Happy Summer 2018!

Although the shift in seasons has been in motion for many weeks now, it is official we have passed the longest day of sunshine of the entire year! We are currently in Yang Rising time, where the heat and energy of the sun brings out the eager human to match the same intensity. Enjoy your time running, hiking, moving, climbing, and expressing your heart’s desire to laugh and love.


Solstice Qigong Ceremony 

On Thursday morning at Althea Center we sat first with COTA tea in honor of friendship and ceremony together. OSHA root made its way into the center of the circle to remind us of grandmother bear and the “bear root.” OSHA is a very powerful plant, and we use the root to reach deep into the earth for the hidden places that we hide our heart, in protection. summer is the time of fire and calls for our biggest expressive heart, so we met the winter with summer in between, in the center, in the heart space.

As the teacher I always come to the practice after walking feeling the energy of the day before I arrive into the circle. So I had an idea of the forms that were needed for the practice, and yet they emerged on their own to change what the participants needed from that practice. I love how Qi does this, if we really open and are patient enough to stand still, it will make itself know. However simple. Qi is just breath, and it is all of life! How can we possibly know everything?

We began with a kidney form, water, with a courageous yang form of water, called good morning. Every morning we cycle out of the deep yin of night to meet the yang of day so we must find the courage, giving and receiving with an open heart.

the second form, a fire form, pyramid, the emerging yang rising from liver to heart, we increased the heart rate and breath to build heat, to draw in the yang energy of the day.

It was time then for the third form, the transformation beginning with a lung form, dragon. twisting, turning and breathing out the dragon’s breath. We began to change.

The fourth form, began the second trigram of our practice, coming back to the heart with turning the Tajji ball. this form wishes of playfulness, ecstatic energy with the cosmos and earth in symphony together. the only yin line in the trigram, the expression of the heart potential is far from passive.

The next form was for the liver, silk reeling. the ability to clean, push through the journey and expose oneself like a bud on a tree to become a beautiful flower, or yummy fruit. The seed has everything it needs, like good DNA  it replicates a perfect copy then adds in the Qi from its environment. DNA can be changed, that is the whole theory of epi genetics, so what you eat, what you do, what you believe becomes the you now and we proceed onward into future generations.

The last form we practiced was leopard, a strong lung form, that pushed its way in a very shamanic way, into courage using the breath and body to clear and arrive.

Distilling back into the coolness of the water, and flapping we closed with making the medicine seed out of our practice.

With Six forms we created a hexagram of the IChing, and it disclosed itself as the archetype called 

Hsiao Ch'u (Small Restraint)

I Ching Hexagram 9
Hsiao Ch'u (Small Restraint)

Action: Surrender

Hu Gua (hidden influence) 38 Opposition: Yield

Zong Gua (underlying cause) 16 Enthusiasm: Align

There is no real blockage that can withstand submission.

The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting
for our wits to grow sharper. – Eden Phillpotts

Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine

I continue to study and pratice, with 3 more terms before I am done Summer 2019. After board exams, I look forward to stepping fully into the wandering Sage bringing medicine with me to all places I touch.

San Fu Days 2018!

If anyone is in the Denver area and would like to receive a San Fu treatment for lung ailments, please email me for more information.

Upcoming events

I continue to teach in the Denver area, and also in other places around the country by request. You may find my google calendar on my website at

Special note from Candace:  
Near or Far, wherever you are, I miss you and I miss practicing with all of you! Be well, Be Happy!  With Love, C

Do you like stories?...... here is a new one!

