First Issue Invitation for the Qigong/Thai Plant Medicine Intensive in Thailand, April 2017. 
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Hello students and friends, you are receiving the first invitation for a return exciting adventure joining with my Achaan (plant medicine teacher) Homprang in Chiangmai, Thailand April 21-18, 2017. Intensive study, out of our regular routine, habits and things around us is a beneficial and necessary journey toward healing. In this space at Baan Hom, I am witness of my own experience to healing here over and again. You will not be disappointed! Exotic Thailand in the land of the hill tribe people, surrounded with Buddhist Temples, monks, and the amazing healing energy of this land. The healing center and school that Homprang and Christopher have created is witness to one of the few Traditional Medicine Schools in the entire country. We will have the place all to ourselves, limited to 10 people for 8 days. With special focus from two medicine teachers, you will have nourishment from the place in which you sleep, eat, pray and practice. I encourage you to join this adventure. Please read the information below, deadlines are upcoming and space is limited. Thank you all for your attention and focus towards a healing life of yourself and all that you touch along your journey.  In gratitude, Candace.

Qigong/Thai Plant Medicine

8 days of intensive training for your healing adventure

An amazing structured healing event with mornings spent in the study and practice of MogaDao Qigong, and the afternoons learning Thai Plant Medicine. Two medicine women join together to create a holistic step forward into healing at Baan Hom Samunphrai, a Traditional Thai Medicine School and Healing Center.

April 21-28, 2017

Chiang Mai, Thaialnd
Baan Hom Samunphrai

5 Element Medicine
Healing Thai Food
Daily Steam Baths
Exotic Markets

Plant medicine Therapy
Thai Massage

email for info sheet and more details (click here) --------To save your place deadline is Dec 5. Deposit of 25% due by January 10 ($200). Space is limited to 10 participants, so don't delay!
Imagine beginning your day in meditation surrounded by Buddhist Temples in the hill country of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Practicing Meditation and Rasidaton (Thai Yoga) at sunrise; Qigong Practice and focused study each day on a different organ network in the body, their energy lines and what forms will heal the dis-ease and imbalance that occurs in trauma both emotionally and physically in the body. In the afternoons, Homprang will teach Thai Plant Medicine Therapy including root ball compress massages and body reflexology, as well as herbal pharmacology using local plants as healing medicine that you will identify, collect and prepare from the land.  All food is cooked as a healing art by Homprang who is a Traditional Doctor and Herbal Pharmacologist. Each afternoon a Steam Bath is prepared for you with healing plants and this live-in intensive provides lodging in holistic designed tree houses. April is Songkran, the Thai Water Festival, and there are markets in abundance for food and fibers, artisans everywhere.
Cost for Instruction for both Qigong and Thai Medicine, Lodging, Food, Steam Baths total $800 USD
*Thai Massages, Refloxology, Excursion Travel, and other personal things are separate.
**Airfare today 11/1516 from Phoenix to Bangkok, or Portland to Bangkok, or Denver to Bangkok ranges from $600-800.

This is the best deal of 2017! For a total of $1600, you have 8 days in Thailand, in the hills of Chiang Mai, Over 60 hours of Intensive study of Qigong and Plant Medicine with a certificate upon completion; Healing Steam Baths, massage and clean pure food to nourish, strengthen and heal you. 

Come early, or stay longer and explore the hill tribes of Chiang Rai, take a boat trip on the MeKong River, visit elephant and tiger conservation centers, climb at Crazy Horse some of the best limestone in the world, the options are limitless.
Baan Hom Samunphrai is the home of Maw Samunphrai ("Herbal Medicine Doctor") Homprang Chaleekanha, 56, a specialist in Traditional Thai Massage (Nuad Boran) and Thai Yoga (Rasidaton) who also practices Thai Therapeutic Massage, Midwifery and Herbal Medicine. 'Maw Hom,' as she is called, grew up in a small village on the Burmese border with no road or electricity, the only 'doctor' being her rice-farming grandmother who doubled as the local mid­wife and herbalist -- there's more about her grandmother here. Maw Hom is now not only licensed by the Thai Ministry of Public Health as a Traditional Doctor but as a Herbal Pharmacologist, a Traditional Midwife, and a Massage Teacher, and her school is approved by the Thai Ministry of Education.
For more information on Baan Hom and Homprang
Dr. Candace Gossen, is a scientist, artist, storyteller and teacher. However she says she is just a girl that likes to dig in the dirt and climb trees. She calls her BodyHealing- vis medicatrix naturae Ecology, a mix of Qigong, 5Element Medicine, Yoga, Plant Medicine, and Native Ceremony.

Candace’s classes combine yoga with qigong forms based on the elemental nature of seasons, energy meridians and emotions as they change and reflect in the human body. She teaches deep core strength and healing, together with Empathic Energy, Ecology, French-Indian roots, Chinese medicine, Qigong and Thai compress massage. 

BlackCoyote is a MogaDao Qigong teacher since 2012, a certified Foundation & Adv. Forrest Yoga Teacher registered with Yoga Alliance RYT with a combined teaching of more than 10,000 hours. She is also a certified StreetYoga teacher, focusing on women and abused children shelters, drop-in and residential centers for youth at risk, and elderly and homeless support centers. As a traveling Sage, her workshops infuse ancient wisdom of ecology, shamanism, and ceremony that have been offered throughout the USA and around the World.

Plant Medicine & Thai Massage & Qigong Healing

Recently teaching and studying in Thailand, Candace and her Achaan Homprang, merged yoga with Thai massage and created more energetic assists, partner yoga and self healing. The use of plant medicine in ceremony, in compress massage and nutritional healing are also one of her specialties. Qigong has been one of the most powerful and subtle healers of BlackCoyote's life, and she practices as well as offers Qigong healing in all of her teachings. As a scholar with ICHING as an oracle and medicine, she offers workshops and individual healing sessions. 

For more information on Candace:

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