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Let's [keep] Dancing!

As is the norm, I'm just giving you the last few months' low-down!  I've been busy performing, choreographing, and teaching... and now you get to hear all about it!  You're just thaaaat special.

As you can see from the picture above, life's been a party.  My current project, Let's Dancing! has been presented in excerpts at a couple different mixed bills: Four Tuesdays in January (1fiftyone space in PHL), NACHMO (Mark Morris Dance Center in NYC), Ready or Not (Triskelion in NYC), and soon two more Philadelphia showings in March and April!  At the Triskelion showing, I even had some guest dancers - some real #NewYorkers - Tyler Clark, Taylor Gillhouse, Leann Gioia, and Katie Skinner!  The Philadelphia kids I've been developing the work with, Hillary Pearson, Meredith Stapleton, and Kat J. Sullivan, will be performing for the ETC Series on March 12th and 13th!

stb x at <3

Dr. Andy Thierauf and I have been hard at work on our schtick, too - we've recently been awarded our first residency!  From January through June, we'll be moving around at Soundspace 1525 making new work!  Between rehearsals and our regular collaboration, we'll be hosting several workshops as a bit of out-reach, and our major project here will culminate in a showing at Rittenhouse Soundworks Stage in June - a new piece involving tap, electronics, AND three non-Sean-and-Andy performers! (Photo Credit: Susanne Collins)

Status of World-Conquering:

As you might have noticed, I'm slowly reaching out a bit more geographically.  In the past, I've had several pieces shown in Iowa City and New York while I was stranded in Philadelphia (and even put out a series of duets in Philadelphia while at home in Des Moines), and now I'm moving my choreography to a few other cities!

In January, dancers Stav Comay, Sarah Finley, and Eva Skillings premiered CLVOER (pictured above) at Body Cartography's Future Interstates in Minneapolis.  This piece just so happens to be an oh-so-clever surprise retrograde of one of my first pieces... And looks to have gone splendidly!  (I have a complete 10-minute quartet score available if anyone wants to give it a go!)

Next up is Chicago - Zach Bird, Raechel Hofsteadter, Daisy McKinlay, Claire Michalak, Maura Naughton, and Brady Van Patten are bringing back my thing-a-majig called to marinate from Philadelphia's FringeArts Festival!  They'll be walking and talking (so... performing the piece) on March 10th at THAW X, the annual fundraiser for Chicago's MacArthur-winning  Links Hall!

AND in May, Miss Lauren Linder is flying Andy and me to Seattle (!) to perform a brand-new modular composition for her likely-stunning choreography at Converge Dance Festival!

Is that all?

No, of course not!  Above is a shot of me performing the New York debut of Deep Submerge No. 6 to a full house in January.  See: Some people still haven't figured out that I don't know what I'm doing!

I'm also continuing to teach at First Position Dance Arts!  We've started those dreaded recital dances - I've paired my high school ballet class with a 'supa-hot' track (an accordion mash-up of Taylor Swift's Trouble and Miley Cyrus's Wrecking Ball), and my middle schoolers are dancing (in dancing shoes) to Dev's Dancing Shoes!  My creativity knows *no* bounds.

I'm not the only one with exciting news, either.  One of the companies I'm dancing with, Anne-Marie Mulgrew & Dancers Company, is celebrating its 30th year!  To commemorate its history and the improbability of such longevity, we're sourcing material from past dancers and their memories of the sweet moves from yesteryear.  See the new work in action this June!
photo credit: Kaitlin Chow / K Chow Studios

Nora Gibson Contemporary Ballet

I've also completed my first season with NGCB!  After a new-age rehearsal schedule that brings new meaning to the phrase "hurry up and wait," we made a 70-minute piece over one intensive week in June and then another in January before our February performances at Christ Church Neighborhood House Ephemeral received rave reviews from the Philadelphia Inquirer and ThinkingDance! (Photo Credit: Kaitlin Chow / K Chow Studios)

The Naked Stark

Released-based choreographer Katherine Kiefer Stark has been keeping me on my toes with The Naked Stark as well!  I performed a new duet, Encounters, at Nice and Fresh in Philadelphia and at Bryn Mawr College - which is basically inside a castle.

Next up we're working with a much larger group on a much larger piece set to debut in the FringeArts Festival this September!  Soon we'll embark on a Workshop/Audition to add quantity and quality to the expanded piece, The One, The Other One, & The Many.  Come to our showings, Movement Practice Mondays, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram - I'm doing my best to update them as part of my arts admin side job!

And a hint of Ballet 180's Charlie Brown in December for your viewing pleasure... (Photo Credit: Frank Bicking / Bicking Photography)


One last thought I want to get out there is something that some have said "makes the world go 'round." Yup, money!

As I continue to pay off my student loans for the next 9.97 years (Thanks, minimum-wage spa receptionist gig!  'Yay!' for other people getting massaged and waxed, am I right?), I must ponder how to best fund the expensive hobby of dance - and hopefully not dip into my investments. (LEGOs.)  How can a maybe-eventually-on-deck-to-be-considered-an-emerging-artist-in-ten-to-fifteen-years like myself secure funds to make things happen?

My original intention was to funnel whatever I made in the dance world right back into the dance world by way of application fees, space expenses, and class costs.  As I get busier moving around for others (and myself), this money ends up going towards real things like food and rent and bus tokens.  My next step is hopefully self-production and actually paying dancers - Is it best to go the 501(c)3 route and be eligible for more grants?  Is it better to publicly give out my PayPal Address?  (It works - try donating to it!  That sounds like a trick, because it is.. but still!)

Let me know your ideas! (and/or just say hi.)
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