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Hello good students and friends, I am writing my final newsletter to you all from Denver as I will be leaving for Arizona on Jan. 7.

As soon as I announced to our practice circle of Qigong on Monday, the news spread fast, so fast that a few of you called my supervisors to request a replacement before they had gotten the word from me! In my most humble self I needed this goodbye to be a slow unfolding process, even as quick as it may seem.

Most of you know by now of the movement to Phoenix, Arizona, entering the Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture, for clinic hours toward my practical license. To those that I didn't get to tell personally I apologize.  It has been a most wonderful 2 years teaching with DPR, very grateful for Ben and Joseph with AOA and Chad and Melissa with FIT who offered classes, opened workshops, and supported me in great ways to bring medicine to you. Just remember no departure is every permanent. I will be back through periodically and will send out notice for classes and workshops planned in the Denver area in the future.  Until then, movement now includes Phoenix medicine.

Thank you so very much, I will carry each of you in my heart always.
An important note if you are receiving this is to unsubscribe if you no longer wish to be on my newsletter from afar, and stay on until you don't. There is always an unsubscribe at the bottom of every newsletter. I will be merging my students from around the country into one collective as I have students in Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, Easter Island, Australia, New Zealand, and as I move towards opening my new acupuncture practice and new Qigong/Yoga classes it will grow under the name Blackcoyote Medicine and DaoQi Acupuncture.

A personal message...

I guess I haven't really made a formal announcement but next week I will be leaving Denver. My greatest joy being here was being closer to my son, his Sara and now little Jude! This will be the saddest parting to be further from them all. My rock was the Yoga and Qigong classes I taught with Denver Parks and Rec. It was my daily hug, feeling loved and wanted and needed. Thank you to those that allowed me to step into their lives, lead their health, and love me in return! And my climbing friends and Earthtreks held my sanity together when the BS of private schools held my life over the last 3 years, my climbing inspired my ability to push forward, to find good friends, and so freaking good to climb 12s again after a long hiatus from what I love. I am a dirtbag, some fault me for the nomadic life, the frugal and poverty imposed by me and well not all by me, I would have loved to have any of the hundreds of teaching positions I applied for. I did get to teach at Univ. of Colorado and at Univ. of Denver, thank you for that. Nothing seemed to stick here. So it reinforced no matter how much I tried to stay that it was only temporary. Grateful for my friend Syd who invited me to bust ass in her catering company which kept me alive through the holiday season.

I have found in all of the travels, and places I have lived and worked, all the different hats of self that I have put upon me, the Architect, the Archaeologist, the Teacher, the Artist, and now Medicine Woman that arriving is the hardest. Starting new takes so much energy, but if you stay a while, then you find some roots, and then it is difficult to leave. I am grateful for my sense of survival, that came about from Day 1 of being born into this world, and for the Courage that I can still muster, as a single woman, a single mother, one that didn't give up her dreams, just delayed them. I had a dream of being a teacher of design, that is what I wanted to do. Teach people about Earth, and how to live sustainably with her. That ideal with the little office, the professor with the books and a paid research fund, was a vision and you know when you finish your PhD at 49 the world calls you too old, too much female, too expecting to be paid what one is worth, so the chances reduce, but I didn't give up. I lost a lot, but gained friendships which has turned out to be the most important thing in life. When you reach middle age you reflect back, and you finally get it. The importance of your value, your unique self and what you get to add to the cosmic record of your experiences. I always felt like a time traveler, reaching back with ancient wisdom, teaching in the present, to make change in the future for my son and all the future generations.

So now onward with all that cosmic dust, to touch the world, building bridges. I meet people that have never left the town they were born into, or the job for 30 years. I was born in the bayous, in the richness of the earth, with trees as elders, it is the life of a storyteller. What lives viscerally in me, animates me, so that when I tell my grandson about the monkeys in the rainforest and what they sound like, or coring an ancient crater lake on Easter Island, his eyes will light up and his heart will stir. Because life is not measured by how much money you have, or the retirement you work for, but rather the life you lead. It is uncomfortable to be alone, it is so lonely sometimes that it hurts, but deep in those tissues, in that heart space are the memories that drive the new experiences to come.

Thank you to all my friends that share your amazing lives with me, and thank you Denver for the last 3 years.

it was 29 years ago that I moved with little Ki to Tempe, and as hard as that was, it was a path well taken for both of us. Forks in the road, they are muster that asks you to dive deep, make a choice and bring all the gusto you have with you.

Hello Phoenix, I'm on my way again!

To those of you who have supported my upcoming GoFundMe campaign for my upcoming hand surgery to relieve the deforming of my hands due to Dupuytren's Contracture, THANK YOU!  You are so important in helping me to continue practicing the medicine that I live to do everyday. If you want to keep up with the campaign and upcoming notes, this is the link: Dupuytren's Contracture and the Medicine Woman (click here).
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