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7 Overlooked Thanksgiving Rituals

The carving of the turkey, the saying of the grace, the watching of the football. If a Martian anthropology student asked us to name some cultural rites of Thanksgiving, those would be the first few to come to mind. But students of anthropology know that a society is not always the best judge of its own customs.

The first major sociological study of Thanksgiving appeared in the Journal of Consumer Research in 1991. The authors, Melanie Wallendorf and Eric J. Arnould, conducted in-depth interviews with people about their experiences of the holiday. They also had 100 students take detailed field notes on their Thanksgiving celebrations, supplemented by photographs. The data analysis revealed some common events in the field notes that people rarely remarked on in the interviews. Here are some common Thanksgiving rituals you might not realize qualify as such.


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The 7 Po Yin, and the 3 Hun Yang

Think of the human body was a microcosm, a physical landscape inhabited by different spirits.  This is how Daoists think of the body.  We believe that the human soul is made up of many different spirits.  The Yang aspect of the soul is made up of the three Hun (魂) and the Yin aspect of the soul is made up of the seven Po (魄).  Learning about the Hun and Po is the key to unlocking the ancient Chinese understanding of the soul, the human body, and the afterlife

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Standing at Stake Zhan Zhuang

Most styles of internal martial arts incorporate standing meditation as a core component, if not the most important part of their training.  While the practices are elegantly simple and instruction on correct posture abounds.

Most students do not maintain a standing practice and never achieve the benefits of Zhan Zhuang.  Why is this?

You are assuming a posture that gradually transfers the strain/weight to your lower extremities and gives that sensation that you are cemented to pylons/roots that extend through the ground beneath you.

What is the purpose of Zhan Zhuang?

zhan zhuangThe purpose of these standing exercises is to become aware of the body and how it stabilizes itself.  You are then able to gain a measure of control over this autonomic process and use it to improve health, posture, and martial abilities.  Still too esoteric?  Let’s break it down a bit.  Normally your stabilizer muscles keep you from falling down.  However, this relies on balancing with minute, continual adjustments against gravity.  Secondly, the same muscles that stabilizes you  also constrict your blood flow.  By aligning your posture you are asking you major muscles and your bones to take your bodies weight.  This allows the blood to rush freely while you concentrate on your breath and mental presence.

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Black Friday, Nov 29, 2019

For your health and those you love........
i will be bringing the plant tinctures and plant illustrations for sale on friday. Available at 8am and after class. These are one time batches made and wildcrafted from my own collection of plant and roots. When these are gone we will have to wait until harvest time next year. These make great gifts as the tinctures will last several years, the candied osha however is for this winter season, helpful to keep the jar in the fridge. You may also reach me via email and I can ship to you direct for the cost of mailing. Cash and Check please.

Gingko tincture (hand picked leaves from a tree in Portland Oregon) $18 2oz bottle, in 40% alcohol

Osha Root (NM Root) tincture $18  2 oz bottle in 40% alcohol
Candied Osha Root, steeped root in local wildflower honey 1oz. $10

Elderflower Liniment (NM Flowers) TOPICAL ONLY 4oz bottle $15

Wu Jiu,Topical Liniment, 1oz $7

Reishi Tincture (Portland mushroom) $18  2oz bottle in 40% alcohol

*Also running a $1 raffle for the poster you see above for the Ancient Plants of Rapa Nui. We need at least $20 participants to pay for printing costs and it will be signed by me, the author and scientist who discovered all of these plants as fossil pollen deep in the crater lake of Rano Kao, Rapa Nui. One day, it might just be worth something :-)  I am hoping to have published and in print in 2020, the 100 year anniversary of the printing of Carl Skottsberg's work on The Natural History of Juan Fernandez and Easter Island to the first naturalists that landed on the island in 1916-1917. To all that he found, he stated what a curious quagmire Rano Kao was, and indeed it is. What I located in the cores he never saw, but suspected the island was a vast forest ecosystem, and we asked the same question "What happened to the trees."

Forty color illustrations of each plant is signed with information sheets on the medicine. Ready for framing. $10 each

All-ways in gradtitude for your and your practice with me. Dr. C  :-)
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