Notes from the Qigong and Yoga classes for the week ending February 20,2016

There are 3 more weeks of practice this term, a total of 7 more classes. The last day of practice will be Wed. March 16.

All are welcome. $10 Drop-In for anyone that cares to join on any of the days, if you are not a current student in one of the classes.

Qigong Forms & Sounds

Healing Sounds of Qigong

Wood (Trees) grow upward. Fire expands in all directions, Earth expands horizontally. Metal contracts and contains. Water flows downward. The movements for the Triple Burner echo an up and down for the organs of the torso. It is not difficult to improvise graceful dance-like movements when working with the sounds; and that could increase and enhance their benefits.

1. Shooo ii (with puckered lips as if blowing a kiss)  for the Liver.

2. Hooooo (Yin) Haaaw(Yang) (sound it down in the throat, almost as if you were clearing your throat)for the Heart.

3. Whooo (Fu) (with more exaggerated puckered lips)  for Spleen-Stomach.

4. Tzzz (like the first part of Tzar)  for the Lungs. Extend your lower jaw, keep the tongue flat on the bottom of the mouth, then with breath and mind direct the buzzing sound to sink down deep into the chest. 

5. Chuu'way (The explosive sneeze-like beginning of the sound literally squeezes lower internal back muscles)  for the Kidneys.

6. Heyyy (Triple Burner)

Emotions & Physiology

The Tao, from the Primordial Qi, the Sounds and Forms are Archetypal universal energy, not physical substances. The etymology of wu-xing helps to explain this: Wu means five. Xing literally means going from one place to another placeas in moving from a here to a there. In other words, a state of (cyclic) transition. (The Movement of the Five Elements - Wood-Fire-Earth-Metal-Water)

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that mental and physical problems are caused by qi-energy imbalances in the organs and meridians. 

The Liver helps control the quality of the blood, and supports the eyesight. 

The Heart controls the circulation of blood. The Heart energy center also is the location of fire, which if in excess can bring about the stagnation or deficiency of the blood, as well as profoundly affecting how well the mind is working. Some suggest that the use of sound will assist in the healing of heart diseases as well as mental disturbances. 

Spleen-Stomach. The stomach digests and the spleen helps transport the nutrients and the related qi-energy of food. 

Lungs. Of all the five organ-systems what is called The Lung is the most in contact with the outer world with all its negative pathogenic influences, such as germs, viruses, and illness causing pollutants. Also the lungs bring in the rich qi of oxygen in the air, which is so absolutely vital for life itself.

The Kidneys oversee many functions needed for well-being. Some of the most important are reproduction, urination, general vitality, and psychological factors such as memory.

The Triple Burner refers to the functioning not the physicalityof the organs of the body. The Upper Burner has the lungs, heart and the mind. The Middle Burner has the spleen pancreas stomach; and the liver. Here food is metabolized for energy and cell growth. The Lower Burner refers to the area of the kidneys, bladder, and intestines; areas that deal with the elimination of waste. The sound used for the Triple Burner aids in harmonizing all of these functions.

Another primary application of the Five Healing Sounds is to aid in correcting any emotional disharmony caused by the stresses of modern life.

WED 8:30am - 9:30am Qigong 1 @ Skagit Rm A
FRI 8:30am-9:30am Qigong 2 @ Skagit Rm A
T/Th 5:30pm - 6:45pm Yoga @ Extreme Fitness
Sun 11:30am Qigong @ the County Park

Private Lessons & Sm. Groups Available (email Candace for rates and scheduling)

Qigong & the IChing Scholar Talk

Wed 8:30-9:30am
March 2 in Room A at Skagit (our Practice Room)

Once a term I get to pull out the why behind the forms. This will be the ancestral history to the development of the Qigong practice, the IChing, Jung archetypal psychology. 

Heal Your Back

A Mind-Body Workshop
March 5, Saturday
Extreme Fitness $25

Inspired by years of healing my own chronic back injuries, learning new and adaptive forms and asanas from my Forrest Yoga trainings, and by the needs of my students, this workshop will put together a 10 form sequence to make your back stronger, healthier and balanced.  Limit of 10 people.


Skype Opportunity

As time will move on, a Sage must travel in order to learn and touch the world of others. There are ways to keep your practice going, first it will require discipline of yourself. Do not give up, you have all that you need to heal within you. Come back to all of the newsletters that I so thoughtfully put together so that you would one day arrive at this point, to be there for yourself. And as technology shall hold true to this collective unconscious, we are yet a Skype conference practice away. Stay tuned.
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welcome to the Qigong Scholar class at SVC

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