Philadelphia and created a score for a new work on LOUi (the Laptop Orchestra of the University of Iowa).  Next, we're very excited for the Omaha Under the Radar Festival to present stb x at's new work in July!

and MORE dancing.

After moving in October, I made my first PDF-based "dance from afar" in Philadelphia with composer Paul Duffy and dancers Lizzy Mello and Tyler Nemmers rehearsing and performing in Iowa City as part of the 24+24 Concert.
Bill Hebert Photos
I have also began work with two other dancers as a collaborative trio under the name SKI BALL.  We've had a piece produced in January and a few other projects are in the works.  Stay tuned for more updates!
Interrobang (look it up), a duet I made with Stav Comay and Molly Schuneman in 2013, has made its Philly debut thanks to Kat J. Sullivan and Meredith Stapleton at the InHale Performance Series in Februrary and received several giggles and chuckles!
Most recently, I have been working on subliminalanimal with Antonia Z Brown, a like-minded "movement inventor" who I've had a dancer crush on since first meeting.  We have a performance of the new work this weekend!
Photo by Leann Gioia

NYC Shenanigans

Another great benefit of living in Philadelphia is its proximity to New York City.  While I have not given in to the "Dance Capital of the World" as of yet, I have received a very competitive Couchsurfing Grant from the Leann Gioia Fund for Philly Dancers and have visited a few times for fun and performances.  In March, I danced my solo Elvis has left the building. at Fertile Ground, and at the end of May, SKI BALL will be showing a new work at Jennifer Muller's Hatch Presenting Series.
Photo by Dan Park

Dance like no one likes you.

I would like to continue bragging about my life, but I really do think you should check out - it has tons of pictures and updates and even hosts my artist statement.  You can also see video of my guest appearances at the Iowa City Improvised Art Series and the H-O-T Series of Philadelphia as well as many, many dance film shorts, including one that recently was shown at the IUCC Experimental Microcinema Screening.  Just so you know.  Also, that whole 'like' me on Facebook thing...  C'mon, you know you want to.

Coming up...

May 3-4, 2015 ETC Performance Series
subliminalanimal (with Antonia Z Brown)
May 7-9, 2015 Collage Festival
Goodnight War (The Naked Stark)
Elvis has left the building.
May 16-17, 2015 Koresh Artist Showcase
9 9 10 2 20
May 21-23, 2015 From The Vault
From The Vault (AMM&DCO)
The Next Chapter (AMM&DCO)
The Red Riding Hood Project (AMM&DCO)
May 29, 2015 Vervet and Friends Bonanza
Boing! (Vervet Dance)
May 30, 2015  Jennifer Muller's Hatch Presenting Series
Ribs Flung Wide (SKI BALL)
June 1, 2015 FringeArts Scratch Night
Elvis has left the building.
June 3, 2015 The Naked Stark Showing
The One, The Other One, and The Many (The Naked Stark)
June 18-28, 2015 Solow Fest
One Room Disco
July 8-11, 2015 Omaha Under the Radar Festival
Plastique Romantique (stb x at)
September 3-19, 2015 Philadelphia Fringe Festival

Thank you for scrolling this far.

xoxo, Sean
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