Notes for the practitioners of Qigong and Yoga during the first 2 weeks of February, 2016.
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Lunar Year begins
February 8, 2016
Fire Monkey
Monkey energy is full of humor, playfulness and "spunky." Remember that word? A fire monkey is seen in a lot of writings as carrying around a ball of fire and unintentionally setting fires everywhere. However, I see the monkey as the spark that encourages one to laugh, deep in the belly where your own fire lives.The tail of the monkey is incredibly agile and strong and a symbol of adaptation. Helping the monkey to find food in the trees, your creative ingenuity much the same is about using your passionate resources for help.

As a climber, there are times I surely wish I had a tail!

Understanding, compassion, and bonding with others are the gifts of the monkey. Hang on for some really passionate times coming!

Zi Wu Qigong…..

Zi Form:
Daily 10:30-11pm
Monthly: New Moon,
Yearly: Winter Solstice

Preparation: Face South and come to a seated position. Rub your hands together, then use the right palm to warm up your left foot. (With this movement, the Pericardium channel-middle finger- connects to the Kidney channel of the left foot, harmonizing the Heart and Kidney for sleep disorders and a restful night of sleep. 

Continue to massage the earth tendons. 
When the earth tendons start to relax then all the tendons in the body will relax. 
When the Yin channels of your legs are open, they can work for you while you are sleeping (Use the tapping massage method we do while sitting.)

Movement 1: Turtle Looks at His Tail
Kneel on floor. Make a fist with the thumbs on the outside. Place your fist on the ground then turn your head and body to look at your tail. 5 times each side.
This movement helps you activate your Wei Lu (GV1) the first Yang Qi point. (wagging your tail activates your yang Qi (perhaps why dogs are so happy!)

Movement 2: Tonify the Kidneys
Lift your body up and make bird beaks with both hands (thumb touching index and middle fingers) Tap your Kidneys 39 times, alternating from left to right. At the same time tap your teeth together and collect your saliva. When you have saliva, swallow and guide it to your kidneys. 
This routine will help you tonify the kidneys and pump up your kidney qi.
Movement 3: Moving Spleen Qi
Bring your hands in front and form claws. Scrape down like a brush the abdomen from the left to the right side. As many times up to you.
This will help you move the Stomach and Spleen Qi 

Movement 4: Harmonize the Kidneys and Heart
Bring your hands back to your kidneys then scoop the kidney water into your hands, moving them in front of the body, palms facing up. Next, move your hands (kidney water) up to your heart. Turn your hands and push down while intoning the healing sound "hey" softly. Perform 5 times. 
These movements will harmonize the kidney water and heart fire. 

Place middle fingers into your ears and massage Tian Wen Shu accupoint (in ear) then pop out (pulling quickly middle finger out of ear 3 times). 
This routine helps with hearing problems and again harmonizes kidney and heart.

Movement 5: Healing the Eyes
(Lay down or sit down) Rub your hands together until your palms are warm and place them over your open eyes, count to 39. Then close your eyes and count to 39 again.  Leave your eyes closed and bring both arms down to the lower dan tian. 
This routine will help you relax the muscles and release pressure in the eyes.

Movement 6: Descending Lung's Qi
Breathing work: Inhale deeply through the nose and exhale out of the mouth. When exhaling visualize the qi moving down from your chest all the way out of your left Yong Quan (Kidney 1) point, bottom of left foot. Perform this 5 times. Then repeat on the right side. 
This breathing work will support the descending Lung Qi function.

Movement 7: Give Birth to Yang
Lean your body to the right, place the right thumb behind the right ear and spread the fingers across the right side of the face. The tip of your little finger is placed at the beginning of the eyebrow (Zan Zhu, Bladder 2)
Visualize the qi starting to move from the eyebrow (Zan Zhu accupoint) down the Bladder Channl to the end of the little toe. 
This movement helps activate your Bladder channel and allow one yang start.

