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A unique, productive little snowflake...

I'm back. With tidings of good cheer, stories of the past season, and several pictures that will make you weep in their nonchalant beauty.  It's been a busy fall, and it's shaping into a similarly hectic winter - a blizzard if you will.  K.  We'll start the holiday run-down with all the company work I've been up to!

Dancing... for you!

The Naked Stark has gotten seriously gung-ho on our big project for next year.  Below you'll see an image from our previous showing in June - and if you check out our Instagram, you can find a huge trove of videos from classes and rehearsals!  More information on showings and performances coming soon!
Nora Gibson Contemporary Ballet is about to go into another round of rehearsals in January for our February concert.  In true dance world fashion, we've set up a Hatchfund to help raise money for the coming show.  Please give it a look and consider donating - my landlord would appreciate it!  (The contemporary ballet world too, but that's assumed.)

This past week, Anne-Marie Mulgrew & Dancers Company has also started rehearsals for the 30th anniversary season with our show at the start of June!

I've also began teaching a smidge!  In October I taught a non-majors master class at Temple University, and I now instruct the finer points of the Vaganova/Cecchetti ballet technique to teenagers weekly at First Position Dance Arts!

Fringe - it happened.

The FringeArts Festival in September is a cornerstone of the performance scene in Philadelphia.  To celebrate my first year in town, I joined in and participated in three different shows: Body of Water with Antonia & Artists, Boing! with Vervet Dance...
AAAnnnddd Cut on the Bias with Katie Horton and Artists, where I presented two new works: to marinate (a big group number) and Blanc & Bonk with Andy Thierauf.  I also improvised for Kat J. Sullivan's Redshift (not pictured).

New Music... Everywhere.

Post-Fringe brought with it several collaborations with contemporary musicians.  First in October with the Vox Novus 60x60 Dance Festival in New York, I had a couple fantastic movers interpret a new dance score to a composition by Rodney Waschka II in Aubade.  This is the first one-act, one-minute pointe/boot ballet I've worked on.  Versitality - it's what's for dinner.
Later in November, Dr. Andy Thierauf and I (or stb x at as we call ourselves) produced an evening-length concert of our collaborations and solo works, movers\\shakers.  The show was comprised of ten new and recent pieces all presented at The Iron Factory in Philadelphia.  While you're here, you might as well go ahead and like us on Facebook.

"What else?"

I have also thrown work and/or improvised at a variety of mixed bills and festivals in the past few months, showing dance all over: 'Tis The Season at The Painted Bride, IDA Blackbox Showcase, Duende Open Salon, Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers InHale Performance Series, the H-O-T Series in Philadelphia, and CollabFest at TriskelionArts in NYC.  I know: lists upon lists.

Next on the Sean Train

I'm steadily booking up some weekend shows in the coming months!  I will be performing the title character of A Charlie Brown Christmas next Sunday for Ballet 180's winter production.  In January, I'll be making my Minneapolis debut with a new piece, CLVOER, premiering at Future Interstates at the Cowles Center.  Shortly thereafter, The Naked Stark will be presenting an excerpt at Nice and Fresh in Philadelphia, and rounding out January, I'll be showing Deep Submerge No. 6 at Spoke The Hub's Winter Follies in Brooklyn.  A request:

Maybe watch my new reel! (Click below.)

And one last pang of jealousy for you...

I've been keeping a big old list of shows I've been seeing in Philly, and I'll let you take a gander: Dorrance Dance, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Trisha Brown, Twyla Tharp, Complexions Ballet, Jessica Lang, Parsons Dance, Rosie Herrera, Body Traffic, Zoe Juniper, LA Dance Project, Kibbutz, Cynthia Oliver, etc...  I know, right?

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