Just a late-summer update.  Please enjoy...
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It's me.  Again.

Just wanted to say hey.  It's only been a couple of months, but I've got some new things brewing.  Also, some old things.  Before we get into the nitty-gritty, I have a request: Know of any great dance books?  Something more composition/theory-oriented versus too academic or biographical.  Give me ideas!  My current fave is A Choreographer's Handbook by Jonathan Burrows... I'd love to find something similar *or* completely different!  Until then... Read on!

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I have been continuing to make and performs stuff like it's my hobby.. because it is.  Pictured above is subliminanimal, a collaborative duet between Antonia Z Brown and myself that we performed at the ETC Series in the beginning of May!  I'm also performing for her Fringe show this September.  More information in a little bit...

In my recent travels back to Iowa, I was lucky enough to continue to show some work in Philadelphia at the Koresh Artist Showcase.  A score I made last year, 9 9 10 2 20was danced in three performances, each with a new duet of stellar performers: Katherine Kiefer Stark with Marie Brown, Joseph Ahmed with Dan Park, and Kat J. Sullivan with Meredith Stapleton.  I still haven't caught any video, but I've heard that it went well!
SKI BALL has continued to collaborate!  Our trio (made up of Kat J. Sullivan, Isaac Lindy, and myself) created a second work, Ribs Flung Wide.  We performed the piece towards the end of May at Jennifer Muller's Hatch Presenting Series in New York.  Our now-signature rompers were a hit as usual!  Stay tuned for further developments.
The dance/theater solo I've been performing recently, Elvis has left the building. has gotten a couple more appearances!  I performed the piece at COLLAGE Festival in early May (shown here) and later at FringeArts at the start of June (the blue-sequined dress seen above).  I think I'm retiring the piece for now, but don't count on anything just yet!
In June, I performed a new solo installation work, One Room Disco, for SoLow Fest.  Playing with the audience-of-one trope, I invited a single audience member into my 90-square foot apartment (The STBDancing Studio, get it?) to view the performance and take in the small space.  Each audience member was also treated to snacks and a viewing of Filler, one of my dance videos with music by composer Will Huff.

On The Move

I'm continuing to work with a few great companies here in Philly!  After a summer hiatus, The Naked Stark is getting back to business on our current project, The One, The Other One, & The Many.  More details on its performance next year will come at a later date!  I have also completed the first half of a compact, yet intensive rehearsal schedule for Nora Gibson Contemporary Ballet, again gearing up for a performance next year!  My first season with Anne-Marie Mulgrew & Dancers Company was great, and we were even invited to perform at the Come Together Festival this July for a full house at the Suzanne Roberts Theatre.  The shot above features a neat #ModernDance pose from one of the pieces we performed in May...  Look at me go!

Freelance Fun

In addition to dancing with people who already have non-profits set up, I've gotten to perform for/with friends who have similar entrepreneurial genes/jeans.  Kat J. Sullivan re-staged her female duet Reign on me as a solo for the InHale Performance Series in South Philly.  I then realized that I haven't gotten to perform a completely-choreographed solo since I was a ballerina! (what what.)  In other news, I totes sold out and danced in a flash-mob.  Gotta do it once, right?

stb x at

Andy (or *Dr. Andy*, if you will, and I will) are still doing the make-stuff-happen thing.  In July, we were privileged to have a couple mini-residencies at the University of Iowa (btw, I'm still gracing the website's banner omg) and Capital City Dance Center to reconstruct a work in our repertoire for the Omaha Under the Radar Festival.  We then traveled to Nebraska and got to perform and witness some wonderful new music and contemporary dance at a venue that apparently housed a Ben Folds concert the next weekend. (Cool beans, right?)  The piece that we performed, Plastique Romantique, has now been curated into CollabFest in New York at Triskelion Arts this October!  Next up, Andy and I are crafting a new duet riffing on famous dance music/choreography with a vibraphone and some ballet shoes.  This will be performed for Fringe 2015... See below.  Lastly, check out the slowly-expanding website for stb x at!

Philadelphia Fringe Festival

Presented by FringeArts, this is *the* multi-week performance event of the year and features "all" kinds of dance (and theater and music) for "all" kinds of people!

Body of Water

Antonia & Artists
September 5th, 6th, 11th, and 12th

I've worked with Antonia on a couple projects at this point and this is her newest evening-length work!  A cast of four of us are "feeling the water already present in our bodies" for an hour of dancing at the CEC!  We performed at Scratch Night and are pumped to do it for real!

Cut on the Bias

Katie Horton and Artists
September 14th and 15th

A collection of off-kilter works at Performance Garage.  I'm making a group piece, to marinate, that just got a preview performance this past weekend.  Andy and I will show our newest duet, AND I'll be in a trio by Kat J. Sullivan.


Vervet Dance
September 18th and 19th

We showed an initial draft of Boing! at the end of May, and we're back at it for Fringe 2015!  Again, we'll be at Mascher Space Cooperative in the Kensington neighborhood.

that's all.  xoxo,

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