The Myth of Sesamoid--

“And so it was” said the old blind mole as he vividly enacted the story of why he had 6 toes on each of his four feet. “But why” said the little one eagerly as they laid in their warm and cozy earthen dens resting. “Why do we have six toes when everyone else has five?” And the grandfather exclaimed “We are of the great Bear clan, made small. The big Blacks and Browns and even the Giant Panda have six toes too! So you see little one, we are small, but we are mighty! And still the little one wanted to know more. “Tell me paw paw, tell me the story about the pearl and how the two-leggeds hid their six’th toe! Didn’t they want their 6th toe?” Well paw paw stretching his toes wide upon the earth feeling every texture of the granules between them said, “We are the diggers, the makers, the root finders and the movers of the Earth. The two leggeds walk upon the land but they have lost their way and their feeling of the richness of the earth between their toes.
So one day as the old man of the mountain lay upon the earth, our old furry ancestor sprung up next to him in a tiny little hole. Watching with delight, the two legged said to the furry one, “I sure wish I could dig a hole like you, then I could get to the other side of the world and see what’s over there too” And the furry one laughed, because he even though he could not see, he had felt his way beneath raging water, and climbed high upon the mountains, far away he had been and come again here he was. As he began to tell the old man his stories, the elder realized that the furry one was blind, but yet he had felt his way magically among all that the man had never seen. He imagined as the furry one told his stories, how it might feel to him too and he asked the mole how it was that the great bears walked on their six toes? And the furry one replied, that in order to stand strong with such big muscles that his bigger brothers needed the extra toe for balance. And then the old man asked “So why do you small one, have six toes when I only have five and I am bigger than you?” and the furry one told him “better to dig with, you see? Oh, said the two legged elder, but I would like to dig a hole so deep that I too can reach the other side of this world and pop my head up to see what is over there too!
And the furry one grinned, because he was but of the magic kind you see, he could feel greater than any of the two leggeds, more than they could see with their own two eyes, because it was his heart that led the way. Well he said to the old man, if you so desire to find the pearl, then you must find the plant called Sesamum. You see Sesamum lives in the land where the bears do not go, and it is far away. Those pesky bears tried to steal all of the pearls, but Sesamum hid a few plants in the land of giants. Where the horses are striped, and the four footed long necks run. Where the beasts of the bellows scratch the trees with their long claws. And Sesamum tends to his garden of these beautiful pearls that hang among the leaves. If you find Sesamum, he can give you a pearl which will help you dig. The old man was very excited, and for hours talked long with the furry one about the plants and the beasts and the trees and of Sesamum and how to find him.
The elder spent many days walking upon the land until upon his map, the mark was there and sitting amongst his dancing plants was Sesamum. Oh my friend he said, you have come a long way, sit and tell me your story. And there they were for many days, and the elder was quite pleased to be with Sesamum and helped him grow his plants with the pearls that hung in long stringy pods from the branches of the great tall plants. However in his heart he remembered the furry one, and that he wanted to dig a hole and feel the world. Sesamum, being the wizard he was, was also a medicine man. He grew the plants to help heal the world and he began to share the stories with the old man. He told the elder that if he wanted to dig a hole to the depths of the seas, that he would have to have his sixth toe. But how? the old man exclaimed, I don’t have one! But do you want our six’th toe? Sesamum asked. Oh yes, the old man said, because then I could see the world. Then we must take a pearl from the seeds of the pods and plant it and make it grow. But how will that give me a sixth toe? And Sesamum laughed with quite a belly full of Joy. He told the old man that he would hide the seed deep in a crevice, deep amongst the red sea and the white bone and it was there it would become the pearl, and the best part would be that no one would know, not unless they too wished for the sixth toe, and then it would be at that time, they would be able to see, not with their own eyes, but with the pearl hidden deep within. I see, I see! said the old man. And then it was done, the seed was planted, and the pearl grew, and each of his thumbs grew his sixth toe, and in each of his feet, and knees, and ears even. He smiled and he thanked Sesamum and started back on his long journey to the top of the mountain. When he returned he found his furry friend once again and told him of his long journey and of the pearls! “Now, he said to his friend, are we ready to dig that hole to the other side of the world?”

And there within all of us two leggeds are the hidden pearls and the magic to see, but it is only those curious ones that wish to dig the holes, the strong ones willing to take the journey, that find the sixth toe, their strength just like the furry ones.

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