Spring Newsletter with medicine of the element Wood, tips for the Liver and upcoming practices.
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***Advance registration requested for upcoming workshops Apr 23 and Apr 29, more details below
Hello everyone, Spring is here and in usual fashion its snowing one day and 60 degrees the next up here in the Mile High City of Denver. High altitude, intense solar radiation, dry and windy presents a strong lung adaptation. Like all the places I arrive to, it takes a while for the human body and psyche to adapt to the change. Reading the ecology of place for example, using the elements of nature I look around and ask "Is it windy (lungs), wet (damp), fiery (heat), mountainous (metal), ....." these are just some of the  characteristics of the medicine that we use to understand the nature and the body in TCM. My program in acupuncture is almost at the end of the first term and it has been intense: 397 points learned, 12 primary meridians + 2 extraordinary vessels, and we are all Spleen Qi Deficient and Liver Qi Stagnation!  It is common for people that think alot (pensiveness) intense studying included to become deficient and qi stuck. This is why we practice, to keep the vital life force flowing.  I have had many months of sitting and learning and am excited to bring a deeper wealth of medicine into the teachings and practice. Between April 22 and May 1, I am taking my between term break to come back and offer 2 sets of workshops for my students and friends on the west coast. Ashland April 23, and Friday Harbor on April 29. More details are below. I look forward to practicing with you soon. In great respect,  Candace
Ashland Qigong practice at the Raiilroad Park (left) & SJI MogaDao Qigong practice at the San Juan County Park (right)
Its Spring! and we are in The Element Wood and the Liver

The Liver has many important functions, it stores all of the blood in the body and nourishes the sinews, thus allowing physical exercise and storing blood for the uterus. The smooth flow of Liver-Qi is essential to all physiological processes in every organ and every part of the body.
On a psychic level, the Ethereal Soul (Hun) comes into the human body on the 3rd day of life, given by the yang of the father. The Hun does not die when we do, it continues on. If Liver-blood is deficient the Hun will wander at night, nightmares and dreams will be vivid. Hun provides the Mind (Shen) with inspiration, creativity, life dreams and a sense of direction in life. If we are not realizing our creativity, the partner to Liver is Gall Bladder which is said to provide courage and direction and the ability to make decisions. All will be imbalanced.
Liver blood is also responsible for our capacity for recovering energy and contributes to the body's resistance to exterior pathogenic factors: wind, dry, summer heat, damp, cold, fire.
If Liver-Qi flows smoothly, the emotional life is happy. If Qi becomes restrained giving rise to emotional frustration, depression or repressend anger accompanied with physical symptoms such as hypochondrial or abdominal distention, a feeling of heaviness in the chest and a sensation of a lump in the throat. In women PMS is a symptom of Qi stagnation as the liver-blood is restrained and cannot flow smoothly. The Heart works with the Liver to make this happen, and the nature of this 5 element medicine gives us better understanding how the physical and emotional symptoms are linked together. And with this knowledge we begin to understand not how to sedate symptoms but actually heal.
Wood - element
Liver - organ
Sour - taste
Green - color
Spring - season
rancid - smell
wind - climate
shouting - sound


Functions of the Liver

  1. Liver Ensures Smooth Flow of Qi
  2. Stores the Blood
  3. Controls The Sinews
  4. Manifests in the Nails
  5. Opens into the Eyes
  6. Houses the Hun (Ethereal Soul)
  7. Affected by Anger
  8. Wind is both an internal and external pathogen for Liver
  9. Regulates blood in the body ) menses and volume.
More about the Liver from Sacred Lotus
Somatic movement has been known for as long as humans have been on earth, to be healing for mind-body-spirit. As the bud on the tree branch pushes out into the light, the movement of the spring time is to also pushing outward, expand towards the sunlight to grow. Qigong and yoga are just two ways that move the vital energy force, Qi, to bring balance and healing in the body. The following workshops are full of knowledge, medicine and movement. Each of the practicums will include all of these aspects and will build upon each other. Understanding one's root constitution is vital information that will empower you to understand more about yourself like what foods are good for you, which are better during the seasons or what ails you,  the nature of each, which qigong forms will help you heal and when, what physical imbalances you have and why? and how to heal. Through these upcoming workshops you will learn to analyze your physical and physiological aspects of you, learn how to read your tongue and the Hara diagnosis to find the weak element for starters. We will learn the meridians of the body, the organs they bring life to, how our movements tonify them and so much more.  I'm really looking forward to these upcoming events, see you there!

Workshop Schedules:
Sunday, April 23
Oak Street Dance Studio
1287 Oak St. Ashland, Oregon

Workshop TCM - 10am-1pm $50
Wkshp Yin/Yang - 1:45-2:45pm $20
Wkshp 5E Yoga - 3-4pm $20

Monday - Morning Medical Qigong at the Railroad Park 7:30-8:30am

Advance Registration Requested
with discount total $75 for all

Workshop flyer click here

Email Candace:
and you have the option to pay cash/check, or with a credit card via paypal. A special link will be emailed to you.

* Please bring cushion to sit on the floor, Yoga mat, props you want for your practice, comfortable clothing for movement, water, snacks (a lunch break will be taken from 1-145)
Saturday, April 29
The Dance Workshop 2
15 2nd St. N, Friday Harbor, WA

Workshop TCM - 11:30am-2:30pm $50
Wkshp Yin/Yang - 3:15-4:15pm $20
Wkshp 5E Yoga - 4:30-5:30pm $20

Sunday - Morning Medical Qigong at San Juan County Park 8-9am

Advance Registration Requested
with discount total $75 for all

Workshop flyer click here

Reading Recommendation: Between Heaven and Earth: A Guide to Chinese Medicine by Harriett Beinfield, L.Ac
Looking forward to seeing you all again in practice, with warmest wishes,
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