Notes for the practitioners of Qigong and Yoga during the week of January 25-31, 2016
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Source Points
Use these source points that are on each of the meridian lines as accupressure points to send in good emotion, relieve press in each of the partner organs and to balance all of the lines. 

Back to Practice…..

1. Tomorrow, Sunday we will resume Qigong at the County Park at 11:30am. Everyone welcome. 

2. Yoga resumes Tues/Thurs at 530-645 at Extreme Fitness

Daily Practice - Discipline

Qigong 1 - Wednesdays
Yin Tonifying Forms
We begin to focus now into the deepest Yin of each of the organs, to nourish through the winter. 

The Yin is the most important because it is the source and the return. It is the source of all manifestation and the destination of the return. The Yin field is the body, the Yang field is the clothes. The Yin field is the mind, and the Yang field is the works of expression produced by the mind. The Yin field is the soul, and the Yang field is the spirit. The Yin field is love, and the Yang field is feeling and emotion.

Each organ/element has Yin aspects, functions and needs, therefor we practice all of the elemental Yin forms beginning with Wood (liver) Wiping the Pond. Its spiritual purpose is growth and hope, nourishing original vision and retrieval of original (childhood) gifts. Yin aspect is Nurturance.

The second form is Fire (heart) Flame Shaping. Expressions, passion, power, fruition - full potential, The Yin aspect is Form (memory). 

The third form is Earth (spleen) Walking the Bear. Balance (management of opposing forces), stability, association-connecting, friendship. The Yin aspect is Profundity.

The fourth form is Metal (lungs) Eternal Wings. Discernment, warriorship, wisdom. The Yin aspect is Transparency.

The fifth form is Water (kidney) Effortless Rowing. Nurturing, life and death and birth, eternity. The Yin aspect is Understanding.

from the teachings of Master Daniel Villasenor and MogaDao Qigong.
crouch stance
Ma Bu - Shaolin horsestance
Daoist Meditation
Inner Alchemy Meditation
Daoist Unveiling Meditation follows a pattern of consciousness to awareness.
Thinking - Feeling - Sensing - Being - NonBeing

Preparation: Rest in Essential goodness
Mantra: "I rest in Essential Goodness"

Scanning the body, ask such questions as "what does my body feel like to me in this instant?" "What/where are my aches and pains? Where are my comforts? Can I follow the physical sensation with my breath? Can I watch my breath rise and fall? Can I feel the expansion of the breath throughout the body and send the breath to the ache that is calling my attention?

1. Sit comfortably
2. Cultivate thankfulness and gratitude
3. Hold and massage the kidneys
4. Flush the channels, lifting the hands upward and inhale deeply, pause with the hands between nose and crown of head (Baihui) and exhale forcefully 3 times. 
5. The Grandchildren, cycles Mingmen, Jen Gate & Jade Pillow
6. Packing and with Huiyin closed
7. Stoking the Fire 
8. Flush the Gates
9. Meditation
10 minute KungFu workout for 2016
(some of you will recognize the shaolin forms that I have been teaching you :-)
First Dinosaur bone found in Washington State at Sucia Island 3 years ago, now on display at the Burke Museum.
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