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"The Sweet Spot" and "The Top 3 Board"

“An experiment we tried at this company was so simple, it was almost embarrassing to introduce, but it radically changed how people communicated with each other and how they managed work on the ground. One of the things we heard in the discovery phase is that people would have lists of things they planned to do, but they would never make progress on those lists because every day would be taken up with unplanned urgent 'firefighting'. People would say, ‘If we could just get one or two or three of those planned tasks actually done, we’d feel good’..." (From “The Top 3 Board,” a new addition to Design Stories)

InGlobal’s Jeff Kupperman talked with Mollie Callahan and Michelle Pomorski from Menlo Innovations, an Ann Arbor-based software company known for its innovative design and work management processes, an emphasis on “kindergarten skills” over credentials, and cultivation of joy in the workplace. Michelle and Mollie both joined Menlo as High-Tech Anthropologists®, and recently Michelle has moved to a Project Manager role.

Michelle and Mollie had so many terrific design stories, we divided them into five parts. The first two parts can be found here, and the third through fifth parts will be posted next month. We hope you enjoy these stories as much as we did!
Design Mindset CARDS
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  • Generating multiple solutions
  • Getting useful feedback on prototypes
  • Iterating productively
The cards are appropriate for individuals or groups working on any kind of open-ended problem, from engineering challenges to improving organizational culture. The cards use language that is straightforward enough for secondary students, but they have been crafted to help even experienced designers to uncover the problem behind the problem and find creative sparks when needed.
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