February 2017 - Hello from BlackCoyote Medicine in Denver, Colorado
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"We want to display it, to make it visible,
though even the most visible happiness
can't reveal itself to us until we transform it within.
Nowhere, Beloved, will world be but within us.
Our life passes in transformation.
And the external shrinks into less and less…
A thing that was formerly prayed to, worshipped, knelt before-just as it is, it passes into the invisible world.
Many no longer perceive it, yet miss the chance
to build it inside themselves now, with pillars and statues:    
   greater. --Rilke

The Primordial 5 Elements

(an original oil on kraft paper by Candace)

As I sit down to write to you the clock shows 2:22 2/22, an auspicious moment. In numerology the 2:22 relates to relationship and people in our lives. It is good to have you along this path with me. 

I am now in Denver, Colorado and for the next 2 years will be focusing on becoming a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This medicine is thousands of years old, based on nature and all that I have been teaching thus far and more. With this study our practices and teachings will be stronger, in more detail and reflecting the healing nature of this ancient wisdom.

Looking back on my life from the very beginnings of mixing dirt in an old pickle jar, to saving the trees and lightening bugs, to building houses of straw and earth to save the forests, and even in search of ancient civilizations and digging up the past, it has all linked together to understand nature and our part in it. 


 Over the next 2 years, Periodically between the TCM sessions I will have a one week slot that I will focus on offering workshops for my students abroad.  From Santa Fe to Bisbee, Ashland, Portland, San Juan Island, Colorado and adding more. I will see you soon and we will practice together.

I will also be adding online practice sessions in the near future for private access only with a small fee, in order to honor the sacredness of the practice and not broadcast on the web. More info coming soon.

Private Sessions via Skype are also available. This may include a consult for 5 Element Medicine, Qigong forms, or Yoga practicum designed specifically for your needs. Send inquiries via email to:


  Current schedule and timeline 

Between Heaven and Earth: 5 Element Medicine Practice in Yoga and Qigong

Bisbee, Az. - Thursday 3/2 5:15-8:15pm Workshop $25
Friday 3/3 8-9am Qigong $10 and 9:15-10:45am 5E Yoga $15
Private Sessions are available on Thursday,
email to schedule -
Adv. registration by email offers a discount for all sessions at $40

Paonia, Colorado - March 2017 (more details to come)

Ashland, Oregon - April 22-24 (more details to come)

San Juan Island - April 29 (more details to come)

Chiang Mai, Thailand Mid-April, 2018 -  8 days
Thai Plant Medicine/Qigong 

Denver, CO - Qigong in the Park coming soon

Click on link for the full pdf from my website for the Bisbee Workshop
Original 2017 invitation for Thailand archived here fYI (click the link above)

Off The Clock: Palms and Pineapples

April 7, 2017 6-9pm

Denver: I will be at the Denver Botanical Gardens as a presenter during the Palms and Pineapple Event on April 7. In the Orangery, I have a table called Easter Island Giants, and will be talking about the magnificent Giant Palms and other plants I uncovered from Rano Kao. Excellent beginnings in Denver……. if you are nearby come to the event

An Education Fund has been created for Candace's Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine program at CSTCM in Denver, Colorado. The cost of the program for 2.5 years is $39k (tuition) + Living Costs. Your generous donations are always welcome. 
Thank you

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