From the Practice and Teachings of Master Liu He (A Buddhist Qigong Method: Ling Gui International Healing Qigong School, Portland, Oregon)



by Subhuti Dharmananda, Ph.D., Director, Institute for Traditional Medicine, Portland, Oregon
Qigong 1 - Wednesdays
Yin Tonifying Forms
We begin to focus now into the deepest Yin of each of the organs, to nourish through the winter. 

The Yin is the most important because it is the source and the return. It is the source of all manifestation and the destination of the return. The Yin field is the body, the Yang field is the clothes. The Yin field is the mind, and the Yang field is the works of expression produced by the mind. The Yin field is the soul, and the Yang field is the spirit. The Yin field is love, and the Yang field is feeling and emotion.

Each organ/element has Yin aspects, functions and needs, therefor we practice all of the elemental Yin forms beginning with Wood (liver) Wiping the Pond. Its spiritual purpose is growth and hope, nourishing original vision and retrieval of original (childhood) gifts. Yin aspect is Nurturance.

The second form is Fire (heart) Flame Shaping. Expressions, passion, power, fruition - full potential, The Yin aspect is Form (memory). 

The third form is Earth (spleen) Walking the Bear. Balance (management of opposing forces), stability, association-connecting, friendship. The Yin aspect is Profundity.

The fourth form is Metal (lungs) Eternal Wings. Discernment, warriorship, wisdom. The Yin aspect is Transparency.

The fifth form is Water (kidney) Effortless Rowing. Nurturing, life and death and birth, eternity. The Yin aspect is Understanding.

from the teachings of Master Daniel Villasenor and MogaDao Qigong.
crouch stance
Ma Bu - Shaolin horsestance
Daoist Meditation
Inner Alchemy Meditation
Daoist Unveiling Meditation follows a pattern of consciousness to awareness.
Thinking - Feeling - Sensing - Being - NonBeing

Preparation: Rest in Essential goodness
Mantra: "I rest in Essential Goodness"

Scanning the body, ask such questions as "what does my body feel like to me in this instant?" "What/where are my aches and pains? Where are my comforts? Can I follow the physical sensation with my breath? Can I watch my breath rise and fall? Can I feel the expansion of the breath throughout the body and send the breath to the ache that is calling my attention?

1. Sit comfortably
2. Cultivate thankfulness and gratitude
3. Hold and massage the kidneys
4. Flush the channels, lifting the hands upward and inhale deeply, pause with the hands between nose and crown of head (Baihui) and exhale forcefully 3 times. 
5. The Grandchildren, cycles Mingmen, Jen Gate & Jade Pillow
6. Packing and with Huiyin closed
7. Stoking the Fire 
8. Flush the Gates
9. Meditation
Kidney Forms for Warm-Up
"Fear is Fortune if you are not afraid" - Daniel Villasenor

1. Good Morning - Begin in Qigong stance, the inner elbows pull backward and the hands knife downward, then palms turn upward and skyward with chest lifted and small arch in back. As  arms almost straighten and weight is lifted from heels, hands dive downward in curving form. Hands reach deep in Yin field (each practitioner adjust depth here). Mingmen gate, at middle of lower back is pushed upward, then hands turn, legs bend and gather in the wetness. Drawing upward in loose fists, the hands arrive at the crest of the hips, palms upward holding this wetness. Do 9-15 repetitions.

2. Straddling the River - or Lower Back Warm-Up
in Horestance, looking left and leaning to the right, make a huge sweeping motion to the left with chin and follow around to the right and back to akimbo position. Repeat the other direction.

For lower back warm-up, place palm of right hand on inside right thigh, take large inhale then lead by chin over to left side, inside thigh (do not lay body on the left leg) press right hand and arm straight into and pressing away right inner thigh. Lower head, neck soft. Take a few breaths into lower back and SIJoint and repeat on other side.
Yoga continues at Extreme Fitness on Tuesday and Thursdays, Drop-Ins welcome 5:30-6:45pm
SCHOLAR CLASS - It's time for another scholar class, to sit and talk about the origins of Qigong, the IChing and the archetypes of the psyche and how this all relates to the 5 Elements, Energy Medicine and your practice. TBA
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